Put some Olives in this Egg


I know I’m a big bag person normally and I don’t mind looking like a frumpy backpacker or gawky student with my oversized and overstuffed tote but when I look at clutches like the one above, I have to sigh and ask myself whether I could swan around a cocktail party, wearing some sort of tasteful cocktail dress, clutching onto this egg.  Ever since I have perfected the carry a teensy phone, Oyster card, debit card and keys formula, small bags fascinate me yet I still a purchase like this $185 70s egg shoulder purse from Olive’s Very VIntage would still take some thought as to whether awkward me could befit something so…. elegant and elevated…

Whilst I give the egg a bit of thought, I’m also quite enamoured with the rest of Olive’s vintage offerings.  I never came across this vintage store in Brooklyn but I’m wishing I did as the sort of vintage they stock would require an in-person look to decide on the purchases…

I’m also loving the illustrations that their site uses to accompany their categories.  Spot the olives…





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  1. small bags are wonderful.
    i found one at a thrift store that was orignially from bullocks of pasadena…and it was 14 US dollars
    i think you could find a cute one for cheaper but if you have the means then get it!
    small bags are great.
    and since im short it helps me to not look like too much of a bag lady

  2. wooow i must say that purse is so beautiful, it reminds me lot of things and fantasy dont know why haha
    but well… let me congratulate you for having a wonderful page and ur gorgeous style
    hope u can visit mine one of this days

  3. The egg reminds me too much of those Animal bags, like the one featured in Sex And The City (When Carrie said “I love you”). Maybe if there was more sparkle to it. Sparkle makes anything look good.

  4. wow thats such a good idea to put illustrations as sublinks to your catorgories, there really good aswell i like the style, as foer the egg, i couldnt take myself seriously with an egg for a bag at a cocktail party, just a bit strange for me!

  5. gasp! omg i love those drawings! they are so cute and i love those olives! HAHAHA! i definitely have to check them out next weekend! thanks!

  6. Ah, I love clutches. But I really like you, seem to carry to much to ever use them.
    I use them every now and then, but not nearly enough. I think this bag would look beautiful on a night out with a cute dress….ah, I can dream!

  7. mhh i am not too sure about the egg-bag. not really my style. but i am a total big bag girl and really struggle with small bags, as i tend to cram my entire life into my bag.i have a small chanel, which i totally love to death, but i never take it to work with me as there isnt enough room for my million and one things 🙁

  8. Oh god I have a real thing for Faberge eggs (the most ornate and disgusting the better – dont ask why!). For that reason I want this bag. Big time!

  9. You should get it… you will carry it off well. A tad pricey…but if you can’t find it anywhere else. I’d bring it over to you if i was travelling to London.

  10. Indeed they do ship to Europe…
    Wlad – so lovely to meet you too – let’s hook up when you’re in Europe!
    Feodor – Went to your blog but alas I can’t read a word…. never learnt Spanish…
    Amanda – I was actually going to centre the post around that scene in SATC as it reminded me of that too…. except I personally prefer the egg…less sparkle works for me.

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