Dear Grey Jersey


Dear Grey Jersey,

I can’t quite believe it’s taken me this long to write this letter to you but then again I procrastinate about most important things like categorising my hats and putting them into labelled boxes, writing down my banana cake recipe and sending it to Nigella Lawsons hoping she might take a look at it and get inspired or getting those old fashioned scales and learning how to weight myself with them…. the real nitty gritty that is required in life. 

But back to you dear jersey.  You might recall when we first met.  You might not.  It was a long time ago and I suppose since then you’ve had more exciting encounters – namely with designers like Norma Kamali who has taken you on quite the pretty sportswear ride.  Nonetheless, I’m not going to be petty.  I don’t mind recounting that first occurrence between you and I.  You were squished up in the form of a rather ill fitting cropped cardigan in one of those shops in a shopping mall in Mong Kok, Hong Kong.  I can’t say you were in good company because everything in that shop cost about HKD10 and quite literally would fall apart after two wears and a good dose of Ariel.  Your other jersey compatriots were lined up next to you in shades of plum, turquoise and the oddest shade of yellow I had seen in a long time.  Your colouring of light tri-blend grey stood out as you looked like you might stand the test of time.  Indeed, I wore you about 299 times until I lost you in a big-family-washing-rage (I come from a family of six…).  You went over dresses and skirts turning them into skresses.  I no longer feared the word ‘cropped’ which to me signalled dreaded training bras and midriff exposure.

I met you again in Barney’s New York a few years later.  I had never been before.  I hurried up to the floor where I could just about afford something as the lower levels were making me feel a little queasy with their pricetags.  Combing through the sales racks, I noticed an abundance of toga like grey jersey tops that did in truth resemble unidentifable sacks from afar which probably why such a hefty discount was being applied.  This time, you came in a darker shade of grey.  I didn’t even try you on and with the reasonable sale tag, I clutched you and took you to the cash till and paid with my slightly bent ‘first’ cash debit card that made me feel a little grown up as all my own money was in that account.  I’m wearing you today – thanks for keeping me cool and stopping me from getting irritated by some City worker on the tube who likes fiddling about with his Blackberry just a leeetle bit too much. 

Since then, you and I have got on in a Babysitter’s ‘nothing bad ever goes on’ Club kind of way.  We’ve never had quibbles have we?  Ok, there was that time when I saw you in some sort of really awful glitter appliqued grey tracksuit ensemble but that’s ok.  You were probably coerced.

If I pull something of you out of my wardrobe be it a t-shirt, a racerback, or use a bag made out of you (the newest one being a large quilted louche tote courtesy of Swan Diamond Rose), I know I’m not going to get any nasty surprises.  Reliable, trusty and no, that never descends into the Volvo state of things.  It never gets uninteresting because you have happily obliged to be paired with more colourful things lurking in the closet.  You don’t mind playing second fiddle to some sequins, some fringed tights,  neon lace or sometimes all three…

Perhaps that’s why it’s taken me this long to write this to you.  Second fiddle you are not dear jersey.  If you went away completely, I’d be looking at those sequins and that lace quite blankly not knowing what to do with them.  I don’t really care who gets to be the x or the y in the x+y formula but both need to exist and I don’t even like mathematics all that much. 

Anyhow, you may or may not know all of this.  Millions of others adore your qualities too even if they don’t tell you so in such a formal manner.  You get knocked about a bit and abused but at least you’re still hanging in there.  I can’t say the same for fake leopard print fur alas.

That’s something to be thankful for, that you’re grey jersey and not the aforementioned.

Love Susie

P.S. I’d be grateful if you also came as a cushty sofa too because I’m fast realising the flats I’m looking at don’t come furnished and MFI is not throwing up many good options.   

P.S.S. Don’t let the scary pervy American Apparel CEO take you for granted.  Him and his BJ-giving employees would be nothing without you…



Swan Song



Yes, Marjan Pejoski doesn’t want to talk about THAT swan dress anymore and really, who wants to dreg up the past and go on and on about it.  But I can’t help thinking that Mr Pejoski, despite his protestations will be tickled by this ensemble that Jo of Wottoncool made for a school party in back in January.   It’s wondrous what a load of Kleenex and glue gunning can produce.  I’m hoping Jo won’t relegate it to just Halloween attire.  Pejoski might be weary of that dress and all its connotations but the younger generation not old enough to remember might want an eyeful of swan on the street.

