The blisters on my feet can testify that I did a lot of walking (I was wearing flats but the inevitable rubbing happened…).  I did the Polk Street strip, the Haight Street trek, the Valencia/Mission (I’m saving Thrift Town for tomorrow though…) patch and the Hayes Valley gander…all in one day… but the shopping muse had deserted me and left me high and dry and since jetlag is still plaguing my head, I just wasn’t in the correct mode for shopping (I must do a shopping mode post soon as I’ve found that a certain frame of mind is needed for bountiful shopping trips…).  Still, the cut back challenge remains and I could not let myself down so I persevered.  At the Community Thrift place on Valencia, I riffled like a crazy woman and I do recall lightly shoving a middle-aged lady with my bag by accident due to all the heavy rifling…

In the end I came out with four pieces for UNDER twenty bucks, each coming in at $3-6 each and including tax came to a tidy $20.10. Ever so slightly over but I’m not going to lose sleep over it.  Vintage wasn’t the key theme as thrift stores, like charity shops are secondhand as opposed to VINTAGE.  However, I tried to evoke some sort of 70s’ YSL-esque vibe with bright jewel tones in the form of a fuschia silk t-shirt with shoulder pads, Calvin Klein coral silk skirt (possibly FAKE CK I might add…), sheer chiffon layered aqua/black wrap skirt and a textured turquoise lace waist coat.  With some tucking, tying and draping, and along with the $20 Ferragamo shoes, I think despite the clashyness (trashy?) of it all, I’m liking the effect of the colours together.  For a total of $40, it’s not too bad an effort despite going over budget.  I feel a little deflated like in Changing Rooms, when the designers have gone grossly over budget but at least I haven’t done a Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen checkerboard disaster (a painful episode of Changing Rooms I might add) either so I’m not too fussed.




Despite San Fran being the foodie city that it is, I’ve been fairly good, as I’ve had a bit of an iffy stomach and not wanting to snack as much as I usually do in London.  Instead though, my snacking vice has been transferred elsewhere…

The bloody high street.  Fellow colleagues were eager to go to the Apple store in Union Square so nearby, I just couldn’t stop myself and the high street fat girl inside of me was wanting to crawl out and grab plastic bags from the entire Oxford Street strip and dangle them on my arms in feverish excitement.  I went into…  H&M.  Why god why?!?  I don’t even go to H&M when I’m in London because I can never find anything and because I never get the chance on weekends or weekdays.  So yeah, I’m here for the full-on American experience and I head for frickin’ H&M…. genuine American fare, y’all know!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, afterwards, I headed for…Urban Outfitters.  With exactly the same window layouts as the London stores and minus the designer garb that our Urb has, it is the exact same stock.  When I saw French Connection across the street, I knew I had hit a high street snacking high that was equal to munching on three dirty bags of McCoys (chargrilled steak flavour….hmmmm) and guzzling two cans of Coke Zero.  If I had ventured into FCUK, I might as well stick a label on my head saying "This fatty likes Cornish Pasties fried in lard…".   

In my defense, and yes there is a defense strategy…the current currency, despite a bit of a dip still makes things cheaper to buy here AND…might I add… the H&M here seems to highlight the goodies better than the ones in London (but I might be talking total rubbish seeing as I last went into H&M in London a year ago). 

So out came a lace-top from H&M and a dress that is supposed to be under/bodywear by Smack at UO.  I’m looking down at the gut of high street snacking… I’m snapping out of it today, I promise, heading to Hayes Valley, Haight Street, Polk Street vintage shopping.  No cornish pasty fattie here, I swear!  (unless the Cornish Pasty Co. happen to have those lovely raspberry puffs that I just lurrve….)



Img_8014 I had to stop myself from going mental in the magazine section of Kinokuniya Bookstore which is literally a stone’s throw away from me here in San Francisco.  Since the sad diminishing of the bookstore in Japan Centre in London, I haven’t been able to get so much as a common Cutie magazine let alone more obscure titles.  So I had to stop myself from grabbing every single magazine and stuffing them in my tote before indulging in red bean ice cream next door (ok, that’s a lie….I got the red bean ice cream…).  Russh is an Aussie title that I can BARELY find in London so picking up the Japanese version I thought would be quite interesting. 

Turns out the issue has gone Iekeliene Stange crazy.  I’m not really a modeliser per se, knowing only a handful of names but I was glad to see the Iek doing more shows this season and of course having her off-kilter pose/dress style captured by various streetstyle photographers.  Russh Japan are in love with Iek so much, they’ve dedicated a good half to Iek’s style; apparently she is lolita, psychedelic, folklore, mermaid, hippie, wrestling, spacy, rock and classical all at the same time, despite some of those words being verbs and musical genres.  Having seen her flittering around quite a few times now, I can attest, she is indeed a lot of those things, all at the same time.  In true Japanese-fash-mag style, formulas are given for how to get the Iek look and surprisingly, I tick some of the boxes even though I’m none of the things highlighted above…

You need…

A short mini pink dress, some ker-razy leggings, a mini handbag, flat lace-ups, hang some toy charms around your neck and perch a beret on your head and some geek glasses et voila… look a la Iek.







I didn’t really have much time to walk around PROPERLY but seeing as the weather is truly gorgeous here in San Francisco, the streets actually BEG to be walked on.  I didn’t expect to buy anything 3 hours after landing here but at Crossroads Trading Co. on Fillmore Street, a $20 buy came in the form of these pink Salvatore Ferragamo shoes.  Ok, so I have only nailed ONE element of an outfit for $20…one step at a time…once I start hitting up Mission and all the thrift goodies there, we shall see what will ensue there…