You B(log) = My Space

Feel free to skip this post due to it being so tedious by the way as it is more blog-related than fashion.  If I’m honest, I didn’t really know what was expected of me and what I was in fact doing in Sao Paulo.  I gathered it involved 20 minutes of me blah-ing on about the blog but I wasn’t aware of the scale of the whole event. 

Youb1_2 Youb2_2

We were driven to the Park Ibirapuera which is just the most astounding bit of green space smack bang in this concrete mass that is Sao Paulo.  The event entitled ‘You B(log)‘ was to be held at the planetarium inside the park.  As we walked into the ‘globe’, some techy ppl were setting things up and a really wicked animated video skit introducing the event which had all the bloggers pictures blared out and was projected onto the ‘semi globe’.   I did remark that I had never seen my mug so bloody big.  In fact, all the bloggers’ presentations were to be blown up in this way.  This worked very well for the other bloggers’ fancy Powerpoint presentation but not so much for my Firefox browser of a gazillion tabs supposedly illustrating everything good about Style Bubble. 


Youb4_2 Youb5_2

Actually, all the other bloggers prepared well with fully printed out notes and I just had my scribblings in my Moleskin to rely on.  Hey, I’m all about joking about, styling it out and just waffling on… that would surely get me through the day.  Us group of bloggers consisted of…

Melissa de Leon of Cooking Diva (Panama) – A much acclaimed cooking blog that at one point featured roasted guinea pigs.  I`m totally up for that though…

Glauco Sabino of Descolex (Brazil) – A Sao Paulo-focused streetstyle blog that is cool cool cool…

Guilherme Valedares of Papode Homem (Brazil) – A mens lifestyle blog featuring chat up lines and Men’s Health-type issues…

Victor Angelo of Dus Infernos (Brazil) – A fashion, culture blog that pokes at issues and isn’t afraid to get at the nitty gritty…I only wish I could read Portuguese

And finally Jennine Tann of The Coveted (duh…) – I was REALLY pissed that I didn’t get to meet Jennine due to visa issues but through the powers of Skype, I got to hear her speak about her inspiring and well-balanced journey through blogging…everyone loved you by the way Jennine!

The whole event was hosted and chaired by Marcelo Tas who is something of a celebrity here in Brazil and a TV personality who was also one of the first bloggers in Brazil.  After my presentation, he remarked at how sweet it was that I fumbled around with my notes in my Moleskin…not my finest hour I can tell you…

Through the course of the event, it was actually a relief to geek out with other bloggers and talk about the problems, the conflicts, the stuff that makes us mad about blogging.  Glauco and I discussed the importance of staying independent and the struggle to keep up with comments etc.  Melissa, who is a real pro gave some advice about similar presentations such as this one (she held her audience in her palm…).  Something fundamental that I took away though was from Victor’s talk where he pointed out something so blindingly obvious which recently I had lost sight of which is that a blog is ‘my space’, a place where you can escape and where you can express yourself. 

Lately, I’ve felt like that the blog has been controlling me and though I’ve never set out to be an informant, suddenly I’ve been tasked with responsibilities as a blogger and I’ve felt like I’ve been trying way too hard to please everyone.  People telling me what I should and shouldn’t be blogging about?  What the heck?  Two years ago, this would have incited me because in the beginning, the blog was ‘my space’ and these days I doubt myself and begin to question whether what I do on the blog is right or wrong, when really there is no right or wrong…

Well, after yesterday, frankly, I’m going to try not to give a shit so much.  I can’t please everyone and that was never what I set out to do with Style Bubble.  A person in the audience asked me how I felt about being famous, to which I answered ‘What is famous?  I certainly don’t feel that way nor would I want to.  If I lost all my readers tomorrow, I’d still continue blogging…’.  Funny how this random event courtesy of Brastemp and Vogue Brasil made me realise this very simple My Space fact.  As Victor said, there is nothing to lose ultimately and with his blog being only one year old, he reminded me of a time when blogging was just fun fun fun.  I am going to strive to get that feeling back…

Youb6_2 Youb7_2

To end on a more positive note, as the whole event was sponsored by an appliances company, Brastemp had these fridges made up and filled with our grocery wish list…mine consisted of steak, wild mushrooms, plenty of Lipton Ice Tea and strawberries…


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  1. hey! Just to make a parallel. Yesterday I was invited to speak in a coolhunting workshop at a fashion school. I was one hour speaking, and as you perfectly explained, I didn’t really know what was expected of me. I explained my experience, and my blog references. Of course there was susie..Some “gossip” bloggers, like BB, the way sometimes I develop a post. But I have the impression I didn’t explain enough to understand what I love to do everyday…And my little question is: is interesting for someone? Maybe…I just hope it was a little bit! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. aw I’ve always loved your blog and you should just post what you feel like posting… I wouldn’t care much about what other ppl think.. and well you actually don’t haha!
    I hope you still had abit of fun in Sao Paulo!
    Oh and please never stop blogging!! you’re my daily addiction. LOL

