It was the Dazed & Confused Diesel Black Gold launch party last night which was rammed and ultimately got a little bit too hot for me as everyone was jostling around in each other’s sweat at Martin Margiela’s former studio space in Kings Cross.   I didn’t stay long but beforehand, I did get the chance to choose between various necks. 

On my Saturday shopping spree (I say spree…. in reality it just meant that I had bought something seeing as I’ve had scant time for shopping…), I bought a cream satin dress/top thingy that took the form of a cape but had sufficient slits in the front to formulate a dress from 172 Brick Lane by the designer Orphan (so up and coming are the labels that 172 stocks that most alas don’t have sufficient internet presence so I can’t even research further…).  The cape dress itself has a wonderful neckline going on with a padded edge that always makes me think of Jetsons attire and a cut out pattern.

Still for the usual complex/complicated difficulties that I like to create for myself, I couldn’t leave it alone and so lined up a neck option.  My KapowWow lilac ruff which I can’t get enough of…


Yesterday, the zipper collar which the talented of Outi of Outsapop very kindly made me, landed on my desk wrapped up in a pretty blue Marimekko box.  It is quite possibly the best use of supposed ‘mundane’ materials I have seen in a long time and probably the most skillfully done too as the zips are sewn together in such a way that really takes advantage of the actual form of the zipper.  It’s also quite a weighty thing too.  So in the end I did have two neck options to go with even though I had intended to go with the ruff.  From sad/sweet clownish outfit avec the lilac ruff to something tougher with the change of a neck just goes to show the range of possiblities of neck pieces.



In the end though, I decided to go with the former option.  It was a casual ‘necking Peroni’ kind of party anyway.  I also want to explore the zipper collar a bit further before wearing it out.  Plus, Clare from Enchant and Doom who first  introduced me to KapowWow was there whom I was chuffed to finally meet in person.  Plus, plus Roisin Murphy whom Clare styled in a video with KapowWow was also at the party… see it’s all symbolic and stuff…

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  1. Sarah says:

    The zippers look amazing, I can’t wait to see what else you put together to wear with it.

  2. Valentina says:

    Roisin Murphy is love, she makes my heart sing.
    Your zipper collar also makes me very happy.

  3. Lady Smaggle says:

    I want the zipper collar SO BADLY!!!

  4. interesting neck pieces!
    you can always prove that the mundane can end up as something dramatic!

  5. totally awesome! neckpieces are so much more intriguing than scarves or other neckwear, i reckon

  6. arabelle says:

    that zipper collar must way a ton.. in fabulousness.

  7. enc says:

    I love the weight of that neck piece. Zippers out of context intrigue me.

  8. zmicheala says:

    i am now going to investigate this person that made it for you
    why oh why am i not more crafty?
    (crafty in the DIY sense, not the sinister sense)

  9. Austere says:

    Fantastic “necking” options! The zipper collar is insane.

  10. Loving the cape dress, 172 is an amazing shop, but alas it is usually out of my price range! I love her zipper neck pieces, I WANT ONE.

  11. charlotte says:

    Amazing outfits ! I love the last one, with the metal-satin mix… it gives me a lot of ideas ! Thanks !

  12. Suzanne says:

    Great outfits! I’ve got new inspiration! Thank you!

  13. Daiane says:

    that zipper collar is ao amazing!

  14. Love the zipper neck piece – it must weigh a ton!

  15. Love the zipper neck piece – it must weigh a ton!

  16. Love the zipper neck piece – it must weigh a ton!

  17. Love the zipper neck piece – it must weigh a ton!

  18. Love the zipper neck piece – it must weigh a ton!

  19. lady coveted says:

    i was going to say… wow you got the zipper collar? that’s really amazing!

  20. Both neckpieces are fantastic- but I’m most amazed by the zipper collar, it’s gorgeous! PS: Do the backs of the zips on the neckpiece rub against your neck? I’m most curious..

  21. That zip collar is AMAZING!! So good to see it in reality!!

  22. ROHIT says:

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  23. Laia says:

    that zipper collar is AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING
    i think it will haunt my dreams.

  24. wow that zipper piece is pretty cool! does it have belt potential??

  25. OutsaPop says:

    I´m so happy you all like my nacklace :))
    I have tried my own zip necklace also as a belt. Looked great! The thing is that this piece is sewn together all round so squizing myself in it was a bit difficult… I have to figure out a fastening system (maybe a shorter zip sewn into the mix) that could be opened and closed to make dressing up easier. Hmmm. There¬¥s development potential here 🙂
    The necklace is all canvas in the back so the zipper ends won´t rub to skin.

  26. D says:

    Beautiful in a Serpentine way. Outi is very talented.

  27. that zipper collar is fantastic, but both look great with the cape-dress.

  28. It’s amazing how much a single accessory can totally change the look of the outfit. I’m really drawn towards the zipper one, however I just want to grab and squish the ruffle. So basically I’m saying both are incredibly appealing to me!

  29. Allure says:

    The zipper collar is impressive!

  30. Nico says:

    What is “necking peroni”? Urbandictionary was no help.

  31. Rowena says:

    The zip necklace really is as good as I suspected…fabulous.

  32. a dreamer says:

    the zippers are so amazing. i can’t get my head around how it’s put together/

  33. Cammila says:

    I don’t mean for this to sound cheesy or hyperbolic, but your ability to skillfully combine complex items in such a tenuous area as the neckline really does amaze me. I have enough trouble picking out a necklace that doesn’t compete with my collar.

  34. susie_bubble says:

    Camilla… the cream satin probably helped a bit in being able to support the wonderful zippered collar….
    Nico: Peroni is a brand of beer…. and ‘necking’ means to drink a whole bottle of something all in one go…. usually used with beer… so e.g. ‘I necked that whole bottle of Kronenberg…’

  35. gilda says:

    hi susie!! that zipper thing that outi made for you is gorgeous!! i love it. hopefully i can find a nice bag of pink zippers so i can start on my own project!! i’ve been wanting to do it forever and looking at those she’s made just made me want one even more (because i sure can’t afford junya’s). can’t wait to see it in more of your outfit posts!

  36. vernagold says:

    Oh my goodness,the zippers are the most fabulous thing I have seen in ages! I’m in love(or should that be lust?)

  37. Elli says:

    WOW WOW WOW to that amazing zip necklace!

  38. this is such an amazing piece. you totally deserve it!

  39. Imelda Matt says:

    explore away but please don’t keep us waiting too long…

  40. sophie stiletto says:


  41. ambika says:

    That collar is so ridiculously amazing. I’m envious.

  42. Jael says:

    I’m so in love with neck pieces. becca and I both wrote about them this week. I really want to try making one of those zipper collars.

  43. Jen Preston says:

    Looks a lot like thw work of Kate Cusack…hmm……

  44. ricmanveac says:

    combined instead tonne induce growing sun

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