Dolly Mixture

Dollymixture I’m keeping this short again because the hands have cramped up again from excessive keyboard usage at work… but all I can say about Vogue UK September 2007 is that the only fashion editorial I well and truly was floored by was this ‘Dolly Mixture’ shot by Mario Testino and styled by Anna Selezneva.  Reason being isn’t exactly down to the clothes but a) the title is taken from my favourite Bassett’s sweets (better than liquorice assorts….urgh….) b) I’ve never seen panda bear eyes look so damn good and c) the prints created in the background along with the faded reflections of the models should really be used as a print in a garment…. could almost see a Charles Anastase-esque dress in this print.  Someone call Conde Nast for some sort of licensing deal now! 

That said, it’s fat enough issue with other chunky things in it that still makes it ok enough…  I’m off to buy some actual Dolly Mixture and a Coke Zero to stop my hands from shaking now…


Dollymixture4 Dollymixture5



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  1. Oh my god, a friend of mine just gave me a ton of heather grey felt, I’m totally going to make a version of that first dress! Maybe mixed with black leather…hmmmm…I think I’ll make up some sort of triangle pattern though, thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Oooh I LOVE dolly mixture, it’s my absolute favorite candy and I always pick up like 5 bags when I go to visit my grandparents in England. Mmmmmm…

  3. Candy and fashion seem inextricable from each other in my mind. Also, the coat in that last picture looks pretty much edible. I want to not just wear it, but chew it up and swallow it like blue raspberry licorice.

  4. Sister Wolf: I actually have no idea what is wrong with me and… because of work… I didn’t make it to my doctors appointment… I’m not feeling too great at the moment and it is actually my fault for not taking care of myself… I will get me to the doc but NHS GPs are a nightmare…

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