For some reason, I’m rubbish on roller skates but can blade perfectly fine.  So I’m thinking the Nokia Skate Almighty events that are going on in London, Birmingham and Manchester aren’t really for me but I’m sort of loving these campaign images though and I’m tempted to trek it to the London outdoor rink just to see whether people got inspired by Alice Dellal and bothered to dress up for the roller disco occasion.  The shots feature Alice Dellal climbing over Big Ben, Tower Bridge etc and more importantly, the skates she is wearing are part of a set of five roller skate designs that Preen have done especially for the event.  Apparently the skates are available to buy from the Preen shop at ¬£120 a pop.  I’m not at all tempted seeing as they’d serve no purpose other than sitting pretty in the corner of my room making me look like I’m some sort of cool hardcore roller skater when clearly I’m not.  Interesting that Preen have participated though and it does give ideas about creating similar spats (which is what they have done to pop over the skates…) for shoes as opposed to skates.




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  1. Laia says:

    That Alice Dellal is growing on me.

  2. Thom Wong says:

    120 pounds? British pounds? Pishaw.

  3. Likky says:

    I have a permanent love affair with London, so these images really did it for me! I want to print out these images and put them up as wall art! So cool!!!
    It’s too bad I have zero balance and can’t skate to save my life…those are really cool roller skates!

  4. I love those pink tights. Especially against the green.

  5. rollergirl says:

    I went down this arvo to have a look. The real action is in the evenings (Dellal, Pixie et al already skated/strutted their stuff last night at the VIP preview – see The London Paper) but I thought there might be some cool teens there in the daytime. The place was pretty much empty! Didn’t hang around as I was in a proper strop having schlepped all over the South Bank to find it (it’s in the car park). I’m sure there will be a better turn out over the weekend though.

  6. Kelly says:

    Wow, you have to be really edgy to commit to a hairstyle like that. Especially since there is no covering it. I like the pictures though. They’re just edgy enough. 😉

  7. lady coveted says:

    i love rollerskating, but i can’t do those fancy tricks…

  8. great images, love her hair.

  9. hailey says:

    I love that idea to wear with shoes.

  10. says:

    I have to admit, I’m way more impressed with the photography than the style. But if I were to take over London, I’d wear roller skates too.

  11. girlie says:

    love your blog, just curious though, do u study fashion?

  12. Hannah says:

    Etsy have a couple of good pairs of spats for sale. I’ve just checked and come across these ‘Gaiterettes’ which are pretty amazing and they come in a couple of different styles.
    These ones remind me of Miu Miu S/S 08.
    These are pretty dull but they’re making me think a fun D.I.Y project could be in order!

  13. I’m rubbish on blades but I can skate. I still have my white boots from the early eighties so I may have to make a pair of these spats to jazz them up a bit.

  14. Oooh! I really want a pair of roller skates, I see them at vintage shops and am always tempted to buy a pair, but I would need a friend to get one with me so we could skate together. These skates are okay… I much prefer the vintage looking ones!

  15. Austere says:

    Love the skates! They would be really cool to have if I went roller skating more than once every 2 years…

  16. Roze says:

    i bumped into Alice Dellal at glastonbury it was quite weird but at the time i couldnt place her at all

  17. Stephanie says:

    Designer roller skates are a pretty clever idea… I wonder if they’ll be the new designer bikes? Either way, I’ll stick to my old ones though. =]

  18. those campaigne photos are so funy!

  19. miss woo says:

    Life would be a breeze if I have those skates! I could just glide around everywhere with them.

  20. miss a. says:

    Ahhhhh! I LOVE Preen!!! These are definitely more affordable than that Chanel bike I really liked…. $12,000 USD is the cost of a cheap & probably shitty car, but it’s still a car!

  21. a dreamer says:

    ahhaha i have the same problem with skates. I like blades better… more sporty and hard core. hahah
    did you see that rather extensive post imelda did on spats a while back?

  22. Louiza says:

    I went to Skate Almight in London on Sunday – I too am good at roller blades and inline ice skates, but my god roller skates are so hard to use!!

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