In honour of being irrelevant and a little 'old hat' as per my last post, I'm seeking comfort in my dear old friend, the grey jersey today but only thanks to All of Above's short sleeved draped jacket which I received yesterday.  It seems word is getting out about my grey jersey habit… if you keep feeding the habit, I'll only have to eventually check myself in to some crazy clothes clinic.  Same goes for my love of black sequins. 

Save for shoes, I am nearly head to toe in grey jersey which is my equivalent of Juicy Couture velour tracksuits in terms of comfort wear.  Despite the fact that jersey takes my tears pretty well (my old bedsheets will attest to that) I'm gonna stop boo-hooing.  Strike this day off in your Style Bubble-reading week as I'm not really myself.  The grey jersey is helping me get back to norm though… just gotta stop myself from snivelling too much in the oversized collar…


This is a bit of late/quickie post but heavy with reflections…  Tommy Ton of the Jak & Jil (aka streetstyle blog-of-2008-2009) shot me just outside the Alexis Mabille show on Monday, paling into disgusting insignificance of course when compared to the delights on his blog.  Over coffee, we got giddy over Tommy's EGG-CITING campaign that he has been shooting in Paris (all shall be revealed soon and I'm EGG-CITED…) and whilst thinking about all the other egg-citing things happening to bloggers (Tavi on first name terms with the Rodarte sisters and getting them to send her a pair of THOSE knitted tights, Rumi starring in the A/W 09 RVCA campaign…) I suddenly felt incredibly ancient and for want of a better word, pass√©.  Blogs sprung up in the last year or so, have literally zoomed into stratospheres beyond belief.  Truth be told, when Agnes introduced me as an 'influential' blogger at the LCF talk the other week, I had to wince and sqirm a little because my blog is but small fry compared to the amazing newbies (Tavi needs to be flown to Geneva and talk at similar conventions… for some reason I just imagine there being many blogging conventions held at Geneva).  In any case, I have been thinking a little about where the blog is going given that seems to be a favourite question that pops up – "What plans do you have?" "Errr…none?"  I still haven't quite figured it out but I know I don't really feel the blog is up to scratch…

Perhaps I haven't been putting enough into the blog.  Perhaps, it's no longer that relevant.  Or like my tired eyes in the picture below shows, the fatigue is being reflected on the blog.  In my stubborn way, if I find something unsatisfactory, I have to ponder about it for the longest time before daring to make the changes needed to make me feel perfunctorily satisfied with Style Bubble again.  I'd liken it to being ish-proud of my walnut and banana cake recipe but then one day deciding it's not actually as good as I think it is… (I added more nuts in the end to make it better…)

Anyhow…enough dark reflections involving cake.  It might be the copious amounts of paracetamol talking (caught something nasty in Paris…).  I have to strengthen up again as I'm going to be embarking on the fullest fashion circus that I've ever done… New York, London and back to Paris again…but alas, I'm just not that ready yet…


(Vintage fringe jacket, Lazy Ones pale pink and lace dress, AA silver leggings, vintage lace trews from the Urban Collection, Tristan Blair wedges, Yookoo scarf, Vivienne Westwood bag)


I was stuck for a ridiculous amount of time outside the Louis Vuitton store on Champs Elysee in a taxi and found myself staring at the neon Stephen Sprouse display in the window.  Really, I think I managed to out-stare an inanimate object if that is at all possible.  Truth be told, I've always been a leeetle bit drawn to this particular collab, lusting after none of the objects that have come out of the collaboration but always giving them a bit of my Susie Ponders time.  Somewhere between the ubiquitous leopard print scarves and now the rose print, I figured out that the element that is really attractive to me is the cartoonish interpretations of the prints…

One step further and the second collection from Sibling, a London-based knitwear trio has basically answered my cartoonish print prayers (the best sort of prayer I might add…).  Enlarged leopard print, unlikely colour combinations, added embellishments all in mensizes, which isn't that much of a barrier.  I mention Sibling now because I saw a piece in action on Sid Bryan, one third of Sibling, last night.  I couldn't help but notice the superb craftsmanship of the embroidery on his grey sweater that it almost obliterated the fact that the sweater depicts pink mice crawling all over.  This almost eleminates the memory of when I looked inside a freezer at a pet store and saw bags of frozen mice and replaces that memory with this beautiful piece instead.  Anyhow, I'm going to have to figure a way of procuring one of these sweaters/cardis to start my new affection for animal print, despite the fact that they're only stocked in BEAMS Tokyo.


Some things just don't go away and you can call me passe or tell me to get over it but a certain Light and Fantastic editorial for UK Vogue from well over a year ago still lives on inside my head and ODDLY enough, yesterday, I reminisced over an outfit that I wore precisely a year ago (ok, 26th Jan 2008…close enough…) and got into my head that I simply had to wear an abundance of grey with neons… even if my DIY neon ball top is going to give me a lumpy boob effect (is lumpy boob better than no boobs?).  So with more cut-up tights, as I did a year ago and a new S Loves C Spring & Clifton studded top (neon studs…hmmm…the mind reels…) I did a bit of outfit regression that was also partially inspired by my chipping pink nails.

I'm guessing until I fulfill the entire pastel ruffly clutch with pale blue fantasy, that editorial won't be fully obliterated from my mind…

(Zara grey jumper, DIY neon pom pom top, Spring & Clifton studded top, Unconditional grey skirt, UO tights, cut-up pink tights over arms, yellow and pink lace tights cut-up over Faith white shoes)