This Shit is Bananas

I’m in knitwear overload at the moment with many many knitty things to talk up and of course nothing is really going to erase those Sandra ‘Pool Position’ Backlund images from my head just yet especially as I have a mammoth interview to write up (fortunately, Sandra has a pleasant voice to listen to repetitively on the dictaphone…).  But in the interest of adding fuel to the heavily stoked fire that is my Pro Choice post which I’m still astounded at the number of comments it has incited (a proper thank you will come later…) and to assert the notion of DIVERSITY in all arenas of fashion, I bring you Emma Bell‘s knitted dress from her S/S 09 collection.  Emma Bell is somebody that I cannot fault for her OTT-ness (try telling someone like HER to tone it down and you’re likely to get a wad of plastic sequins shoved in your mouth)…. especially as she is often described as phantasmagorical which is absolutely my favourite word of the moment.  Taking the idea of a soft toy/teddy bear dress up a level, Bell has carved out a truly unique niche within knitwear with this one singular piece (she isn’t actually a knitwear designer I might add….).  I vaguely remember giving somebody knitted cupcakes as a pressie to somebody….just never thought an entire dress of foodstuffs would come out of it.  And it doesn’t just consist of cutesy foods like cupcakes and fruit… hamburgers, fries, pizza all feature too.  I have no shame.  I have momentary fast food freak-outs and I don’t really give a crap, but instead of going incognito in some low-key grey-ed out clothes, I’d wanna order my Pizza Hut (why the heck have they changed it to Pasta Hut…worse marketing move ever…!)/McDonalds/KFC wearing this… 

P.S. I’ve always wanted to say the title of this post in real life except with my British accent, it sounds reaaaaally wrong…


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  1. To be honest, I’m rather fascinated by the eye makeup and face paint than the ensemble below the neck. This garment reminds me of little cute Japanese soft toy key chains all knitted together – quite amusing :]

  2. I’m so tired from last night that I’m reading and viewing and can’t think ‘cept I think you can say it.
    McQueen for Target not Topshop a bit sad methinks, I’d rather him than KM anyday.

  3. wats with the pasta hut thing, i was so confused the other day while trying to order a pizza, the guy on the other end tried to explain, he ended up talking really slowly as a last attempt to explain, i think he came to the conclusion that I was a very slow customer.
    Emma is a rebel with a great cause – fun, super o.t.tness which i’m all for
    PS – where can I get knitted cupcakes I reckon its a great idea for christmas pressie

  4. What a kerazy look 🙂 Actually you should do a little clip of you saying the title and we’d be the judge of it whether it sounds really wrong or not! 😛

  5. Reminds me of the Banquette chair by the Campana Brothers for Edra. If there’s some sort of autobiographical aspect to Emma Bell’s design, I like it better… Really love your writings btw, and you’re a true artist when it comes to layering. Always impressed when you take a few mainstream brands, put them together, and transform them into some brilliant, runaway Kawakubo idea… Barely have any idea how I found your site (perhaps I was doing a search for Clare Tough or Braganza), but have been hooked for over a month now… If you and your boyfriend set out to write or film a semi-fictional account of a couple, in love with fashion and style, a la Perec’s “Things”, I bet it could be lovely. Anyway, I’d certainly read it. Thanks for your blog…

  6. chic looks – I’m about 100% sure someone on Etsy makes crocheted/knitted cupcakes. I’ve seen them on there, just can’t remember which shop. I’ve also seen crocheted sushi, but that’s a whole other food group.
    RE the dress: I like that she did an apple CORE, instead of a whole apple. (or at least I think that’s what it is!)

  7. methinks my rss feeder was acting up again but i accidently posted the below comment onto an old stylebubble post from 2006. hope you dont mind me re-posting it here which is what i originally meant to do…
    susie way to go with the rapid-fire postings! your recent superfast postings has sent my rss feeder into overtime and has got me going over my internet download limit but im completely loving the constant stream of stylebubble but i hope you’re not tiring your self out! i just wanted to sound really corny and say that i really appreciate your dedication as a blogger. i have no idea how you manage to balance a life outside the blog, a great relationship with a cute boyf, a full-time job and the most kickass (sorry i couldnt come up with more fitting adjective) blog on the internet, but i just wanted to let you know how much i appreciate it.
    end corny/possibly stalkerish/overly long comment to susie.

  8. That is ‘bananas’! I’ve been watching so much Rachel Zoe Project and she keeps saying “you look bananas” – it was awesome.
    Anyway, I don’t think we can wear so much knit in Singapore. We’ll prolly sweat pearls.

  9. Woah, wild! It must take ages to make one of those dresses, can’t image the effort that goes into creating such a piece. Or maybe she has a team of eager grannies to back her up 😀
    And – Pasta Hut? Jeez. It’s still Pizza Hut in Belgium, but they do have bad marketing over here as well. They’re using a local athlete in their advertisements, and it just doesn’t work at all.

  10. I think it’s such a great initiative which the fashion world should encourage, rather than frown upon. It’s so playful and colourful!
    PS: You just made me say “This shit is bananas!” in a British accent =) and yes, it does sound terribly wrong!

  11. I loooooove Emma Bell. Whilst I wouldnt wear it myself as I cant carry of that kind of madness I am intrigued by her collection. her website is pretty phantasmagorical as well!

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