Altaday1 So yes, a few of you pointed out Altamira’s pic of me (finally got to meet the guy!) and yes, I am here in Paris for fashion week and yes, I am doing the whole hog.  What with Gareth Pugh’s show being on the first day and Miu Miu and Lanvin on the last, there are crucial consequences here…a) I’m going to be missing episodes of The Restaurant on the BBC and b) I had to lug a quarter of my wardrobe here because staying for nine days in Paris during fashion week and NOT having everything at my disposal frankly scares the bejesus out of me…

I will be checking in on the blog as often as I can but everyday will be pretty jampacked with a combination of mass image editing/uploading, tradeshows, appointments and of course the shows…what shows… I don’t even know as invitations are being delivered as each day comes it seems… there’s some good uns’ coming up though…

I’ve enlisted Tommy of Jak and Jil to be my unofficial outfit photographer because a) the boyf is at home pondering why Arsenal lost to Hull and b) my hotel room is so titch that a tripod would not have been any use and frankly c) if I can’t labour over posts each day then a lazy outfit post will have to do…. so apologies in advance…. at least the backgrounds of the pics are nice though, eh?

Boudicca white pleated dress, Robert Cary Williams dusky pink zipper dress, American Apparel black leggings, Bronx cut-out shoes, Outsapop’s zipper collar

Jean Pierre Braganza was a sore omission from London’s schedule but his move to Milan I think is a cool one considered the support of a fashion tradeshow/salon like White who are really shaking things up I think in Milan.  Still, I wonder if it was the city, the different look of the models but SS09 Jean Pierre Braganza had a whole lot more sex in it…especially when looking at these pieces which has some sort of shiny black going on that I can’t quite figure out and will have to send him an email to ask exactly what it is that is making these pieces really stunning. 



I should be put off by the flesh baring but somehow, the choppiness and
slightly off-kilter cut of the dress is really drawing me in.  Oh and it helps that the model looks like a young Carine Roitfeld and thus I can see her in it… which makes me happy because that would really put Jean Pierre Braganza on the international map and that give me mad grinning expressions and…and… I’m feeling a bit deranged…


P.S. Apologies, I’m posting like a mad woman to vent my frustration at not being able to check into my hotel in Paris and I’ve had no sleep due to a ridiculously early Eurostar train and standing outside their ticket office looking utterly pathetic…

Cooperative Designs may be a sound partnership between Annalisa Dunn and Dorothee Hagemann but they certainly don’t just come up with ideas that are ‘sound’…. in the way that the word is used to mean reliable, solid and responsible…. their SS09 show which I sadly missed but later saw in the showroom is stripes, patterns, colour, textures all going on in a way that makes me want to copy their styling EXACTLY how they did it on the runway which in itself is a bit of a no-no in my book but only because when I look at the pieces individually, I feel like they need that top to toe context to make them look truly awesome.  Except for the leggings of course.  As predicted, Annalisa and Dorothee guessed that I would dig the neon square printed leggings but they didn’t tell me they had suspender/cut-outs going on too.  Much like my Patrik Rzepski chaps which I still stand by… I’m making these Cooperative Designs chaps the spring summer lite version.


I never thought I’d see the day that I was donning cherry print AND heart print simultaneously but here it is.  Did I ever mention my complete abhorance of heart/rainbow/star/cherry print… I just can’t bear it and I haven’t a clue why.  I like it on other people fine enough  but I put any of those prints on me and I just screw up my face and wail ‘Noooooo!’.  It’s like watching a car crash of faux cutieness waiting to happen.  The problem alas lies in the stereotypes of my ethnicity and the genes that I have been given.  Long haired Chinese girl with a fringe in cherry/heart print just adheres to that demented statement of ‘Oh she’s so kawaii!’  As it is I get ‘Oh you’re so CUTE!’ a fair amount of times.  Nothing wrong with that but I’m not going to add fuel to fire by piling on prints that I never liked in the first place that accelerates said comment. 

Img_7105 Img_7107 

Despite all of this, I was keen to see what New Look Limited Editions was all about…. with a tag that says 1/400 – i.e. indicating there are only 400 of these dresses available, this is New Look’s version of something like Topshop Unique/Boutique for prices that aren’t ridiculous (this dress is ¬£45).  The material is most definitely a cut above being 100% silk and giving a teadress the texture it deserves and it has real grosgrain as a trim.  It’s all a bit warped really because it’s a teadress, which I tend to look for in vintage shops only, it has that godforsaken cherry print AND it’s from New Look, a store where I can never find anything right no matter how many times I venture in there…. it’s perplexing me to no end hence the expression on my face… I’m asking the camera ‘Will you somehow magic an answer to my questions?’.  Oh, and I’m also thinking to myself ‘If I added some heart shaped glasses, some sort of boxy patent bag and a pair of chunky chunky heels and a Project Runway Kenley haircut, I’d be some sort of rubbish Katy Perry cliche…’ 

So many questions to ponder…at least the sky was pretty blue today…