Autumnal Regression

It’s always the way.  When I’m packing before a trip away, I tend not to think about what the heck I’m wearing the days before because I’m an anally retentive freak who tries to prepare as much as possible for absence (in this case it’s work).  This is on paper a blah blah blah outfit.  An inconsequential, nothing-ness outfit.  For me though when I pulled on this poloneck jumper which I wore quite a bit at uni and zipped up the patent Doc Martens which I forced myself to buy in order to have a pair of flat ‘errand running’ boots… I suddenly regressed into my UCL uni days, something which I do every once in a while.  Only because I’m a sentimental hack like that that reminisces over nerdy days heading off to the library… even if it does result in a god awful boring outfit as demonstrated below… the simple act of pulling on a jumper that has a polo neck (which I like to pull up over my mouth) and stomping around in boots and wiggling around my fingers in leather gloves on certain days can make me oddly satisfied.  It’s on days like these where I realise the way I dress isn’t always for aesthetic gain and that sometimes, I’m after a specific feeling/memory instead…


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  1. So weird. I swear I used to have a repeating dream when was a teen about me in the furute, in a bus stop, wearing THAT sweater. I wore it with black pants ans vintage running Nike sneakers, though. Regression in any case. this Autumn is being really autumnal.

  2. hahaha I’m so relieved you posted this
    whenever i don’t put together a particularly crafty outfit because i’m running to the grocery store, I always wonder what you do…and if you ever look like an average person…and then i get frustrated because you’re this well dressing wunderkind and i’m just a busy frazzled looking person.
    not that i’m saying you look busy and frazzled in this putfit.
    i think you get my point.

  3. You are hell cute. I should make my face like that. At least that way people are not going to complain that I never smile. well if that makes sense.

  4. i love how a slumming outfit for you is an everyday outfit for the rest of us…i’m practically wearing the same thing as i type (minus gloves and with sandals instead of boots; it’s almost summer here!)

  5. Its pretty hot in SF these days! I was wearing a tank and jeans today! not sweater or jacket weather! So beware of bringing an excess of cold weather clothes!

  6. If that’s a ‘slumming’ outfit for you…I’ll wear it, any day! But it really is about how you feel in the clothes, so some days just call for sleeves to be pulled over your hands and fuzzy things- it’s no different in that sense from ‘normal’ clothing, really.
    Beautifully written, btw.

  7. I will randomly break out this hideous leisure shirt when I really miss my dad. He wore it with a white leisure suit, but I wear it under a sweater. It in no way fits the rest of my aesthetic.

  8. Comfy, comfy outfit! You look great even if it is a complete departure from your normal style.
    Ah docs, I am really tempted by the look of the heeled docs which are out at the moment. I thought they would be really gross, but once I saw them they started saying “Buy Me!”

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