Taking the M out of Mart


I had heard some cool things about New High (M)art, a store in L.A. that did some word play on KMart, gave themselves a tiny space in L.A.'s Chinatown (the opposite of a KMart…) and has played with the shop to host designer residences, changing installations and generally shaking up the conventions of retail in a way I wish more boutiques did.

Anyway, they've finally made their way online and yes, bear with the 400 px x 400 px images on the site (I want external pop-ups with super large images and I want them now…), the stock is all very spesh and not likely to be found elsewhere online.  Especially with New High (M)art's championing of Mexican designers, people that I'll undertake more research on.  I've read countless and nail-biting reports on retailers tightening up on budgets, going 'safe' to get the sales and I just can't imagine this store taking the same tact.  You have Teamo giant wooden hoop earrings, ramshackle jewellery by One Four Five One, industrial bangles by Gregory Alexander, knitted swimwear (a contradiction in itself…) by Denise Marchebout, mouse helmuts by T.E.M.O.R.E.S., sunglasses with attached heavy chains, Blanc by Franc Fernandez (who has done fantastic headgear for fellow LA-er Brian Lichtenberg) triangle hats, novelty bindis by Face and beauts of all beauts…

Some Marvin Y Quetzal platform shoes that are inspired by stripper shoes but are completely taken out of that context with polished wood, lace-ups and multicoloured woven sides…and they're in my size.  I just happen to be too poor to shop at this altered and warped K Mart… a pity…

(A lot of these names are to me so this links list comes in very handy…)


Weaving In and Out


I woke up one night having dreamt about a particular class in primary school where we were weaving strips of paper to make a basket.  I actually dreamt the sequence where my friend at school at the time Sarah Hill started calling me Susie Bubble…except we were also weaving paper.  It's all a bit fuzzy in the head and I think those two incidents were separate from each other in real life but in my dream, it all came together in some sort of blurred relapse.  Anyway… I wanted to indulge in paper weaving just as something to do without any particular aim/motive.  Kind of like playing around with PVA glue just because I like the way it dries on things and you can peel it off (that sounds less odd than it looks on paper).  I might be the only one. 

Still, in Paperchase the palette of Luella S/S 09 took hold of me and when I get it back and started to weave an undefined rectangle just for the heck of it, I thought I might as well make use of my pointless redux exercise and wrapped it around the waist as a belt along with similarly clashing shades…

Just can't get the colours out of my head…


(Ruffled tiered pink dress, The Lazy Ones orange and pink dress underneath, Gap purple silk vest on top, lavender sheer tights, Miu Miu x Pop shoes)