These New Sequitans

My black sequin obsession has gone back into overdrive today what with my ogling of these Alexander McQueen sequinned black leggings on the new e-commerce site (is it me or is the site a little skimpy?).  Just before I left for the airport to fly back to London (currently typing this at a very efficient internet cafe at the airport…), I also discovered that there’s an amazing type of vinyl/PVC fabric that has the black sequin pattern imprinted on it so that you don’t get the texture of the sequins but it’s like completely smooth PVC  with the impression of black sequins.  I’ve never seen it before in raw fabric state or in clothes and it’s now going to set me on a hunt for this patterned vinyl… or if a similar black sequin lover out there is using said fabric in some genius way, do let me know and let’s see what black sequinned frightening things could happen…


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  1. Sequin-print fabrics seem like a great idea from a theoretical standpoint. I find clothes with lots of sequins really scratchy sometimes; I have one sequined skirt which sometimes gives me scratches on my arms. With the fabrics you can have the fun of sequins but not the injury. 😛

  2. LOVE those sequin leggings, they are a nice alternative the the wet look leggings, or any of the monstrosities from Lindsay Lohan’s leggings line!!!

  3. Those sequined leggings are amazing. That fabric looks great I think it would make a pretty cool dress. I recently found out that there are iron on sequins

  4. i saw a women’s adidas shoe with just a wee bit of fabric in the back just like that, and also gives the illusion that each ‘sequin’ is stitched down trice~

  5. methinks the garment district in nyc has those fabrics. last time i went to go go curry the spandex street (or what i call it, the whole street is fabric stores) and you can see this kind of fabric ranging from $3-15 a yard depending on the store.

  6. This fabric is a plastic vinyl pvc from endutex ( specially made for Walter Rodrigues, which is a very renowned brazilian fashion designer. You should take a look further into brazilian fashion!!!!

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