"Liar liar pants on fire!"  I cower my head in shame… I SAID I wasn’t doing any sales shopping but then the Christmas money came and the greed was ignited inside of me.  But hear me out and my lame-o excuse… Disneyrollergirl reported that Liberty, my most beloved department store, might be in trouble again, with a possibility of closure.  I tremble in fear at the mere thought so I resolved to myself that if I was going to be splashing out, I’d do it at Liberty as opposed to over-crowded Selfridges – every little helps et all.  Eerily, when the boyf and I did get to Liberty yesterday, it was alarmingly quiet… pleasant… not at all like a sales battleground.  That of course makes for an excellent shopping environment for the slightly agoraphobic boyf and me but of course doesn’t bode well if a 75% sale isn’t drawing big crowds in. 

Still, I got to work and in the lush lush shoe lounge displayed in an old Cadbury’s wooden glass cabinet were these Miu Miu A/W08 sculpted heel sequinned shoes… 50% off down to ¬£229.  A lot of moolah to spend coming from a person who was NOT supposed to be doing the sales.  However after researching a bit, to find that these babies cost EUR389 online and at the current DIRE exchange rate (¬£=‚Ǩ… CRAZY…come to London, my Euro friends and have yourself a bargain…), I feel I made a wise decision snapping them up.  I was going to be wise and put away say ¬£50 a month when I first saw them back in Feb but clearly that never happened (ditto for a pair of Prada wing shoes too…) so this was the last ditch attempt.  Oh, and the boyf did much to encourage me by saying "You will weep if you don’t get them…".  Yes, I would have wept a little.  He is ringing in the death of my bank account… I’m plotting revenge by taking him to Shop at Bluebird today and making him buy something obsene…

Img_0461 Img_0465



Steve J & Yoni P jacket, Topshop sheer dress, vintage slip, Wolford tights…and a delectable bit of shoe porn…


I had to find out more about Bordelle, the label that gave birth to my elastic cage corset which I’m quite willing to give up Ferrero Rocher for in order not to *ahem* bulge out of with the pudgy fat rolls (some of you mentioned about having some…trust me… I have them too…).  Andrew Ibi, the owner of The Convenience Store where I bought the beautiful Bordelle piece did promise an even more impressive S/S 09 collection where by definition, it makes the full crossover from lingerie to bodywear.  Herve Leger-type bandages gets warped a little so that there are gaps in between… I’m picturing a juicy shade of peach peeking through… not to add to the sexual innuendo or anything…I just happen to really like that colour…


Criss cross elastic corsets, chiffon ruching running up latex leggings and harlequin lambskin sectioned leggings.  I can think of more than one or two bloggers who could pull these off with effortless aplomb…



Going back to the issue of bulging rolls though, unlike the model here, if I indulged in another piece of Bordelle,  of course a bit of grey jersey or worn down cotton would be going underneath the corsets/basques (thank the lord for industrial strength elastic…), and thus lessens the roll issue.  I am speaking from experience as on the day after Boxing Day, I put mine on and in the mirror miraculously, evidence of my Crimbo pork-out (no less than FOUR different roast meats within a three day period goddamnit…) suddenly ceased to exist… 

Posso the Spat has gotten a lot of blog lovin’ in 2008… but as well as vintage options on eBay, a new company which I’m keeping my eye on (they’re going all the way to e-commerce, baby… that sounded cheesier when typed out…) for 2009 is Hi Bandit, hailing from Denmark.  Perhaps less sculptural and suggestive than Posso’s offerings but to me, they seem more useful for actual shoe-to-boot conversion.  The site isn’t completed yet but hopefully we’ll see more pics and prices (Posso’s are a little out of my reach at the mo..).

I’m keen on having vintage pumps in coral pinks, aqua and pistachio (basically Laduree macaroon colours…a box of which is sitting on my Christmas foodie gift table…) peeping out from these spats…




We know we’re officially old when we’re receiving Le Creuset casserole pots for Christmas and hankering to go into Habitat to check out the winter sale.  Do I see a white picket fence in the near distance future?  Maybe I’m also going to be worrying about taxes soon (I still haven’t a clue how much I get taxed…).  For now though, it’s just a mild homebug that I will have to alleviate pretty damn fast (I can’t be obsessed with sheets AND shoes… that’s just plain greedy…).  At Habitat, I spied some bedding that looked strangely familiar and for about ten minutes, was pondering where the hell I had seen it… until I look at the tag and realised that design duo Swash were responsible for the illustrations on the bedding… 50% off… bargainous bed joy… I don’t mind being swaddled in Swash‘s drawings at all…


It sort of twigged as that detailed black outline and watercolour technique that Sarah Swash and Toshio Yamanaka have developed is quite distinct…(snapped their sketchbooks here…)


They’ve given their website a redesign and have included some lovely natural light flooded pictures of their S/S 09 collection in a very English looking garden…





For S/S 09 they have also done a set of huge scarves in silk and double layered chiffon…






I just need to be swathed in the scarves as well when lying on my bedspread… as well as wearing one of the dresses…sick Swash fantasy… I think I’ll leave you with that slightly odd mental image.