Posso the Spat has gotten a lot of blog lovin’ in 2008… but as well as vintage options on eBay, a new company which I’m keeping my eye on (they’re going all the way to e-commerce, baby… that sounded cheesier when typed out…) for 2009 is Hi Bandit, hailing from Denmark.  Perhaps less sculptural and suggestive than Posso’s offerings but to me, they seem more useful for actual shoe-to-boot conversion.  The site isn’t completed yet but hopefully we’ll see more pics and prices (Posso’s are a little out of my reach at the mo..).

I’m keen on having vintage pumps in coral pinks, aqua and pistachio (basically Laduree macaroon colours…a box of which is sitting on my Christmas foodie gift table…) peeping out from these spats…




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  1. punky says:

    Im so glad,
    I love spats

  2. Alecca Rox says:

    i.want.them. (badly)

  3. chelsea says:

    I have seen some lace up antoinette-esque spats on etsy that are converting me to them.

  4. enc says:

    Those are very cool, and I like the turndown option on the last one. Tartan spats. Cool.

  5. So so cool! I wish I could pull them off! x

  6. floraposte says:

    Seriously cool, much more whimsical than posso’s ones, so more to my taste anyway!

  7. Tam says:

    On the topic, I’ve seen some absolutely memorable vintage ones at Hurwundeki (not cheap, unfortunately) for those looking for a bit of life history in their spats…
    Happy New Year, Susie!

  8. I’ve wanted a pair of spats for so long, I really don’t know why I haven’t bid on any on ebay yet.
    I really like the ones from Posso the spat, maybe a DIY is in order

  9. Sunset says:

    Strange, the short heel works! (Crazy how fashion turns the common belief of 3 inch heels as crazy to normal…) Diggin’ the green color.

  10. Miss Glitzy says:

    What an excellent idea to convert shoes and thanks for sharing. I bookmarked the website as I really like to have one of those pats, especially the high ones.

  11. these spats are the business!

  12. pretty face says:

    I absolutely love the spats idea, but I’d want to go for some all-out black/white ones. Plus, doesn’t that heel remind you for the dreaded *whisper* kitten heel????? *whisper*

  13. susie_bubble says:

    Precisely why the spats divert attention away from the *whisper* kitten heels *whisper*

  14. I adore the first pair! Make a research on Etsy too, times ago I noticed there were a couple of nice stores selling nice spats at nice prices… 😉

  15. I love that spats are taking off right now, and these are pretty good. I’m still lusting after Posso’s though—plus the girls are so much fun.

  16. retro-chick says:

    I made these for some friends of mine, really time consuming so found a company to make them for me. Most people don’t even know what they are. I’ve been wearing mine for over a year now. They are warm! Trying to keep the price reasonable and donating 10 percent to my local animal shelter.

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