What a convenience!

If I’m honest, I can’t say I frequent West London that often, not because I’m addicted to the East but because it is a crowded area on the days that I can be bothered to take the problematic Hammersmith line there.  Venture further from crowded Portobello though and as Fred Butler pointed out, there’s a trio forming around the ugly but iconic Trellick Tower on Golborne Road.    This trio consists of oh-so-famous vintage emporium Rellik, the new Kokon to Zai store that was converted from an old Butchers and a peculiar new start-up The Convenience Store.  In particular I was intrigued by The Convenience Store having discovered it QUITE a while ago and not having had the chance to venture to this slightly surreal bit of Notting Hill. 


Andrew Ibi, the store owner (I love that on his business card it says Andrew Ibi – Storekeeper….) was kind enough to talk me through everything, not that it needed too much explaining… Ibi has been involved with labels going into the likes of bStore, Pollyanna and the now sadly dead Pineal Eye (sob sob…) so his varied and exciting selection didn’t surprise me…. the best of new and established really… sequin parkas of Sophie Hulme, structured LBDs from Hannah Marshall, twisted seams in Brazilian designer Gustavo Lins, can’t-fail-to-please Rick Owens, the more statement pieces from Christian Wijnants, the conversational shoes from Camilla Skovgaard, Clare Tough‘s patchwork AW08 knitwear… that’s just for current season starters with next season additions including the VENTED SS09 pieces from Gareth Pugh. 



The Convenience Store being a few doors down from Rellik might also be a strategic decision as Andrew sees pieces from his store one day landing on the rails of Rellik, implying that the Convenience Store has an agenda of stocking seminal pieces.  He also warned against the quick turnaround cycles that fashion has developed.  He’d like to see pieces constantly being reintroduced in The Convenience Store.  In 2010, you might see pieces from the 2008 collection, something that I nodded with as I’m personally have nothing against things that are ‘oh-so-last-season’ and find renewed interest in a piece that has stood the test of time.


Yesterday when I went, it happened to be a flash 40% off sale day (I only got the news via a Facebook msg… I’ve finally succumbed to being semi-active on that odious site…).  So it wasn’t going to just be a case of poking my nosy nose around…

Camilla Skovgaard’s shoes were tempting when I saw them in a showroom  back in February…especially the hair adorned sandals (yes, I’m  continuing my hair rage…)


A rucksack/backpack is what I’ve been after for yonks and this Sophia Hulme one was also a tempting one… you can always make me love something if you add grey sequins, a most unusual sequin colour to something…


In the end, the cage got me instead and this Bordelle elastic cage corset with the most beautiful ruched cups (sounds wrong doesn’t it?) caught my eye immediately.  Andrew explained that Bordelle did start off with lingerie and have now developed their line into more of a bodywear thing and that SS09 is meant to be superb (oh well more Bordelle come Feb then…).  A ‘convenience store’ style paper bag reveals something you’d be hard pressed to find in an actual convenience store…




Had to go and wear it with my other cage…. Angie, your skirt needs another good wash soon…


The Convenience Store, 1a Hazelwood Tower, Golborne Gardens, London W10 5DT, Tel: 020 8968 9095.

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  1. The cage-corset is really interesting, makes you think if it’s part of the top or on its own. I wonder how it’ll look when worn as innerwear with a jacket..
    Great touch of fuchsia, Susie! You make me want to wear colours 🙂

  2. how do you do it? you make me feel so inadequate. but i guess stoner and fashionista dont really mix

  3. I worked just off the Portobello road for 3 months and I never saw any of these shops :(. Depressed I am. Right now the only shop I really want to visit in NY is Alter but that is such a trek to get to in Greenpoint. Any idea’s Susie?

  4. i really really love the cage corset!!! i would definatly wear that out. but i’d have to be as fit as you to not have rolls of fat sticking out the side!

  5. This is sooooo weird, I was just lying in bed last night sketching some cage-y vest/corset type things. My sketches were less corsety more waistcoaty, but nevertheless, sometimes the whole collective consciousness thing is eery!
    Oh and also, since you mentioned washing the cage, why not try adding a little spray starch to make it stiffer? The fabric is a all nice and crisp when it’s new, but as it’s worn it softens up like any other piece of cotton clothing. But I’m thinking that a bit of the spray starch will make it nice and stiff again. 😉
    Anyways, the new top is amazing, great choice!

  6. That corset it SO COOL!!! The way you wore it (in both pics) so simply really lets it speak for itself. That store looks amazing. I would eat my own hair for that sequined backpack, especially seeing as I am extremely unfashionable and use a backpack for school instead of using a shoulder/messenger bag like so many school-going fashion bloggers.

  7. That is fabulous, gorgeous, wonderful. It looks great on you!
    (funny I was thinking the same thing as cindiddy about not being able to wear it because of fat rolls but didn’t want to say it! *blushes*… Note to self – must get fit for fashion!)

  8. I love that corset cage. It’s one of the most clever ideas I’ve seen in a long time, and it’s great with your (beloved) gray jersey.

  9. I SEE THE HANNAH MARSHALL ARMOUR DRESS !! i want to rip it off the mannequin and save the world in it.
    the cage corset looks amazing on you. seriously. amazing.

  10. How saucy is that top?! You’d better keep an eye on me next time I’m around yours or else I’m stealing it. (Still no idea how you walk in those shoes though)

  11. ooh, i like, i like…. yeah, london is so huge, it’s really hard to get from one end to the other, it’s like, why not just go to paris? it’s only two hours more than going to hammersmith.

  12. I love the two pairs of boots, your heels, and I absolutely love the revealing “corset” top. it’s so punk rock meets high fashion.

  13. OH MY! That corset/cage is just SO INCREDIBLY HOT! Love the outfit from head-to-toe, just amazing! I must note this store down so I don’t miss it next time I’m in London, love all the labels mentioned!

  14. i love the concept behind this store! its so original, and the items he holds look really interesting. i love you choice absolutely gorgeous and once again you make it look even better with your flash of colour. great shoes!
    Nicky X

  15. Ahh, second comment, but do you know if that caged corset can be found anywhere else, like online for example? Something for us poor U.S. kids 🙁

  16. That cage is awesome. “Ruched cups” do sound wrong, but they look so right! It’s very cool that they will re-introduce some of their older pieces again. There doesn’t seem to be a point in purchasing clothes you can only wear for one season anyway…

  17. When I read your blog I’m normally very happy for you and encouraged by you.
    Today is not so. I am just plainly jealous for the first time ever!
    That cage is amazing, and if you were a random in the street I would consider mugging you for it.

  18. The caged corset in unreal, I love it so much! When I saw your first pic, I was like ooooh she could wear it with her caged skirt!! love love it..

  19. Oh, what I wouldn’t do for that cage corset! I have about 9999 ways to wear it flashing before my eyes. You look fantastic in it, as usual, by the way.

  20. I just discovered your blog, I am blog hunting (bored at christmas) I’m gonna make one of those corsets! that whole outfit is stunning, ‘clever girl!’ (as my buyers often say to me)

  21. Can someone help me?
    I have no idea how I can change my avatar. Or get pictures from other places and make that my avatar.
    Can someone please help me.
    Thank you.

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