Pale Warmth

It struck me when I was looking at those crunchy old photos of me that my mother back in the day broke the rule that she imposed on me in my teens when buying warm clothing "Don’t buy things in white/cream – you’ll only get it dirty!" – by wearing her very white and fluffy ski jacket.  There’s something in the brain I’m sure that makes people turn to darker colours in colder climates.  Today was the first day that I felt a proper London city CHILL, yet I opted for something that didn’t look all that practical at all… Pringle cashmere jumper, Tao peach wooly shorts, vintage tie dye tee, nude over the knee crochet socks over grey tights and Forever 21 heeled brogues, Topshop pale satin swing jacket, vintage knitted white shawl and a cream wooly beanie.  It’s as if pale colours in the cold might attract grime, city fumes and god knows what else because it felt like I was the only one dressed in this pastel palette that is best shunted to warmer weather… and the mothership’s words were ringing in my head as I headed home huddled up in peaches and cream…


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  1. Love this outfit – I think pale coloured woollens are lovely, and it probably is because we weren’t allowed them as kids, now I think they are far more elegant and delicate than more practical darker colours.

  2. Lovely, cosy outfit. My mother used to tell me exactly the same thing about whites… But to be honest she was right – when I wear white it always needs a wash afterwards!

  3. I love this outfit and I feel like there’s something so sweet about wearing cream/white in the winter (though I can’t abide big white puffer jackets).

  4. I hate how wearing bright yellow or pink in the winter is somehow deemed inappropriate. Or all black frowned upon in summer. LET ME WEAR MY BRIGHT YELLOW DRESS I feel like shouting.

  5. I love that soft colours in wintertime. I get a bit tired of all the black, and also when it’s totally white outside (there’s much snow here in Norway) different shades of white and pastels looks so beautiful next to all that glittering snow.

  6. Im glad to hear that I’m not the only one who wants to stay away from the all dark clothes winter. its even more difficult for us guys when throughout the year outerwear normally only comes in black, navy, beige, grey or dark khaki. I dream of being able to have a piece of outerwear that is light coloured but not white because on guys i find it too flamboyant (but as always there’s a way to make it not that way). you look lovely in your peaches and cream.

  7. That is really cute!
    By now, there are no set rules, are there.
    It does not matter what part of the year it is, I will make white dirty.
    Are you just posing on that bike, or are you gonna ride it (in the cold) ? 😉

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