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I had a rare afternoon off so it was off to Dover Street Market to check out the biannual transformation of the store to make way for the treats they have in-store for S/S 09…
…got there and there was a bit of a crowd gathering outside.  Turns out Nigo (of Bathing Ape fame…) is coming into town to sign a book there…. me thinks they might be still waiting as we speak seeing as Nigo hadn't even touched down into London yet.  Oh well, the things Bathing Ape-obsessives will do…


Inside, a giant black octopus has taken over the main window…


Down in the basement, despite my love of Ferragamo's Vara Bow pumps, I'm loving these archive pieces too…


Loewe is a new addition to the basement… something to do with Stuart Vevers' pop input me thinks…


A surprising new addition for S/S 09 is a Pokit (love their store on Lamb's Conduit Street) concession up on 4th floor… it's a casual take on made-to-measure suiting in colourful jumbo cord…


Alber Elbaz is fast taking over the third floor with the Lanvin display.  For S/S 09 he's gone for a web chat scenario between two gals (stylish guy in the background is merely there for eyecandy…)…Alexandra and Fabienne….




Zoom in and ye shall see the webchat going on over the Lanvin customised iMac desktop…


Stephen Jones hats also moves to third floor onto some neon branches…


This isn't something new but I've not yet posted pics of the wonderful shoe lounge that is Dover Street Market… where they have asked Les Trois Garcons restauranters/antique dealers to mix their weird and wonderful finds with shoes… it's like a fantastical surreal junk shop when shoes by Bruno Frisoni and Nicholas Kirkwood are interspersed with OTT nick nacks…






Raf Simons blinded me momentarily…


Christian Astuguevieille is an amazing new jewellery addition…


I like to go into the Dover Street Market corner of Alaia and just breathe in Alaia fumes… there's no website and rarely anybody waxes lyrical about the hard-to-find-images of the collections online so I'll take this opportunity to just yelp a little over the shoes…


…and yelp a LOT over the pastel and grey colours of the knitted summer dresses…


Last bit of DSM madness… only from Rei's head* could a mouse/rabbit/doll hybrid creature in a Victorian nightgown with a flashlight as a head exist…


*EDIT: As some readers have pointed out this is indeed the Grace doll that Jun Takahashi created for Undercover's S/S 09…. looking maybe a little bit bigger (and a tad creepier) than the ones I vaguely remember at the installation perched on the mannequins shoulders…here's Jun putting one together…

40 Replies to “Market Hi Jinx”

  1. Hey…
    You’re in on a Friday night too, feeling blue?
    Just wanted to say what’s already been said a thousand times before: gorgeous blog; supreme style. As a blogging newbie, I look to you as “blogging elder” for an example of how to do it right!
    Keep smiling (I’ve had the lurgy forever too)
    The Wardrobe Mistress xx

  2. Thanks for such great pics! I love how it was all styled. The last picture is really my favorite! How wonderful would it be to own that dollie!?

  3. i always love to see pictures of inside shops or people’s closets.
    the giant octopus! it suddenly just reminds me when i was in elementary school and we built a massive paper mache octopus/squid to hang on the ceiling. it was huge! i mean way bigger than the one here. wow. i havent thought of that in years.

  4. Great pics as per usual, I especially like the mad hat display stands. The last picture is intriguing to say the least!
    Hope you’ll have a fab weekend 🙂

  5. I think the hats are the most interesting thing here! i also like some of the shoes (some of them are a little bit over the top for my taste).

  6. Just returned to Copenhagen after a trip to London – Your blog/GoogleMap was an awesome help!!! especially the 2nd hand stores! Found some fab retro silver earrings for my GF @ BangBang. I must have almost bumped into you as I left DSM just b4 dark Friday!
    Keep it up – my GF is addicted to you blogg! And you also made it to my favorites now.

  7. Those are some great photos, a really comprehensive look at the place! I just can’t believe I haven’t been here before, it’s definitely on my list now 🙂

  8. DSM has great brands, cool design, good staff BUT, and I don’t know if anyone else feels this, it’s not an environment that makes you want to buy things.
    I buy quite a bit from the brands they stock but never from them, because I find it a bit too museum like and a bit ‘uncomfortable’ if that makes any sense (nowhere to sit, fiddly changing rooms, quite harsh design and lighting). Maybe I’m just too sensitive!

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