Fash Students Rule

Something to make fashion students in London (or perhaps in other cities too….) feel a bit smug:

"Even if they’re (fashion students) spending 80% of their student loan for booze and cigarettes, they still can come up with amazing outfits that often, at a second stage, even inspire the world’s designers for their upcoming collection.  Just that they’re ten times more expensive than, and already are last season for the students that once invented it."

An quote that I can sort of agree with from a girl called Emma Andersson who according to Refinery 29 is part of the next crop of internet IT-girls…. (alas, IT girls has nothing to do with being geeky and into information technology….).

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  1. True, esp. of London fash students- the Balenciaga keffiyehs of a year and a half ago were a direct rip from things I’d seen kids weraing in photographs the year before. And that’s just ONE example..

  2. There are A lot of fashion courses in London, so it may seem as though the fashion students in London are the most stylish but i think thats only because they’re more concentrated. I think us up north do pretty well, i may be slightly bias though! This quote is true for everywhere…

  3. It’s true wherever fashion or artsy schools exist. Even here in Vancouver, when you get near Emily Carr or go down commercial you run into the people who waste their money on partying and whatnot, but who are extremely resourceful for their own outfits and inspiring to everyone else including local designers.

  4. I think it really is a lot easier to be stylish on $10 then for thousands…when you only have a few bucks to spare on clothes, you have to work at it. When you can afford anything-it doesn’t neccessarily mean you have any taste.

  5. well, i think it has more to do with the willingness to try to look at things differently than anything else. experience is a great thing, but thinking you know ‘what works’ can really stifle creative growth and experiment.
    i think a lot of these ‘it’ girls look great, although i’m not sure if i’m loving the actual clothes they are wearing or the beauty and freshness of youth they project.

  6. I live in a city with a huge art community, which is centered around the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. It’s one of the best art schools in Canada. The clothing trends of the students faze in and out so quickly that “indie kids” will be wearing things we’ve already experimented with. It’s always surprising to see kids wearing what I did two years ago.

  7. gosh, i know her, i used to live with her last year, we both went to LCF together! I always knew she’d end up on a style blog – her outfits are bloody amazing.
    Trisch – her eyebrows are real, she’s from sweden so she’s naturally that fair haired 🙂

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