  3. Oh, Susie, I loved to meet with you. Sorry my poor english, and my no-time to talking more with you and to show you this my crazy and dirty city. Jackson Araโˆšโˆซjo said to me who leaves you at Galeria Melissa this morning. I hope you enjoy it.
    Well, I think you are famous indeed but is not a celebrity. I explain: You`ve inspirated a lot of fashion blogs all the world. When interwied a important fashoon editor in Brazil, Costanza Pascolato, a 2 years ago, she said she’s been reading your blog and recommend for me. You are famous, but not celebrity because you are so simple, approachable, not a fashion blog’s diva. You are a excelent person like yout blog.
    Vitor dus infernus

  4. fantastic post! you are so right. you should post about whatever you want to! of course it is nice to have positive feedback and comments, but you can’t make everyone happy. please keep on blogging, your blog is an inspiration to a lot of people and other bloggers. in fact you inspired me to start my own blog. blogging is about fun and anything you are interested in, makes you happy etc. keep up the great work susie!

  5. Seems like you really gained something from this. It’s true of any job that the expectations can rise as you become more successful, making you more insecure as you go along. Beginner’s ignorance is bliss! Re blogs in particular, I think it’s funny that people drone on about how they’re going to replace printed communications, yet everyone’s expectations for blogs (which are personal) are similar to their expectations for a publication with an institutional memory and a full staff.

  6. Don’t let this stuff get in your head. I’ve always taken your blog to be “what a really knowledgeable cool chick with an artsy eye would wear.” And it’s so fun! And I love it! Thanks for your blog!

  7. This sounds like it was a pretty cool event! I’d say just keep doing what you’re doing and keep having fun with your blog. It’s impossible to please every single person out there anyway, and if you ever did, well, you’d lose the unique edge that makes you Susie Bubble. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Incidentally, there’s a guinea pig festival in some small Peruvian town where they dress up the guinea pigs in traditional folk costumes and then eat them afterward. I don’t have any links on me offhand, but if you Google “Peruvian guinea pig festival” there are video links that pop up in the search results, I think.

  8. famous hey? I would say you’re an INSPIRATIONAL to others, those are the words that MADE you famous (if that makes sense).
    I’m managing two fashion blogs ‘The Fashion Assistant & her Camera’ and ‘Style Slicker’ plus a personal blog (private,members only) are NOT easy…..but slowly updating.
    Susie…..keep going!!!!

  9. oh dear, its important to find happiness in whatever you do.
    If you lost that razzle to the your blogging dazzle,i do hope you find it.
    And please kno that all your blogging is much appreciated, but not who you are.

  10. hey, susie! the whole event was really great and worthy just because of you and vitor and your “speeches”. what he said made me feel almost like you felt (and spoke about in this post), and I’m already experiencing changes in the way that i write and even in the way i think about the blog. after the evento, me and vitor went to dinner and we talked lots and lots about the whole thing and about how cute and (very very) smart you are. it was a blast to learn about your exeriences and to be able to have that little chat on the hall. hope you can come back sometime! =)
    and there’s lots of video of you – in the dark! – during your speech:

  11. keep up with blogging! or don’t. it’s your blog and as lovely as it is to have an insight into your life and how excellent, insightful and truely interesting the content of your blog is(i have replaced vogue with elle, now i replace elle with susie!) you shouldn’t have to feel like you owe anything to anyone.
    p.s. have you ever thought about doing your own publication, on paper format that is?

  12. Love the idea of your own personalized fridge! Definitely a different way of showcasing bloggers, LOL.
    Style Bubble is your own, and no matter how many comments (good or bad), you have, at the end of the day, it’s about what you WANT to post, not what you HAVE to post. Once it becomes something that you have to do, it becomes a chore and it’s not fun anymore. Keep staying true to your heart!

  13. Hey Susie, what they’ve all said. You rock, blog or no, and just like dressing up and fashion and style and all that are fun things to do, so’s blogging. So there you go: just follow the fun.

  14. very inspiring post! i’ve tried to stop giving myself a hard time about not posting some days when i just don’t have the thoughts. i think it’s great if there’s just something to read and take away, no matter what it is!

  15. that Victor fellow seems to be spot on. i just started a blog, and that was after a LONG time thinking about it, because i knew i wouldn’t want to do it for anyone but myself. i decided to go for it..and have just started so haven’t felt the pressures or anything but i definitely was pre-emptively feeling it (like when i was considering whether i wanted to publicize it or not…)
    anyway, enough about me, what i mean to say is this: it is your blog and i think that you have been relatively clear on that…posting what you like, what interests you, etc and i think that’s why so many people find you inspiring (hence the fame) because you generally don’t pander…it’s just you, and that’s lovely.
    (oh goodness, now it sounds like i’m pandering!)

  16. Ah, sounds like you did good, I would have loved to join the geek convo! Will have to watch the Youtube clip. BTW, Style Bubble was the first blog I ever read and inspired me to start my own and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Keep it up but only on your terms. PS, thanks for blogging about the event ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Oh susie!
    You’re such an awesome blogger!
    To be quite honest, I am content with everything you blog about cause you are just so unique and special!
    So, try to put the fun back into blogging!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. The whole event sounds very cool. Mad props to you about blogging about what you want. I don’t understand why people try to tell others what to blog, if they know what they want to read they should just write that! I like visiting your blog because I don’t know what I’m going to hear and come without expectations.

