Biky Boky


I woke up rather cranky this morning having to reply to another unsavoury comment (I should just shut up but goddamnit the trap just keeps verbally pooing…).  So Hek of Denoto from Norway put a smile on my face as she posted a hilarious spotBik Bok is a Norwegian high street chain which actually has a store on Oxford Street but I get scared to go in because it blares out with REALLY LOUD Eurodance/pop everytime I pass it.  Hek snapped these pics of her local Bik Bok store window and concludes that they have been getting "inspiration" from my ripped jeans over tights look


Of course, I smiled this morning not because I’m remotely pleased with myself but because it is funny that I was inspired by the Margiela jeans which has somehow filtered down to Bik Bok in a ludicrously round about way with the styling over a suspiciously similar shade of tights. 

Speaking of the jeans….I’m wearing them out a bit more and trialling them with different tights/leggings…



Early Crimbo and Birthday on my Head


Yup, it’s coming around again, that dreaded day.  I’m still struggling to come to terms with the fact that I’m 24 and no longer a teen, so turning another year older just isn’t on the agenda.  Anyhow, a package came this week to remind me that the b-day is on its way even though the sender didn’t realise that was the case.  Tied up with a satin ribbon and initially wrapped in brown paper, because it hardly weighed anything, I thought somebody had played a hardy-ha-ha joke on me by sending me a nicely wrapped empty box.  I took it home and sat it under my tree in celebration of the fact that this is the first tree we’ve got on our own (we being the boyf and I) and to make it look like more festive. 

Well, you knew it, I knew it.  Of course I was going to open the thing.  It’s a box, a box with ribbon that isn’t even double knotted.  What else is a person supposed to do?

Turns out Le Tour de Force was very very kind enough to send over a treat.  From her S/S 09 collection comes a velvet and satin head bow that cascades in pale blue scallops at the front. I actually touched it and got a tactile rush to the head because it was like touching Christmas (did everyone have a velvet Crimbo dress or was it just me…?).  On my head it goes and it’s like a literal festive rush to the head.  With the scallops slightly over my

Also, the headband isn’t prejudiced towards odd shaped egg heads like mine… bless its pale blue velvety satiny goodness…



Some mint toffee sweeties kept the bubbly feeling going…