The Chunky Twiglets

Packages ahoy coming into the office and whilst I’ve spent close to half my salary on gifts for people, gifts have been coming in too…including gifts that I’ve bought myself (what can I say…I’m a generous soul…).  Yokoo’s package finally came after a hefty customs charge and in it is my long-awaited oatmeal cozy, the boyf’s Pembroke cowl in charcoal which of course I’ll be nicking from time to time and a Cambridge chain in deep plum.  At the same time, I caught my boyf in Wolford buying me the Medaillon tights which you guys have been egging me on to buy and so he was forced to give his ‘outed’ pressie to me a wee bit early…

Together I got into a ‘chunky/wooly on top, scant and tight on the bottom’ frame of mind….

Wolft2 Wolft3

I know it’s a little ho-ish but I’m just desperate to wear something this short purely to show the full effect of the stocking top pattern in these tights…


Then another package came from Coco Career who have enlisted Chelsea Rebelle to create these limited shiny bow leggings exclusive to Coco Career which add a fresh new pair of ‘treggings’ to my collection… ok, ok I take that word back… they’re just really really tight trousers with an elasticated waistband… despite being a one-size fitting UK6-10….they’re really really well fitted and sort of remind me of Olivia Newton John’s satin trews which she had to be sewn into in that last scene of Grease.  So came more chunky on top, scant on the bottom…


The website says the bows should be on the back but me likey them on the front…



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  1. amazing knits, very snuggly! those shiny leggings look fabulous, but i fear i’d get the dreaded wobbly bum in them!

  2. oooooh you got the wolfords!! They’re very unique especially with the top trim, and you’re have to show it off! otherwise, what’s the point?
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  3. It’s so cute that you caught your boyfriend buying you something you really wanted, and also great to get it early!
    I love the tights -the pattern is sexy but very pretty and delicate- but I always worry about buying tights that I like or will be precious about as they’re so easily ruined! Especially when you have a cat.
    Lovely blog.

  4. Ooooh…Yokoo knits…I like them but they’re a bit too expensive for me right now (poor grad student) and if I remember the knits info, they’re part wool so I definitely can’t wear them. So I’m egging my boy on to knit me some since he can knit! Yes…I’m horrible.
    Those Wolford tights are fabulous…so gorgeous. Now I want some!
    And I’m really sorry about those negative comments that you’ve been getting lately. You just go on being your fabulous and inspiring self!

  5. I like the looks. I’m getting tired of calling them chunky knits though. Who coined that phrase? Its such a ridiculous term to be used so regularly. What if patent leather was called sparkletime cowhide? Would we still take its seriously?

  6. Ha ha, not ho- ish at all! You look so adorable:) Love the leggings too, they are so cute, and that bow detail is just perfect isn’t it?

  7. i’ve been lusting for sort of satin, shiny trews for months and as soon as i read ‘shiny bow leggings’ i knew they’d be love! they look seriously hot on you! plus those wolford are to die for but i KNOW i’d ladder them asap so theyd be a total waste of money- i need a generous/fashion concious boyfriend!

  8. ohhhhhh!!! the first look is amazing (i think i use this word to much on here)also the yokoo knits, i want the multicoloured one so badly, but I might have to wait till my birthday for a from me to me pressie seen as I’m so skint right now, i blame xmas.

  9. Ahhh those tights! SO hot! And don’t wozzas, you look totally un-ho-ish. haha. The knit looks so cozy, I need to knit me one of those.
    x x x

  10. You look snug as a bug in a rug!
    Is that Cambridge chain meant to be one of those across the body things women working in the fields wore in the 1800s? I’m getting that from TV series Tess of the D’Ubervilles….
    Either way, it’s really lovely!

  11. You look gorgeous, Susie! Those chunky knits sure look cozy. And refrain from the “ho” comment. Not at all. It occurs to me – the “silhouette” (ahem) of these outfits seem to be – party at the top, even more of a party at the bottom! I love it.

  12. Oh Susie, brilliantly put together again. I love the oatmeal cozy in the first one and the shoes in the second outfit are outrageous.
    Do you want to do a blog exchange? Hope you have a happy holiday season!
    x. Mona

  13. Shows how crazy I am…when I saw the title for this post I thought (for about a second) that you might have been going to talk about Twiglets…a delicacy which I’ve never been able to find in the States 🙁
    Regardless…I love all the knitted pieces.

