Fash Students Rule


Something to make fashion students in London (or perhaps in other cities too….) feel a bit smug:

"Even if they’re (fashion students) spending 80% of their student loan for booze and cigarettes, they still can come up with amazing outfits that often, at a second stage, even inspire the world’s designers for their upcoming collection.  Just that they’re ten times more expensive than, and already are last season for the students that once invented it."

An quote that I can sort of agree with from a girl called Emma Andersson who according to Refinery 29 is part of the next crop of internet IT-girls…. (alas, IT girls has nothing to do with being geeky and into information technology….).

Being Lazy…


…is something that this heat induces.  Ok I know I’m going to sound like a whiner but the heat in London is getting to that muggy/cloudy humid annoying stage that is making me fall asleep at every given opportunity.  So whilst I’m experiencing narcoleptic moments at the bus stop, on the tube or even worse, at work, time is even more of the essence. 

Lazyones5 Like I said yesterday, my windows of opportunity for shopping are pretty much limited these days so when I got the chance to roam around the shops, I went a little mad and when I popped into The Lazy Ones store off Brick Lane, who are having an equally mad 70% off sample sale.  I chuffed about this ‘low street’ label a few months ago and I’m glad it’s all going peachy for Nat and Diego and they may even be making a Stateside crossover as the new Topshop store in  New York will replicate the Oxford Circus London flagship with an external label bazaar section.  I’m just about prepping myself for the NY madness that will ensue at the opening…   

Lazyoness1 Lazyones2

Lazyones3 Lazyones4

Anyhow, back to heat-induced laziness….turns out the word ‘lazy’ in Nat and Diego’s shop name DOES have some significance.  These are pieces that don’t need much done to them at all… a throw em’ on attitude, grab your bag and get out… which frankly (and I know it will seem a little contradictory after last week’s post on layering…but how I was I supposed to know faint-worthy heat would be cranked up in London…?) is all that I can muster up because I’m feeling not 100% (doctors’ appointment tomorrow to find out whether kidney stones could be jamming up my system…)…

So along with a nude loose dress with lace trim, a pink and orange off-shoulder sleeve dress and a blue and olive flared skirt, bags get a rare appearance on the blog as the outfits in reality, like I said are the throw-em-on-and-grab-a-bag sort…




Label with a Limit


‘Limited’ is a word that gets thrown around a lot with the purpose to throw us into throngs of retail excitement over something that is meant to be special and isn’t going to come around that often.  I’m dubious at the usage of the word most of the time but not with the label Moon Spoon Saloon.

Firstly, the beginning intro film to the website had me entranced for about a minute and a half as I was wondering why men in baggy Andy Pandy-type outfits were dancing in the streets juggling geometric shapes.  The collective behind Moon Spoon Saloon consists of designer Sara Sachs, artist Tal R, photographer Noam Griegst and stylist Melanie Buchhave.  The aim of MSS is to create 99 styles and 99 styles only.  Therefore once 99 styles are made, MSS will cease to exist.  Each style will also be produced in 99 LIMITED editions (there’s that word that’s supposed to send us waving the credit cards…) that comes with its own unique painted and numbered hanger as well as documentation that gives the wearer some clues about the garment’s craftsmanship.  The first 14 styles have now been released.

MoonspoonbackpackIt’s a slightly unconventional modus operandi but one that I’m liking seeing as the collection isn’t limited to the 14 styles you see on the website as the subsequent production of the garments in their limited runs of 99 might result in differences between the garments anyway giving it a dose of unpredictability.  Jumpsuit lovers will be in luck with many pyjama/clown-esuqe garments.  For some reason, it’s the primary coloured patched leather jacket and tracksuit bottoms are strangely attractive as is the matching rucksack which piques my overall curiosity about using a rucksack on a daily basis again, taking me back to the year 2000 when I was addicted to Eastpak.


MSS will be presenting their next set of styles at Copenhagen Fashion Week so I’m eager to see whether there is an intention to continue with what they have done with these 14 styles or whether something completely different will ensue.

Speedy Ruff


I’ve fallen into that annoying position where I have to use barf-inducing phrases such as ‘time-poor, cash-rich’ but I’m afraid that is where I stand.  No, that doesn’t literally mean I’m zooming off like a zeppelin everywhere with stacks of cash strapped to my back.  With my time now mostly taken up with work, there haven’t really been that many opportunities to shop, therefore my bank balance for once is looking pretty healthy.  Today, I finally got my breather and went to all my old haunts to do the what was once a routinely browsing schedule. 

A few months ago, the tulle ruffles of KapowWow (finally learnt how to write that…) accessories were tempting me to either a) go down the sensible DIY route and hunt for some tulle skirts to make my own or b) take the shameful route of buying the real thing.  I caved.  I went for the latter.  Turns out tulle skirts are altogether far too expensive to dabble with and also the KapowWow neck ruff I bought today at No-One is made out of is made out of oodles and oodles of lycra jersey material that is a delicious lilac colour. 


KapowWow have finally got themselves a website and since the Roisin Murphy effect of that initial ‘You Know Me Better’ video where the ruff was worn, I’m seeing them pop up everywhere from Fashion156 to an additional stockist at 172 on Brick Lane and I believe they are doing a collaboration with Beyond the Valley soon that will see more ruff distribution in London.  I’m looking forward to seeing what other custom-made pieces they do for people as I think these aren’t the sort of things to be made to sell en mass.

I’m glad I’ve nabbed one as these ruffs are going like hotcakes according to the peeps at 172 and No One… even if it is the dirty ‘time-poor, cash rich’ option… I’m zooming off now on my motorised frisbee… with my t-shirt stuffed with cash… and with the ruff around my neck… I may not come back…

Jpwruff4 Kpwruff2 

Kpwruff3 Kpwruff1