What sort of Pop are you?

Multiple choice question here…

Which Pop Prada AW08-9 cover are you?
a) Sister Agyness Pop Prada
b) Smoky Eyed Amber Valletta Pop Prada
c) Jourdan ‘I’m about to take off with my hat’ Dunn Pop Prada
d) "Black lips and purple cheeks trumps all" says Natalia Vodianova Pop Prada
e) Untouchable Naomi Campbell Pop Prada
f)  Resurrected swimswear babe Oluchi Onweagba Pop Prada




41 Replies to “What sort of Pop are you?”

  1. I’m not brave enough to be any of those! But I do love all the looks. Those covers are really well done. I love the “type.”

  2. hehe, miuccia’s not reacting at *all* to accusations that prada catwalks have featured only one black model in the last ten years…

  3. Agyness the nun though I’m starting to get sick of seeing her everywhere. There’s the 80’s Madonna/Like a Prayer vibe going on that never stops intriguing me.

  4. None since they all seem to be influenced from the church/catholics. And aaargh, no more Agyness Deyn please!! Haven’t people had enough of her??

  5. first of all, I really like the lay-outs!!!!
    My pick would be Agyness, Jourdan, Natalia and Oluchi. I think I might buy all covers except the Amber cos I find it typical…

  6. i would go for c, just like everyone already commented i also like the idea of just taking off 🙂 oh and i have a thing for frida-eyebrows!

  7. natalia, always! it’s interesting that even amongst all the other beautiful girls she stands out so much that i just can’t look way!

  8. despite my complain about agyness being overexposed, i like her cover the best.
    i love the font and layout

  9. I’m feeling Oluchi’s cover, first & foremost. Her face alone is interesting enough to keep my attention. Second, the Aggy cover, cause it’s hot. Don’t like Naomi’s photo at all, what is that? I’ll definitely have to go pick this issue up.

  10. The black lips one – black lips and purple cheeks spell Zombie on paper, but it totally works on a nun apparently.

  11. Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence? Danny, that’s a riot. I also went to private school, but not Catholic, for 17 years, so I have to go with Agy.

  12. Oluchi’s got the biggest reaction from me. Her face is stunning and the priesty hat is very cool. All the other covers were either trite or just off (imho)

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