As hard as I tried to push the boyf (I should just calling him Style Salvage Steve seeing as he is a fully fledged blogger…I like boyf better tho…) into buying something obscenely expensive, wrecking havoc on his bank account as he did on mine yesterday… nothing, nada, natch… the age old problem of incorrect sizing, an issue more accute in menswear than womenswear.

Still, I wasn’t about to give up and instead I shoved him onto TheCorner.Com, the menswear portal powered by and ended up surfing every single ‘corner’ of the site and on the way, oohed and aahed over things I’m personally partial too and would seriously consider buying, sizes permitting.  Things like the Raf by Raf Simons grey sweatshirt which I have groped in person is a no-brainer… it’s truly wonderful grey fleecing.  Mens bags by the likes of Pauric Sweeney likewise are preferable to the female counterparts just because there’s less ‘sheeny-shiny bling bling’ about them, thus making them more my kind of bag.  Marc Jacobs’ amusing white scribble shirt could be a funny take on the ‘woman-in-a-mens-white-shirt’.  I find myself taking fancy to the more decorative items that the boyf wouldn’t touch with a bargepole, such as the Ann Demeulemeester floral trousers (still keen on a floral suit…).  Mens shoes by Marsell and Opening Ceremony make me wish I had bigger feet or that they replicated their styles in womens’ sizes.  Finally, Raf Simons has had me touching up his swirly patterened boiled wool blazer for MONTHS now… everytime we’re around a rail of Raf, there I am looking at it and wondering if the sizes come up small enough to wear as a fitted blazer and running my hands over a pattern in the most wonderful texturised boiled wool that makes most eyes blink-twice…

I have firmly instructed the boyf to take my wallet away from me…


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  1. Yvonne Gao says:

    cool checked out your boyfriend’s blog. I wish he had a photo of himself on there. I am very curious as to what he looks like. =P

  2. susie_bubble says:

    Have posted quite a few pics of Steve…and he does too…. if you go back a bit…

  3. lisa says:

    Haha funny how shopping for the men in your life can backfire on you sometimes. Congrats on the new domain and have a happy new year, Susie!

  4. Happy New Year, Susie get around to commenting often, but I read almost every day!

  5. Oops! What I MEANT to say was, “Happy New Year, Susie! Sorry I don’t get around to commenting often, but I read almost every day!”

  6. Awh love the wallet insructions! He can have mine too to aid me as well!
    Happy New Year and see you at LCF – no pressure on your stint!

  7. Nice to see some good menswear!
    Happy soon-to-be New Year, lovely!

  8. la muse says:

    happy new year 2009!

  9. Lulu says:

    Yes! I love the corner! I just ordered a Raf by Raf sweater last week.I wish they could do a womenswear version, similarly edited.

  10. Nice selection you’ve put together, Susie!
    A floral suit is one acquisition I’m also keen on but I’m somewhat having a discourse with myself with its practicality and I strongly feel that I’m only gonna wear it a few times…
    But it surely feels good to buy one hella expensive item that’s superbly designed and somehow OTT while you’re at it. haha

  11. Freddy Style says:

    i like the black blazer one^^
    huhu so unique
    happy new yea

  12. Sunset says:

    Those leather bags!! <3

  13. blog more on menzwear. u HAVE to!

  14. songy says:

    You would think girls will be fine looking through menswear sites without much damage.. wrong. I covet more mens stuff. Steve should lock away your wallet I reckon.

  15. danielle says:

    love that last one, bottom right.

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