The Lipstick ‘Roids…

Remember that time I ‘roided my night away with Marcus Palmqvist wearing some colourful Jojo & Malou clothes?  Well the results are here though Diane has already posted them.  These I believe are a selection from the full exhibition which will be on display at the Riche in Stockholm from August 12th for a month… hopefully they will travel onto London as well!

Jojo & Malou wearing their clothes the best…


Ebony Bones doing some hazardous zebra crossing…


Kinga Burza doing the Pantene hair flick perfectly…


Jem Goulding doing the ciggie pose perfectly // Lucy (didn’t shoot with her so I’m not entirely sure what went on!)

Jem Lucy

I believe this is Lykke Li who I was lucky enough to meet in Stockholm last time I was there… she has quite some pipes!


Lois Winstone and Rosie doing the classic ‘getting-out-car’ pap shots…

Lois Rosie

Et moi… in front of a striking red shoe repair sign… 


37 Replies to “The Lipstick ‘Roids…”

  1. Definetly sweet deal! Great shot of you, pretty clothing and seems like a lot of fun was had. Love the music that Lykke Li makes!

  2. Great photos! They look really ’80s, and those bright colors are really zingy. I like the old 356 in the background of one of those photos.

  3. Stunning! Yours is my favorite of the whole set (and I’m not just saying that b/c I visit your site all the time!)…I don’t know why, I like the sense of movement and the sign behind your head. The corner flaw is rather nice too. Oh and I want your shoes.

  4. Whoever Lucy is, she looks amazing – like some cheesy 80’s magazine model!
    Is the first shot of Jojo & Malou themselves? If it is they sure wear their clothes the best – I guess they are probably designing for themselves in mind anyway, so that makes sense. Polaroids just somehow make everything and everyone look great. Such a shame they will exist no more very soon.

  5. Roiding with Marcus??? was expecting to see very different pics…
    Not to be ever said in a Dublin accent..

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