Why I leave it to the pros…

A year ago when I was dabbling around with wrapping plastic cellophane around a skirt in that naive unskilled fat-fingered lemon way of mine, CSM MA student Hampus Bernhoff was in the late development stages of his MA collection that combined plastic sheeting and classic tailoring.  A sensible reason why I should leave things to the pros and put my useless fat fingers away…

Of Bernhoff’s material selection which includes laminated denim, towelling as well as tons of the plastic stuff, he says:

"I think it is easy to make a beautiful dress in crepe de chine, or fine
silk and expensive fabrics. It is more difficult to make something
beautiful out of something that is so commonly used and that’s a
challenge that I am really attracted to."

A challenge that I often ponder when looking at odd materials but knowing I lack the skills and patience to explore them, Hampus has come up with a collection that at first glance might look like one thing and it then takes a second glance to fully grasp his use of materials…








**EDIT** As someone pointed out the shoes are sharpened with croc-teeth edges… adds a whole other dimension to the humble loafer…


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  1. Umm, pardon me, though the focus is on the plastic, I couldn’t help but get attracted by the cool shoes that has alligators-teeth-like platforms.

  2. Thats an admirable goal… to make beautiful things out of common fabrics! He did it well, too.
    Those are like the loafers of the future..or “the way of the future,” hehe
    xoxo jacquieshambles

  3. Those shoes are super neat and I love clear stuff of this ilk. My parents have tons of Saran Wrap and perhaps I shall see what can be done.

  4. The bow in the back of that one piece looks very complicated. I realize that saran wrap is quite a challenge in making it aesthetically pleasing on the human body, but how does it hold up in actual use? Does it break apart or wear out, or keep its shape?

  5. This really makes me want to wear plastic wrap. That post where you tried to DIY it yourself was on my birthdya last year. Random, but I thought I’d say that.
    Oh, and the crocodile teeth on the bottom really add to the shoes.

  6. The plastic sheeting really adds something to these looks. I think I’d be tempted to wear these pieces in inclement weather, though. 😉

  7. I absolutely love that quote by him! It’s so inspiring to see a designer not just designing to pursue their passions (which is perfectly fine with me) but also to continually challenge themselves… good guy. I like him. Keeps it interesting.
    And is this stuff rainwear? It looks like it could be. Raindress… hmmm..
    And I would so wear those teethy shoes! They make me giggle.

  8. Love the shoes! But I’m also so grateful to you
    for your post about the sale this Saturday.
    The producers of the play I’m designing agreed to send me to London to shop and I owe it all to you!
    Many thanks and I hope to see you there.

  9. i adore the clear plastic, but i really can’t get into the shoes. (p.s. i plan on diying that cage vest tomorrow! you look so good in it)

  10. i respect the drive and the yearning for a challenge – but i think there may be a reason we don’t use cellophane for clothing – i don’t think it’s comfortable or breathable = sweaty and clammy.

  11. Your plastic musing was quite fine I thought.
    Those shoes are something for sure. Now how clean is London? Would you get lots of gunk get stuck into those? sorry.. I always ruin the fun.. don’t I?

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