The Tale of Two Sexies

Once upon a time, I never wanted to look sexy.  Call it girl’s school reverse syndrome.  Without the presence of the male sex, it never occurred to want to look attractive in that way for guys nor did the want of empowerment come to want to look sexy for oneself.  Also, to put it bluntly sexy is never usually on a Chinese’s girl’s agenda – case in point – an exposed bra strap in HK can incur tuts and frowns from the older generation. 

Of course, I’m not 16 anymore and even if I’m still not fully comfortable with the s word, I enjoy exploring the subtleties of the word, the other side of it that doesn’t start with stiletto heels and end with cut away lycra dresses a la Girls Aloud.  There are plenty of designers that do that quite successfully.  Bot KOS and I are fans of two designer acronyms…JPB and EMD.  Just guess.  The test is in the wearing and knowing the clothes by Jean Pierre Braganza and Emilio de la Morena via personal wear means the nuances of the s word can be explored to greater depths.  E.g. Trying on Jean Pierre Braganza’s leather jacket was so liberating that I felt I could almost go out in nothing but a unitard underneath due to the power of the jacket.  I still look at the polaroid of me wearing Emilio de la Morena’s dress for the Gucci party and wonder if that was actually me and more recently, his black quilted jacket, though voluminous also elevated a different side in me and illicited commetns from your good selves saying that I looked better uncluttered. 

If Jean Pierre Braganza has created the outrightly sexy dress for S/S 09 that I’d want to wear if I was in a deluded stated that my legs went on for miles (sometimes…just sometimes… I do get THAT deluded…) and that actually, I could use my lack of cleavage to my advantage and just run around with jagged cut-outs that exposed and concealed in very determined and specfic ways, then Emilio de la Morena has again explored a different kind of sexy.  His S/S 09 collection is undoubtedly more sexed up but in a way that is still true to his style and as he always explores a sculptor each season, this season it was Eduardo Paolozzi.  The dresses were tighter with folds and drapes that was a continuation from previous seasons.  It was the tighter ones that really impressed me just because on the runway they looked "tight as a drum" – as in perfectly taut, yet looking like they might have some give.  The structure of the strips with the poppers only helped that tautness.





(Photos by Mauro Cocilio)

When I went to the showroom in Paris, it came to me that these dresses was that everyday sort of sexy.  The sort of sexy that is unassuming and just creeps up onto you slowly and doesn’t bite your head off.  I might pair them with flats and a looser sheer jacket (the perfect Junya Watanabe sheer navy blazer came up at the Notting Hill Retro Clothing exchange…I’m tempted…). 

Oh well… I may not be able to fully grapple the word but at least there are some designers that can help me along.  There isn’t an Early Learning Centre of Sexy Attire but I’m willing to do some self-teach with the help of some good designer acronyms of course. 


Edms1 Edms2

25 Replies to “The Tale of Two Sexies”

  1. Well, I love it when you dress ‘sexy.’ Not that you aren’t a stone fox in your regular attire anyway. I still rhapsodise about that JPB dress you wore to Gucci. You have an amazing body and showing it off is, frankly, a duty!

  2. I agree with Becky, I hadn’t seen the JPB dress you wore to Gucci before (have only discovered blogs in the last few months), and it is simply, to-die-for! You look SO hot in it! It’s one stunning work of art. I like ‘smart sexy’ as well, and Eduardo Paolozzi’s pieces are just that, love them!

  3. Just to point out…I wore Emilio de la Morena’s dress for the Gucci party, not JPB…. also…that Eduoardo Paolozzi is a sculptor who was the inspiration for this season for Emilio de la Morena….
    Hehe…I take it a lot of you skim read my long-ass posts then…

  4. I like the idea of concelled and exposed at the same. I dont like the idea of the uber out there sort of sexy which just brings to mind the Pussycatdolls…arrghhh!!! it sort of scares me, I love this collection, I think the way he’s managed to make a colour like light pink sexy is very clever also the last blue one with the black sheer sleeves and neckline is perfection

  5. Yummy designs! each one totally rocks. I’m loving that deep shade of blue. I think how one accessories these dresses is what will keep it from looking “pussycat doll sexy”

  6. i think that post of you in the Emilio de la Morena dress was one of the first stylebubble posts i read, as that was around the time that i first discovered your blog so that photo is kinda special to me too.
    the one thing i always wondered was how on earth did you manage to sit down in that dress without damaging the ornate tulle on it?

  7. ha… i think some girls are into it and just some arent. i have oodles of cleve… but you wont see it. never.
    i went to a mixed school with no uniforms, and i was still wearing thifted plaid dresses with layered tights. i didn’t even think of wanting to be sexy until some jerk i dated referred to me as the ‘fun’ girlfriend as normally he went for ‘hot ones’. and even trying it for a number of years, it just was never right. so fuck it.
    quirky is way better.

  8. I love these designers so much. In fact, if they rang me up and told me they’d send me all their stuff as long as I got rid of my entire – and much beloved – wardrobe, I think I’d say yes. I drooled a little on my keyboard when I saw the A/W08 JPB collection. Very unbecoming…

  9. I often feel that our generation of fashion concious girls have forgotten about sex.
    Living in East London means that when I’m out on a Saturday night I’m faced with an army of girls in oversized grey t-shirts, no make-up and generally unkept and covered up.
    I think it’s such a shame- we’re only young once, and probably never going to be as pretty and trim as we are now. Let’s face it- one day most of us will be wives and mothers who work (or not!) and may not have the time to always be fabulous.
    I enjoy oversized, shapeless fashion too, but sometimes I think it’s nice to put on some heels and mascara, something curve hugging and just embrace the power of youth and femininity.

  10. these pieces remind me of a fashion film i saw on the magazine FLY 16×9’s website with the model Milagros Schmoll

  11. my sexy rules go as far as something being a dark colour, ultimately showing i don’t ever venture too far into that area much either! something has to be said for tight nudes being very sexy though, especially here with the studded cage detail

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