I shall not fear the winds…

So maintaining two blogs was never going to be a good idea so alas SBDW will probably cease to exist soon.  Unfortunately that does mean outfit posts, the type where I have nothing to say other than "This is what I wore today" will be merged into this blog.  However, I will try to keep them as sporadic as possible.  I didn’t get a chance to play around with my Toga jacket yesterday due to a stonking hangover that is still plaguing my brain (you might detect an expression on my face that says "I need expresso and some Nurofen…now"). 

Today, it seems appropriate to wear it out as it’s that annoying inbetween weather where it’s not yet cold enough to start breaking out with coats and the like but you need to be protected because of the bloody wind.  Underneath is the Christopher Kane for Topshop dress which most people will probably have banished to the back of their wardrobes as I never see them out and about, unlike two years ago when they were everywhere.  I still love it despite it’s distinct oldness.  I do believe that was the last time I ever queued for a highstreet/designer collaboration.  Sweet memories of hysterical girls running through Topshop Oxford Circus…


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  1. Didn’t even know that you had the other blog. Well when everybody is not wearing the thing that is the time to take it out I guess. That’s what I always do. 😛
    polka dot umbrella is the highlight of the day!

  2. oh Susie.. did you really? Well, now you know. SFW is pretty huge compared to Perth Fashion Week (well anything could be huger than PFW for that matter).I guess it’s not as attractive as NYC or Paris. Really if I was in the industry I’d have gone. With my full time job here in Australia that’s simply out of the question. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I didn’t think you’d have time to visit other blogs. 🙂

  3. Love this look a lot. I was so into the Kane dresses when they came out but the minutes of availability online passed right by me. I’m glad to see you still wear yours, I can’t imagine moving them to the back of my closet! Obviously love the jacket as well..

  4. i totally missed sbdw… where was i?
    and has it really been 2 years? holy crap.
    you look lovley, that zipper really brings the whole outfit together oddly enough.

  5. I think that at this point this is redundant given my extreme fan-girl-ness, you look AMAZING and THAT JACKET IS FABULOUS!!!! GAAAAAAH!!!!!!

  6. old, schmold! I LOVE that dress. Alas our midwest version of H&M thinks that we are plain-jane here in MN so we never really see the likes of things this amazing. There are other stores though but for some reason H&M gives us no fashion credit! I say wear it as much as you want! It’s awesome!!

  7. I check e-bay, literally three times a week looking for that Topshop Christopher Kane collection. Occasionally something comes up but it’s either the wrong size or the price goes to stupid places.
    I wanted the hoodie, the strapless blue/black dress and your lovely grey version. Oh! The Unbearable Agony of Living in Norfolk! I’d wear those dresses everyday if I had them!
    You’re flying the flag proudly though. Even through my jealousy, gotta say you look awesome-cool.

  8. NOOOOOO! I love your outfit shots! Just whack one up there along side all your other stuff. That way the people who don’t want to see them (can’t imagine who though!) can scroll and past and those who love them can bask in the glory! Outfit shots are awesome. Please do them as often as possible.

  9. oh! you did improve, thanks god!!! you look lovely in this one, not trying too hard like the others and you look swell.

  10. I’m with the others – please don’t make an effort to lessen your outfit posts. They’re part of what makes this blog unique.
    As for this outfit: great stuff. There’s only a handful of things I regret not getting from TopShop – one is that Christoher Kane dress, and another the Richard Nicoll shirt-dress. I get twinges of sadness every time I see pics of them in the blogosphere! Really have to get over it, haha.

  11. i’ve never associated outfit posts with the Bubble of Style (hoho) but I think it could be marvy! Your blog is great for the thick wedge of details and descriptions with each post so thoughts on outfits are always inspirational

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