Where is the animal?

I’m about to indulge in some ‘popular culture’ posting, the stuff that will probably rile people up.  The truth is… why fight it…. in the same way that I was a Roswell geek years ago, seeking out forums to indulge, today I’m a full-on Project RUNWAY addict, downloading it and watching it like a mad woman.  Like Britain’s Next Top Model to America’s Nex Top Model, our very own Project Catwalk does come off looking like the poor relation and that’s not to knock the contestants from Project Catwalk but for some reason the format hasn’t quite hit its stride in the way Project Runway has done since season four. 

This will bounce off a lot of people’s heads as complete gibberish but that is the general nature of TV-show banter; the addicts will gorge on this paragraph and the non-watchers will blink twice and call it couch potato tosh.  I’ll therefore keep the indulgence to a minimum with a string of questions running along the lines of…Natalie Portman as guest judge – how great?  Wesley getting eliminated – why eliminate a guy with such impressive credentials and a very cute only-in-America sort of name?  Bleached vacuum cleaner bags in a skirt – anyone else other than me giving that a try?  Michael Kors – still incredibly irritating?  Heidi Klum not offering much input other than very very long legs – agree/disagree?

There.  That’s done.  It’s like eating a big bowl of Angel Delight very quickly and forgetting that it ever happened.  Onto more substantial matters.  Leanimal will interest people whether or not they’re couch potatoes or not.  One of the contestants on the current season is an Etsy seller with a stellar feedback page and is quite well-known on the fashion scene Portland in Oregon where she resides (I’m convinced there’s a whole lot of fun going on there that makes it my next random destination…).  Leanne Marshall is a relation to Chan Marshall (aka Cat Power) and has been designing and making clothes for a decade, selling under the label Leanimal

She was criticised on the second episode for adding much too many fussy loops, petals, flounces and general stuff to her dress but her AW08 collection is pretty reined in and well judged with the use of petals, pleating and ruffles…


I love the effect of these demi-rosettes…


This Gezane dress ain’t cheap as chips for obvious reasons and is the one item on sale on her Etsy… I just want to run my hands over it…


Her S/S 08 collection is a tad more complex but again, rightly so because of the neutral palette Leanne uses throughout, allowing the details to shine through…

Leanimal1 Leanimal2

Leanimal3 Leanimal4

I have a funny feeling that perhaps Leanne doesn’t go all the way to the final three but it doesn’t really matter because she seems to have a following pre-Project-Runway and that will only grow… more petals, loops, pleats and knots I say!

**EDIT** Woah…I’m making blog blunders left right and centre…Leanne Marshall ISN’T related to Chan Marshall… they just look quite similar… jeez… must really get this kidney thing sorted out because it’s driving me mental…

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  1. i really like leanne. she’s one of my faves and i didn’t even know about her etsy fame until this post. on the last episode she was wearing something very similar to the grey dress you posted. i loved it and was wondering where she got it, but i guess she made it!

  2. i too find myself obssessed with project runway (been watching since season one) and leanne is actually my current favorite. i love her style and i’m glad she has an etsy store, i will probably be scouring it for the next 4 hours, thanks style bubble!

  3. thanks for sharing this susie!! she’s related to chan marshall? very interesting! and her clothing is lovely. i blame that wretched material for her last dress.

  4. The dress was loopy; I thought she was capable of better. The trouble, to my mind, was that the loop lacked definition (note that Tim Gunn initially mistook it) and assertiveness.
    Natalie proved to be too cautious, although her comment about wearing the winning dress was genuine enough.
    I don’t care for Heidi, or Nina, or MK. But I watch anyway, for bleached garbage bags and Austin Scarlett skipping across the street.

  5. The fact that garbage bag lady from episode one blows my mind. Kors is a doink. Heidi is just…well, useless, isn’t she?
    But the show is more than a guilty pleasure – I love it. I just need Suede to stop calling himself Suede.

