Sheeted in Swash

We know we’re officially old when we’re receiving Le Creuset casserole pots for Christmas and hankering to go into Habitat to check out the winter sale.  Do I see a white picket fence in the near distance future?  Maybe I’m also going to be worrying about taxes soon (I still haven’t a clue how much I get taxed…).  For now though, it’s just a mild homebug that I will have to alleviate pretty damn fast (I can’t be obsessed with sheets AND shoes… that’s just plain greedy…).  At Habitat, I spied some bedding that looked strangely familiar and for about ten minutes, was pondering where the hell I had seen it… until I look at the tag and realised that design duo Swash were responsible for the illustrations on the bedding… 50% off… bargainous bed joy… I don’t mind being swaddled in Swash‘s drawings at all…


It sort of twigged as that detailed black outline and watercolour technique that Sarah Swash and Toshio Yamanaka have developed is quite distinct…(snapped their sketchbooks here…)


They’ve given their website a redesign and have included some lovely natural light flooded pictures of their S/S 09 collection in a very English looking garden…





For S/S 09 they have also done a set of huge scarves in silk and double layered chiffon…






I just need to be swathed in the scarves as well when lying on my bedspread… as well as wearing one of the dresses…sick Swash fantasy… I think I’ll leave you with that slightly odd mental image.

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  1. I saw you standing outside Habitat about an hour ago, and then realised who it was!
    I was quite excited about spotting a blog celebrity in ‘real life’.
    Nice socks.

  2. Hey Susie!
    I know what you mean about those Le Creuset cookware, heh, my mom got a whole set of them. Thankfully, they spared me and gave me sketchbooks and a few new pairs of shoes, instead. I do, however, LOVE shopping for bedding!! It’s one of my favorite things to shop for, besides clothes, art supplies and fabrics. (I’m still on the lookout for the softest egyptian cotton sheets I can find.) I absolutely adore those scarves, as well! I’d never heard of Swash before, but I can’t wait to check them out a bit more. I love your blog-do you want to do a blog link exchange with me?
    Love, Mav

  3. I must have hit old age at 21 then, I remember my boyfriend and me buying the Habitat catalogue during a weekend in Paris as a moving-in-together present to ourselves. And I love Le Creuset cookingware. Do I see Martha Stewart giving me the thumbs up there? 🙂
    Those scarves are gorgeous, they’d probably be easy to wear as a sari-dress too.

  4. well, yes… le cruset is awesome… i flipped when my mom got me a cuisinart coffee maker one year. i swear to god, it’s one of the biggest reasons (besided my kitties) why i often think about going back home. 😉
    i love habitat too… they always have the coolest bedding!

  5. the garden photos are gorgeous, glad spring is on the way, i’m feeling lots of muted florals and paterns this year, need floral tights

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