I’ve got to admit, I feel oddly alienated when people talk about their lounging around clothes.  I somehow got ‘mooching around the house’ dressing a bit wrong somewhere along the line.  Case in point, the set of lounging around clothes that I leave at my boyfriend’s house invariably gets comments such as ‘Are you going out?’….’Er…no, I’m just going to do the washing up and watch the F Word…’.  It’s not that I think that my phone will suddenly ring and that I’m going to be called out to Soho House at the last minute (let’s hope that surreal situation never materialises…).  I’ve always wondering whether I have a lower comfort requirement level set in me, the comfort knob turned down to the minimum or that I don’t simply have enough occasions to wear all of the clothes that I have amassed and therefore at home, I don’t reach for some tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie (I don’t even think I own any of the former….).  Sadly, I suspect it’s the latter which makes my life incredibly sad and tragic. 

As a result, when I get home, if I have on a pair of tights (the ones used here for demonstration are the black SUPER-opaque ones that I wear the most which I got from Amsterdam as outdoor wear skiing tights…), they stay put and I end up changing into a looser dress or top shedding all layers down to one only, not really caring about see through-ness or panty line exposure seeing as only the boyf is at home and all I am indeed doing is watching Eating with the Enemy (Kate Spicer is pure EVIL…!).  Only I can also put on a pair of killer shoes/boots and maybe a skirt and then I’d be acceptably dressed to go out for most occasions…. indeed I’m not such an idiot as my not-strictly-comfy-comfy-attire comes with a masterplan.  That unexpected magical plans to go out indeed formulate out of nowhere and I would not be in an outfit quandry…

And I’m typing this on the Blackberry… how does one spell L-A-M-E?






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  1. Your lounging style looks quite nice. All I remove when I walk through the door is my shoes. My friends don’t believe me when I say I’ve been napping, because I hop out fully clothed with hair and make up still fairly intact…

  2. I know what you mean…..I don’t own tracksuit bottoms or a hoodie!
    I tend to wear opaque tights too, to relax in or knee high socks and silky things/dresses – not unlike yours at all.
    I love the peacy/pinky dress with the stripes of black lace, it’s gorgeous.
    Grey marl is always good for lounging!
    Wow your hair has got so long, it looks beautiful Susie!
    Great post!

  3. God i’d love to be able to say that i also wear pure silk ensembles to make toast and watch project runway…but sadly (and yet kinda proudly) i love nothing more than to put on my jogging bottoms and a hoodie and lounge. Saying that, however, i think it has alot to do with the fact that i live with my family still and also that i’m really messy (food, paint, makeup – you name it!). BUT all that shall be coming to an end soon when i move into my own flat, for i have been purchasing silky bloomers and camisoles in preparation and intend on wearing thick-knit ribbed knee socks slouched down…i might even add a pair of heels to do the hoovering! teehee!

  4. Whenever I;m lounging around I tend to get distracted as I get dressed, so my outfit is usually some strange mishmash of my closet…full skirts over high waisted shorts with a t-shirt on top and maybe one sock for good measure.

  5. Hmmm, you’re quite the glam lounger … a far cry from my blogging get-up (let’s just say there’s a lot of Bonds cotton goodness involves). xx

  6. I’m quite impressed, my comfort threshold is quite low. I usually just end up taking off my pants/skirt/tights and hanging out in my undies with whatever I have on top.
    TMI?…I guess probably not. Seriously, my underwear is embarrassingly beyond tame.

  7. i am probably the complete opposite and am a complete slob when it comes to shlepping around the house. i’ve kind of been getting on myself to start looking a bit more decent.

  8. Probably the only “nice” thing I wear around the house is my heels to break them in, in the confines of my house. Walking in new heels publicly can only lead to my arse on the pavement.

  9. i like being uncomfortable as opposed to comfy at home. or i feel slovenly. as in i like to be pulled together and wear nice shoes, even working from home. but now i do try to not destroy my good clothes i guess when i am doing this.
    so i hear you.

  10. i still get dressed for work, and i work at home.
    that said, you know… my grandmother got dressed up every singe day (high heels and all), she still does (at 86), it’s her ritual. i think it’s important for the psyche to be properly dressed, it gives an underlying sense of purpose and productivity… which, i might add… maybe part of the reason you’re so productive, miss bubble.

  11. I take it you are not a messy eater then…
    It would be a pity to stain those wonderful clothes!
    I wear cartoon pjs (snoopy, hello kitty and mafalda are my best picks) along with lace-trimmed cotton camisoles in various candy colors, layered until I’m comfy enough. But it’s always cotton all the way!

  12. I can’t believe it… you look good enough to go out! My slacking around at home clothes consists of old tee-shirts from school and very battered shorts.

  13. Being comfortable does not automatically require one to look like a soggy biscuit. I blame Bill Bowerman , responsible for starting the jogging craze in the 60’s and the leisure/jogging suit. I am comfortable when I am making a visual statement that suits my personality.

  14. I’m similar to you, but for me it’s quite simple: I get dressed for work. I come home and take off my shoes maybe put on a more loose fitting top. Why change into a completely different third outfit of the day in order to be comfortable? Being comfortable for me is about being as lazy as I want to be and I think it has more to do with recognizing that I’m going to be naked in bed anyway so why change into something else before bed.

  15. I SO get this. When I am at the boyf’s pad, I am always comfy but stylish. That way if someone suggests dodging out for a bite, I am not stuck pulling the girly card and having to take extended periods of time to priss up. OR WORSE – ending up out and about looking like a t total bummer. I am all about the comfy chic!!

  16. I don’t think I own any tracksuit bottoms either. Thank God. & I definitely feel like the amount of clothes I own dictates breaking out certain things even if it’s a weekend.

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