  6. leanne actually reminds me of rudy aldridge a bit, the softness. or maybe i’m just too obsessed with the aldridges!
    i adore her stuff, the brown dress didn’t turn out the way i’d like but it’s wonderful she has so many ideas flowing.
    nevermind that, but this season SUCKS. i’m still watching it though.

  7. Agreed with pretty much remark made. Heidi is growing increasingly irritating, however, the clipped German/American accent is most enjoyable – esp. the Aufs

  8. Hey Susie! Thanks for posting this! I’ve been a great fan of Project Runway but being in Singapore, i’d usually have to scour around the net for the Fanpop version or the YouTube version! haha. anyway, i LOVE LOVE LOVE the demi rosettes! too cool.
    Loves this site completely.

  9. mmm all that layering and pleating looks so thick, luscious and yummy! i’m not sure if anyone has used “thick” to describe an article of clothing, but yes i insist on using “thick” on her work!

  10. I loooove project runway! I didn’t realise leanne was soooo talented her clothes look fabulous. Here’s hoping she starts bringing more of that into the show
    and is it just me who thinks blane (that spelt right?) is trying to be a bit like Christian from last series?

  11. aah, i thought i was the only one catching up with project runway… everyone was like ‘what? you haven’t seen it?’ and i’m like nope, i don’t have cable… aahh television.

  12. I have a yucky feeling in my stomach after reading this. As an Etsy seller and buyer, I know Leanne – wonderful girl and obviously a fantastic talent. We had discussed all of the details for a custom dress she was going to make for me, then she was going to search for the fabric, but I never heard from her again. The ‘yucky feeling’ is from realising that I will likely never get one now, and how cool it would have been to have had one of her originals.

  13. Yes! I agree that Wesley should not have been kicked off despite his unfortunate dress.
    Also, I was shocked that the judges really liked that asymmetrical lace-up gold mini dress, I was thinking more…’80’s crack whore?
    Suede needs to be auffed for the overuse of third person narration.
    Likewise Blayne for his lame attempt at Christian-esque catch phrases.

  14. I haven’t been watching Project Runway so I didn’t know she was on there. I’ve been watching her shop though and had been wondering why nothing has been added over the past while! now I know. And now I’ll have to start watching Project Runway. I love her dresses.

  15. Gosh I’m just commenting on your latest posts left and right!
    Regarding “Wesley getting eliminated – why eliminate a guy with such impressive credentials and a very cute only-in-America sort of name”…I totally agree…I was more perturbed on my blog, but the basic gist was that I did/do not understand why they knocked off two of the more impressive, more credentialed (is that a word?) designers right off the bat; Jeffrey and Wesley. My theory was that they are both men and not as entertaining as the other more flamboyant men in the house. Because actually the producers get to “vote” as well and Wesley and Jeffrey are not very good entertainment-wise… whereas someone like Stella is, and Leanne’s a girl, and I think Bravo TV already has most the female population watching so they’d rather keep the girls on well, for maybe interested male viewers..?
    having said that, before I even watched the season, I looked up their profiles and made a decision on whose design aesthetic resonated with me the most. Jeffrey was a 2nd (I think FORM is a great line), and Leanne was the first. I thought that this would give me a good un-biased decision since I wouldn’t be judging them based on their actions and personalities during the show. I still think Leanne’s designs are pretty great, but I don’t think it would hurt to drop in some sharper angles.
    also, regarding what you said about Heidi Long Legs, I agree– I don’t think she’s worn an outfit yet that doesn’t show like a couple yards of her legs? And I think she’s the meanest judge…well ruder than nina and kors. I mean, she’ll start off sometimes and just be like: That’s trash, I would not wear that or make some very biting analogy.
    Lastly, I thought the boobage are on the vacuum cleaner dress was unsettling. If I could be distracted from that, I’d say the whole dying-vacuum bags thing was great.
    wow I just bout wrote a whole post there.

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