  19. Hey Susie! It was so great meeting you and listening to your talk! and hey, the moleskin was actually a touch of class, it’s all about the content rather than the fancy aparatus.. plus you had the starry sky all around you ๐Ÿ™‚
    too bad we didn’t get a chance to take you around and see Melissa’s store.. well, another reason for you to have to come back soon and actually get to see SP!
    good to see you took back some important insights with you, for you can be certain we also left very inspired. do keep true to yourself! and hope to see you sometime soon ๐Ÿ™‚ all the best!

  20. This sounds like such a great event. I wish I could attend one. And yes, you shouldn’t care if what you write pleases people. It’s YOUR blog. If someone doesn’t like what you say, well then, they can hit the X on the browser. You rock! :]

  21. Hey, Susie! It was a big pleasure to pass all afternoon with you yesterday… You’re so kind. Hope you can come to Brazil again with more free time, so we can show you all the great things of this crazy city that is Sโˆšยฃo Paulo! Next time i promisse to take u to the d.edge… I know that you would have loved that club…hehe.
    P.S: I can imagine how tired you are after flying 11 hours and get back to work right after this big travel…

  22. aw man! i heard you did an amazing job with your presentation, i’m so sad i didn’t get to see that either…arrgh, but it did sound like it was quite an amazing event. and i too love talking to other bloggers, it seems like such a solitary thing most of the time until you meet with others who are into it, it’s just so cool.

  23. at the rate that you post at, it must take a trememndous effort to reply to comments etc…
    glad you’re gonna try and get the happy blogger feeling back. I’ve found that when I try and sleep sometimes the ideas for blog posts creep up in my mind and sometimes I can’t shake thoughts of the blog. It’s annoying. But I try to keep blogging as a not so important priority and as a ‘do when you feel inspired’ kinda thing. LOL.

  24. Hi Susie!
    It was a big surprise for me to heard that you were or are in Brazil. This event hasnยฌยฅt any publicity about in the sites of Brazil. I donยฌยฅt live in Sโˆšยฃo Paulo, I live in Recife…far from Sโˆšยฃo Paulo, but of course that I would like to be there to discuss about that amazing universe.
    I saw some videos of your presentation at the event and I really liked what you said. But the sites from Brazil that the company Brastemp invinted are really uknown for me and other bloguers from here I guess. But I am happy that you and Jannine came. Congratulations about all ๐Ÿ™‚
    see you,

  25. Oh poor Recife, the centre of universe. Kira, sorry, the world doesn’t begin and finish in Recife. Please darling, take a google! I’ve never heard about you and research your poliglote blogs, don’t be lazy…

  26. Susie!!!! I am soo happy we met ๐Ÿ™‚ Loved the Vogue photo session and the conference. Anxiously waiting to check out the videos, maga & newspaper reports. I’ll be back soon— A big hug from Panama!

  27. kira(dinha)
    i don’t care if nobody read my blog or everybody or numbers numbers numbers, darling. I want only writting about my passion: fashion.
    Your overbearing and colonialism that said “I ‘ve never head about this brazilian blogs” is chocking. Control your “overacting” and be more polite and humble.
    Sorry Susie, you know, I talked in my speech that I like dialogues between commenters.
    I promise it is the last with kira

  28. Alright Kira and Vitor, kiss and make up, already. Blogging is a small world so there’s no sense in any feuds ๐Ÿ™‚
    Susie, I say any trip which includes a fully stocked fridge to your likings is the biggest success ever. . . (as you can see, it really doesn’t take much to impress me. . . )

  29. I wish I could have heard your presentation. There is a lot of pressure for popular bloggers to constantly update with new, engaging content, (and deal with reader comments/requests) so I can see how the blog would be overwhelming at times. I agree that you should have fun with it and post about what you’re passionate about. After all, it’s your blog, and if people don’t like the content, they can read other posts or other blogs, right? I think you’re a great role model because you started out as someone who didn’t work in the fashion industry, but so many opportunities have come your way via Style Bubble. I also enjoy your personal opinions, your trendsetting style, and your thoughts, as they make you seem accessible and I think your readers can relate to that.

  30. I’d have loved to see your presentation, but the Youtube clip was quite cool- it’s the first time I’ve heard your voice! It sounds like a great experience, good for you!

  31. Can I just say, that even though my blog is *no* where near as huge or followed as yours, that with my own commitment to post every day, with the many DIY projects I’ve always got on hold, that I sometimes feel this pressure and really wish I didn’t? I mean, ultimately these sites started out as something fun, as a way to participate, however marginal (or mainstream!). For it to start to feel like work feels almost like a trick that’s been played.

  32. hello everyone, I am Cathrine. I’m new here and I just wanted to say hello to everyone, I’ve actually been reading a lot of posts on this forum for a while but this is my first post here ๐Ÿ™‚

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