  14. This is old (okay according to the date, exactly one month old) but the other day I was on streetpeeper and could have sworn it was you in paris ( and it was.
    I was so excited by the coincidence.
    Also, yes, those tights and knits are all so… how can it be said, to die for? Your boyfriend is incredibly sweet.

  15. Thanks for all the comments…. it actually for some reason ISN’T into minus temperatures in London yet…. which is why I could probably get away with natch on the bottom and chunky on the top….
    The peep toe shoes are from Topshop…
    Ian: How about weight-challenged knits… heavyset gauge knitting… ho ho ho…ok, I agree with ya… new phrase needed…
    Pretty Face: No, it’s meant to be worn as a necklace…. I just slung it around there… nice Tess D’Ubervilles reference there…did you see that adaptation on BBC?? Awesome…I want Gemma Atherton’s lips…
    A few people have commented on my weight and after months harrassing my boyfriend pondering ‘Look someone has said I’ve lost weight, have I lost weight?!’, he has finally conceded that I do look thinner than usual… (weight loss is lost on guys I tells ya…)
    It’s NOT a conscious effort trust me… if I kept a food diary, you guys would be horrified at the sheer quantity and frequency…
    It is I think a little down to stress and being ill all the time… 2008 has been a stressful one… especially towards the end… I’m hoping for better times…and chubby cheeks…

  16. the knits are glorious. you look lovely in them. would love to see the back of the tights on you, and out of the boots, too!

  17. can. I. Have. those. Boots.??? Puhleeze. they are awesome!
    And BTW, the shotcouture giveaway is here! Visit, answer a simple question, and you could win one of the fabulous prizes. The contest in currently open to shotcouture readers in Asia, US, Europe and Canada. Last date is 15th January. There is designer stuff and jewellery to be grabbed. So hurry!

  18. nah you haven’t gone into ho territory yet. yeh you’re close but the head swallowing knit saved ya.
    those legging look a bit like my dad’s lycra bike riding gear…except prettier.

  19. Agh, Yookoo stuff and postage! My dad ordered me the pumpkin snuggler for xmas (on my Etsy account, so I got the confirmation in my email, giving it away completely!)
    But I can’t believe he had to pay ¬£18 to get it out of the post office after all that!
    And I still can’t have it til xmas day! 🙁
    I’ll send you a pic though and we can compare snuggles! 😉

  20. Susie these outfits are seriously amazing. You look fantasic in those tight satin wonders. I can see you doing a turn as Sandy in a Grease – all together now “your the one that I want oh oh ooooooohh baby” – he he!

  21. I can’t wait for Christmas Eve, which is when we open the presents here in Germany!! I know a few presents already too, but I’m saving them all for Christmas Eve.
    The tights your boyfriend got you are awesome though.

  22. WOW Susie you have swiftly become a one woman advertiser for Yokoo I can’t think of a better pairing and those wolfie tights are soooooo cool loving those satin trews as well! maybe you could double layer them with the cropped drop crotch pants so that you get the bow detailing + drop crotch?

  23. Amazing so jealous!!
    how did you get yokoo to ship to the UK? I’m desperate for a snuggler and the new bow tie but they won’t post here 🙁

  24. amazing so jealous!!
    how did you get yokoo to post over here?
    im desperate for some of their stuff!
    i hope they’re as gorgeous as they look 🙂

  25. Hah, the new “disco pants” from AA remind me of the secondskin Grease pants. I love that outfit Sandy wears at the end.
    I don’t think the outfit is ho-ish though, I think it’s every level of awsome! the only way to really wear chunky knits is to just pile them all on at once, I say!
    That shaggy vest is heavenly by the way, just amazing.

  26. I think you’re right to wear the leggings with bows at the front, looks much nicer to me. – the bows are right at the bottom of the calf so on the side view of the model they’re not very flattering, almost giving her cankles! Your way round works a LOT better

  27. Happy Holidays!! and a rocking New Year !!
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  28. Happy Holidays and a rocking New Year !!
    This is the best fashion blog I’ve seen yet. Very Inspirational and creative.
    keep it up

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