It’s ridiculous how short these posts are.  I’m uncomfortable with writing in such a sparse way but as we speak, I’m topless, trying to find a top in the suitcase that is swallowing up my clothes and my hair is dripping on the keyboard which might blow up if I’m not careful and I was suppsoed to leave six minutes ago.  I have a bit of a tale to tell about this outfit which was taken outside the Maison Martin Margiela show but it’s a long one… I’m calling it my Good Deed of the Year…as I generally don’t do good deeds…


Emilio de la Morena jacket/dress, Preen leather trousers, Tristan  Blair wedges, black socks stolen from boyf, Vivienne Westwood bag, Marios Schwab for Topshop cigarette box, Paraphernalia camera necklace

Photo by dear Tommy 

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  1. Brigadeiro says:

    Love, love, love (full stop).

  2. ell says:

    that outfit is stunning.
    (i am o b s e s s e d with black.)

  3. lady coveted says:

    i know you’re not really ‘into’ what are you wearing today pics… but i’ve really been enjoying this series. your daily outfits are really inspiring… i just love how you worked out all this black!

  4. Belleski says:

    your fringe is excellent here.

  5. farren says:

    i want to hear this story! =)

  6. wow!!! the cutest outfit/picture I’ve seen of you!!!

  7. horst says:

    this is maybe the most amazing outfit i ever saw on you

  8. MHBass says:

    susie you’re looking so great in these pictures! i adore this outfit, i would happily wear it exactly as you are, if only i could afford such beautiful things as that emilio de la morena jacket! also very very very jealous that you got to attend the maison martin margiela show, cos it looked absolutely amazing.

  9. Erin says:

    Your jacket is wicked.

  10. Allure says:

    The whole outfit is fantastic, but that jacket is insanely beautiful.

  11. KD says:

    Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! It’s those shoes! And those trousers! And that necklace! And that jacket! And that cigarette box! And ohmygosh you are just amazingly fabulous!

  12. liz blair says:

    I absolutely love this outfit, and I featured it on my blog today. I hope you’ll check it out!

  13. WendyB says:

    Those pants are awesome.

  14. cate says:

    Ok I have to admit that I usually find your outfits too exuberant and a complete dare for me, but I absolutely LOVE this one, and I would definitely wear it – if I had the budget to buy them!

  15. I’m completely crazy for this outfit but you knew that already. I love the rolled up leather trous so much!!

  16. Glendy says:

    Hi Sussie,
    Love your outfit and I love your short posts, they are more concise and to the point I prefer these since I read you at work and try to read quickly, I think you can say much with little verbiage 😉

  17. That jacket/dress is making me LOSE MY MIND!! The whole outfit is wonderful though. Keep on having lots of fun over there, and don’t worry about the minimal posts, it’s all for the greater good of the Paris shows 😉
    (and us nosy snoops who aren’t there)

  18. Anonymous says:

    Love the all black outfit! Your blog is AMAZING!

  19. andre says:

    tommy is such a great photographer. the outfit is gorgeous and your expression (mouth and eyes) is beautiful.

  20. DJM says:

    LOVING this outfit. Simple, perfect and quite sexy!

  21. kim eliot says:

    you have been looking fucking spectacular everyday so far!

  22. Matilda says:

    Do you smoke?

  23. floraposte says:

    Great outfit! Is the dress slightly quilted at the collar? What did you think of the Martin Margiela show, I saw some of the photos and was weirded out.

  24. floraposte says:

    Great outfit! Is the dress slightly quilted at the collar? What did you think of the Martin Margiela show, I saw some of the photos and was weirded out.

  25. ivoreece says:

    Definitely my fave outfit!!!
    Wanna exchange links?

  26. i fucking love your outfit.

  27. Becky says:

    Loving it as usual. I think good deeds are good for the skin.

  28. enc says:

    It’s a great look. I love it all.

  29. Valentina says:

    Yessssss, I love this.
    For a second I thought you cut your hair.

  30. this just might be one of my favorites of yours!

  31. winnie says:

    You look great! I love the simplicity and the fact it has the air or you having casually picked out an outfit for the day. Whether or not this is the case, you look awesome and I still kick myself for not buying that Marios Schwab necklace when I saw it in the sale.

