“Elles fait Paris en printemps”


The reason why I don’t rant/rave constantly on the blog?  I’m not ironic or clever enough to do so with the gutsy grace that the Pamflet girls do.  Pamflet is a London-based zine that luanched its ninth issue (title of the issue is the title of this post…) in October.  A copy was dropped in the post to me and has been buried since, but was suddenly dug out today to give me much chuckles on the bus ride back home.  The zine, created by Anne-Marie Fitzgerald  and Phoebe Frangoul have ranted and raved most eloquently in The Sunday Times and Guardian does get cheesed off with stuff but also enthuses about the likes of the Mitford sisters, Bluestockings and les gar√ßonnes… I may not be a ranter but at least others do it very well…

On bruises as accessories…

"Seen on that crystal castals bird’s legs and Alexa Chung and Kate Moss bien sur. This says ‘I’ve been having way more fun than you, omg, don’t even ask, it’s so funny.’"

On gals carrying oversized cameras…

"Nikons, Canons, etc spotted on the shoulders of the IT chicks of LTD. Are they sick of being in front of the camera or…’I might look like someone famous’s daughter, but I am really a wannable streetstyle photographer or maybe a budding paparazzi or photodiary blogger!  Take me seriously!  Please!’"

On the Grazia phrase "I’m/we’re/you must stock(ing) up…"

"As in stock up on ¬£4 Topshop vests or ¬£240 YSL cuffs or piranha-sweat derivative anri-wrinkle tanning lotion as if you’ll be needing them piled in your nuclear bomb shelter next to the baked beans when Armageddon comes and you don’t have anything to wear."

It’s not one big rant fest of course as there’s much joy to be had like introductions to Canadian cult TV show DeGrassi Jr. High,guilty chic lit The Luxe by Anna Godberson and a reminder that I must read the book that everyone was bagning on about in 2007 (Concise Chinese English Dictionary for Lovers).


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  1. 80’s Canadiana, I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t get much more obscure than that! Highly recommended though, in all seriousness (says the girl who owns season 1 & 2 on dvd) Holy nerd alert…

  2. Ah Degrassi… what a crappy show. Although I will admit to watching it when absolutly NOTHING else was on.

  3. These rants are great! Really made me laugh because they’re so spot on. I don’t mind ranting when it is clever like this. But I can’t be doing with rants that are just depressive!
    Re the bruises..The same goes for party girls with plasters on their legs..

  4. Those rants are quality! The camera one worries me though, I do photography at college and have to carry around my big old camera for homeworks. Please don’t think I’m a twat!

  5. Susie Bubble!! OMG, I just realized my sketch is posted on your blog!! Wow, I feel so honored, thank you so much 🙂 I’m so glad that you like it!!
    and HAHAHA I’ve never heard of Pamflet, but it sounds hilarious.
    love, mav

  6. I LOVE a rant to the point that its not funny i wont get started as there isnt enough space but i can rant about almost anything i think i was an old man in a previous life.

  7. “MUST HAVE!” – what a pair of faux snakeskin platform toeless boots?
    “IT DRESS” – seriously how many “it” dresses/shoes/bags/knickers can there be a week? surely there is a limit?
    I could go on…..
    great rants!

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