Oh well, if Mr Pejoski is going to get sniffy (and I don’t think he’s a sniffy sort of person anyway), his AW08-9 collection gender bending collection that makes both the women AND men look preened and elegant in a way that is pure Pejoski style.  There’s that pesky Mongolian black goat fur making an uneasy appearance.  I say ‘uneasy’ because I so love the aesthetic but PETA pleas are also in my head.  It’s quite a grown up collection from Pejoski and again, is part of the uneasy sexy aesthetic that I seem to be getting from a lot of the collections. 


The AW/08 collection… something for guys and gals to swap, interchange and mix up in textures and shapes…


Where is the animal?


I’m about to indulge in some ‘popular culture’ posting, the stuff that will probably rile people up.  The truth is… why fight it…. in the same way that I was a Roswell geek years ago, seeking out forums to indulge, today I’m a full-on Project RUNWAY addict, downloading it and watching it like a mad woman.  Like Britain’s Next Top Model to America’s Nex Top Model, our very own Project Catwalk does come off looking like the poor relation and that’s not to knock the contestants from Project Catwalk but for some reason the format hasn’t quite hit its stride in the way Project Runway has done since season four. 

This will bounce off a lot of people’s heads as complete gibberish but that is the general nature of TV-show banter; the addicts will gorge on this paragraph and the non-watchers will blink twice and call it couch potato tosh.  I’ll therefore keep the indulgence to a minimum with a string of questions running along the lines of…Natalie Portman as guest judge – how great?  Wesley getting eliminated – why eliminate a guy with such impressive credentials and a very cute only-in-America sort of name?  Bleached vacuum cleaner bags in a skirt – anyone else other than me giving that a try?  Michael Kors – still incredibly irritating?  Heidi Klum not offering much input other than very very long legs – agree/disagree?

There.  That’s done.  It’s like eating a big bowl of Angel Delight very quickly and forgetting that it ever happened.  Onto more substantial matters.  Leanimal will interest people whether or not they’re couch potatoes or not.  One of the contestants on the current season is an Etsy seller with a stellar feedback page and is quite well-known on the fashion scene Portland in Oregon where she resides (I’m convinced there’s a whole lot of fun going on there that makes it my next random destination…).  Leanne Marshall is a relation to Chan Marshall (aka Cat Power) and has been designing and making clothes for a decade, selling under the label Leanimal

She was criticised on the second episode for adding much too many fussy loops, petals, flounces and general stuff to her dress but her AW08 collection is pretty reined in and well judged with the use of petals, pleating and ruffles…


I love the effect of these demi-rosettes…


This Gezane dress ain’t cheap as chips for obvious reasons and is the one item on sale on her Etsy… I just want to run my hands over it…


Her S/S 08 collection is a tad more complex but again, rightly so because of the neutral palette Leanne uses throughout, allowing the details to shine through…

Leanimal1 Leanimal2

Leanimal3 Leanimal4

I have a funny feeling that perhaps Leanne doesn’t go all the way to the final three but it doesn’t really matter because she seems to have a following pre-Project-Runway and that will only grow… more petals, loops, pleats and knots I say!

**EDIT** Woah…I’m making blog blunders left right and centre…Leanne Marshall ISN’T related to Chan Marshall… they just look quite similar… jeez… must really get this kidney thing sorted out because it’s driving me mental…



Late is me with resort coverage but I’m normally blind to the whole idea of concept and I don’t think the Miu Miu resort 2009 collection is up online yet so these lookbook images will hopefully be handy.  Actually, the following two images are just for my selfish pleasure because it’s bejewelled heel, warped/texturised patent goodness in these shoes for resort 2009.  I’m hoping this signals a somewhat bejewelled SS09 too, a step away from the swimcap/cycling shorts oddness for AW08-9 that is growing on me but never bedazzled me like these shoes…


Just something about the texture of that patent and to almost-grotesque (again using the proper definition of that word…) qualities of that overly bling-y gold contrasted with the pink (it’s the pink and taupe combo that has especially caught my eye…).


Of course it goes without saying that giant paillette embroidered jackets are also welcome too…. especially when paired with high-cut bodies and oversized clutches…

Miumiures3 Miumiures4