  32. porsha says:

    This is the most perfect outfit i have ever seen you in!
    the dropped frill of the boxy jacket with the skinny pants = perfection. your hair is also perfectly in balance with the rest of the items.
    Did I say it was perfect?

  33. Jessica says:

    Your outfit is AMAZING! I love the black on black with different textures and details. Beautiful. 🙂

  34. Austere says:

    Ah! Words can’t describe how much I love this.

  35. chrisss says:

    this is inspiring. luv your style. i love blackout-fits.

  36. Amber CFS says:

    You look fantastic! & I hope good deeds are good for the skin…

  37. a dreamer says:

    amazing. further proof that you can rock your trousers just as much as your dresses.

  38. You’re wearing all black and yet your outfit is so interesting… I’m amazed–I love it!

  39. Sheena says:

    This is such a fierce outfit, i love the textures, you pull off black and muted palettes better than anyone Susie.

  40. You must tell of ‘your good deed’ it would be rude not to…we wait….

  41. You must tell of ‘your good deed’ it would be rude not to…we wait….

  42. You must tell of ‘your good deed’ it would be rude not to…we wait….

  43. You must tell of ‘your good deed’ it would be rude not to…we wait….

  44. You must tell of ‘your good deed’ it would be rude not to…we wait….

  45. Lei says:

    Just saw you on Facehunter. you looked really sweet on the bike. I love it when 2 of my favourite blogs collide!

  46. I love the way you wear your leather trousers. Combined with the shoes and the black socks it gives much cuteness

  47. songy says:

    loving that jacket details and the way you pair that with a pair of leather pants. Really enjoying your PFW series although they are brief. it’s quite okay by me.

  48. juliet says:

    I love your bangs !
    juliet xxx

  49. I get so excited when you do an outfit post. They’re very inspiring to me. I especially like this look…it’s how I want to dress at the moment but I don’t.

  50. this outfit seems so be so you, even I don’t know you. lovely greetings, Kathrin

  51. Thom Wong says:

    I know you’re from London, but this is why people dream of life in Paris.

  52. Kat says:

    I love black! Your layering of textures is the only way to wear it too!
    The Clothes Horse- join the club! I live a live of pure subsistence in East London. I eat baked beans for dinner so I can save enough to buy beautiful clothes such as these!

  53. Great play with blacks!
    I’m really diggin’ that cigarette case!

  54. Mimi says:

    lOve the jacket! 😉

  55. yoncto says:

    that outfit is genius!! everything about it is LOVE. =]

  56. tania Debono says:

    I LOVE this outfit, honestly think its one of the chicest and simple outfits you have put together. you still kept the ‘bubble’ vibe by layering but in a discreet way, so parisian darling!

  57. mgs says:

    !!!!!!!!!!! that vivienne bag is amazing~! I need it D: D:

  58. mgs says:

    oh~! sorry, do you know what year/line etc that bag is? also :O if there is a name…maybe. :O…

  59. Meg says:

    I am loving this look. Even your brief posts speak volumes because the pictures are brilliant. Frills and leather are quite a combination.

  60. Giselle says:

    I think this may be the best pic of you EVER. You look seriously beautiful here, and or course the outfit is flawless 🙂
    -Giselle <3<3<3

  61. Hebden says:

    Absolutely love this look on you.

  62. Love your jacket””·

  63. those wedges are amazing.

  64. SRR says:

    Wow…you completely own this outfit. Simply smashing and rocking.

  65. maja says:

    oh, i think i saw you in that outfit. at place colette? n-e-way, looks great

  66. r says:

    oh yah.
    love this assemble.

  67. ambika says:

    I love all of your outfits from Paris but this might be my fave.

  68. Meghan says:

    Great look – very french in all black. I especially love how cuffing leather takes away from how they are normally styled and casualizes them. Love monochromatic & texture! Probably my fave outfit of yours thus far.

  69. Carol says:

    I love the way you wear the trousers! I have a pair and I worry as they are not skin tight…skinny….but not skin tight. However, you have proved that they do look good:)

  70. YooHee says:

    nice all black outfit…..
    I like the color black 😛

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