I fear 2009 will be a year of more losses and casualties… labels have gone bust, magazines have quietly slipped away and shops are closing down… recently, most notably Shop at Maison Bertaux has got the chop…

Amelia’s Magazine, which I wrote about when I was still a wee baby blogger has come to an end after ten issues… editor Amelia Gregory says in her letter that it was always supposed to be a ten-issue project and that it will still continue as a website… she also mentions debt so I’m thinking that perhaps the magazine took its financial tolls…

Still, I’ll treasure my issues because bounded up like a book and with addictively nice-smelling paper, I go back to them time after time and re-read them, unlike other mags.

Like previous issues, it’s still filled with the mix of new designers…

Like Mark Liu


Glad they profiled Fred Butler and Vanessa da Silva


Bath products really need to be potted into an array of egg cups…


Stylish cyclists photographed by Gemma Booth (her online portfolio is fantastic…) and styled by Oxana Korsun…


My favourite editorial is "The Upsetters" by Gerald Jenkins and styled by Harris Elliott… love the eclectic elements of the styling and the colour tones…



They took to Kingsnorth power station in Kent for this part illustration (Laura Quick), part photography shoot (Julia Kennedy).




Colourful grey days… favourite sort of grey days…


As usual they let a whole bunch of illustrators take over the pages… like Kate Slater


…and Nikki Pinder


They took a trip to India to profile tons of creatives (which gives me more research fodder) too like designers Sudhir & Tapash and artist Manil Gupta


And finally, they continue their tradition of overly-generous/quirky gifts… a Gossypium fabric bag DIY kit that you cut-up and sew…


Bye for now Amelia… I’ll miss the way you smell…

Was I out there barging my way through to get to a Gucci bag in Selfridges?  Nope… I’m sorry to say  that I missed queuing up with 2,000 people in ancipation of 70% discounts.  What a shame-o… instead I battled my way up two flights of stairs to my mother’s wardrobe in the top floor where I was fighting it out with my sisters to get the rejects from the mother’s closet….granted two teenage girls does not 2,000 people make… they can pack a punch though when pushed… put a plate of mince pies in front of them and see them roar.  Anyway, we fared fairly well given our different styles.  Lou (23), went away with sweaters with sequinned cats on them, fringed leather jackets and odd graphic t-shirts from the late 80s’.  Yonni (18), nabbed the cashmere cardis, a grey wool duffle coat that is perfectly Alexa-Chung-esque (bless…Yonni happens to like the way the Chung dresses…) and a pair of Bally ankle flat boots.  I took all the scary shoulder-padded stuff and on the same day, having flicked through an the Dec/Jan issue of Wonderland and took in the shapes of the ‘I’m on Fire’ editorial, shot by Alexi Lubomirski and styled by Anthony Unwin went home and proceeded to go short and bare legged with my: satin yellow double breasted jacket, faux fur coat, pink printed slinky top and rose-printed black jacket.


Perhaps not such a good idea given goosepimpled legs and my post-Crimbo pork-out state… but the shapes in the ‘I’m on Fire’ spread does give me ideas…I just need more bright leather gloves, WAAAY more gold jewellery and the right hair texture to do a Julia Roberts-Pretty Woman up-do…

Another score is far more suited to post-pork-out state…an 80s black jersey sweater dress that has an attached capelet/scarf type thing, which the mothership said should be worn with leggings… right on, mum…


The seeds of scuba suited fashion were planted in my head since a Balenciaga collection in 2003 if I recall correctly.  Budapest-based desigener Kata Szegedi‘s work just reminded me of one of my many delayed DIY project which was to customise a neoprene wetsuit.  In truth, at the Angels sale I had hope to find some sort of discarded space/surf costume that would mean I wouldn’t have to go into some surf shop and sheepishly ask for a wetsuit that DIDN’T have some sort of a logo on it…

Oh well…that never happened…. all I can say is that I’m entirely sold on Kata’s odd combination of bright leopard print and holographic panelling on leggings, jacket and wetsuit… perhaps some sort of creative collaboration with  Quiksilver could happen here…(err…joke…)




Paired with Peter Horstein‘s holographic slashed shoes and gloves as well as his crystal and perspex jewllery… I’d be the scariest surfer/scuba diver yet to emerge…





I’ll take this mini-down-time opportunity, whilst everyone is chomping on leftover mince pies and the last of the chocolate and biscuits, to tie up a few things.  I participated in Sportmax Code’s W-O-W (Way Of Woman) project.  They have been profiling young female creatives; artists, photographers, illustrators, designers, musicians and err… bloggers and it’s all been curated by Studio Blanco and every month, new interviews are being added to the site.  Projects accompanying brands is nothing new but at least this one is fairly engrossing and I’ve discovered a fair few creatives to check up, look up and research as well as ones that I’m aware of…

The stillness of Carlotta Manaigo‘s fashion editorial photography is stunning…


Kate Gibb‘s silkscreen work is mesmerising…


Elisabeth Arkhipoff‘s fashion editorial work is quite amazing…


Loving Anika Lori‘s collage work…


Lovely Kinga Burza…


I’m intrigued by Kathy Lo’s site


Yay for Gang Gang Dance


Apologies – there’s quite a few typos in the interview… but here’s my WOW page as well as a round-up of the year’s various outfits…


I also love Plastic Choko‘s streestyle WOW photography she did in London for the project… damn I should have found a more imaginative way of holding the WOW sign up…