Crimbo Recycling…

What to do with stacks of fash mags that are threatening to take over the apartment…


…Crappy DIY Crimbo cards that will at least get the gold star for effort if not for skill…

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  1. What a great idea! Eco too: u make the most of them and send the rest to recycling. (em, of course there are some i’m not gonna touch and keep…forever+ever)

  2. They are just lovely, if anyone sent me a card like that I’d be extremely happy and touched, so much more fun than the regular cards from the stores.

  3. Your frank honesty is just wonderful to see. If it weren’t for my pets furious pecking last month i’d be on the scissor and glue wagon in a jiffy

  4. Usually I can’t bear to tear up my mags, but I’m moving in three weeks. I’ve been sorting and chucking but retaining some inspiring images. I’ll post pictures of my “inspiration wall” next month.

  5. The tragic life of a second language person. I had to look up crimbo in wikipedia.
    Actually, that’s not a bad idea but I’m such a hoarder I cannot part with my mags..

  6. wish i’d thought of that to be honest…although, not very Christmasyyy, but… original & avoids the whole cliche of poorly articulated (with a smiley face & presumably talking) snowman… (which in its own right is ironic as it never snows)

  7. i love them! i’d be feelin really loved receiving a card like the above ^^
    diy cards – diy clothes
    i think they say suzy bubble loud and clear ^^
    hope you are spending a brilliant christmas & boxing day!
    i feel very dorky saying this but it’s my first stylebubble comment and i herewith declare my utmost appreciation for your blogosphere presence ^^ i love your blog!

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