T vs. T

I guess I should have seen it coming when I saw this invitation to the Alexander McQueen McQ press day.  "Take that, Topshop!" says Lee McQueen, "I’m going to Target instead….".  And so he has…. the ker-razy rumours circulated around August are indeed true.  Alexander McQueen will be designing a line for Target which will drop in March.  Hold yer’ horses though.  It won’t be inspired by his mainline but by his diffusion line McQ which of course stopped me from dying of a heart attack today when I heart the news (if it was based on the mainline… the disbelief would surpass the time I found out about CdG/H&M….).  Seeing as this isn’t really likely to affect me considering eBay makes things extortionate to buy.  In my past few trips to various branches of Goodwill in San Fran and Beacon’s Closet in New York, I gather that the Go International stuff for Target often gets offloaded there in bundles as I found copious amounts of it the last few times i was there… so if I luck out there, that would be a far preferable situation than me arranging some sort of long winded procedure of procuring this stuff when it actually launches.


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  1. Thank you for keeping my expectations at the proper level. I nearly spat on my screen at the news, but after careful consideration, I’ve determined that this probably won’t be what I’ve been hoping for.
    Love your blog. =)

  2. wow… and so the rumours are true. i can’t believe that, i don’t really get why these designers are collaborating with dprt stores. Also, I haven’t noticed the CDG collection at H&M, is it out already or out soon?

  3. honey, i will be more than happy to ship you any item you have your heart set on. march can’t come quick enough !
    as for your comment, the community consisted of a specific blog site, where a lot of creative minds lived. as the spirit of the community began to shift, the true gems began to disappear. that’s why i’m hoping you won’t.

  4. I thought I’d be more excited about this, but considering I didn’t even bother getting anything from Zac Posen’s collection for Target (and I love Zac Posen, but the range was…so not worthy!), I won’t hold my breath for this collaboration…

  5. I kinda like collaborations possibly cos its often my chance to get a slice of a designer i’ll not usually be able to afford (but not crap ones like the celeb ones like madonna for H&M which i just didnt understand)I wish it was for Topshop, oh well i guess there’s always ebay.

  6. That sounds likes great plan. Target Australia isn’t doing anything exciting at the moment. Napolen Perdis makeup is the only thing going. Argh.

  7. I’m counting down until his collection is released in March. While shopping at Goodwill, I inquired and found out that Goodwill buys pieces from the recent GO collections, as Target tends to have a lot of overstock these days. I will definitely be reviewing McQueen’s line on my blog.

  8. Speaking of deisnger clothing at Target I was there last night checking out the international go collection by Johnathon Saunders. While the design of the clothes was superb the fabrics of the clothes was disappointing and cheap. Too bad because some of it was really cute but the fabrics looked very thin and throwaway.

  9. It would have been better if it was inspired by the mainline as I’m not so fanatic over the diffusion line, McQ. It’s not really that nice or appealing to my taste buds… haha

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