COS the mum would love it too…

I’m keeping this short because my fingers have cramped up for some reason and I’m finding it difficult to type…

Remember how I was talking about mum-pleasing labels?  I know for a fact wearing this season’s COS would please her so because a) it’s a friendly chain store that never gave her headaches a few years ago when I had to drag my mother out shopping with me (that would be you Topshop at Brent Cross Shopping Centre) and b) the clothes are at first glance achingly demure and if styled just like the lookbook here would incite comments of approval from all the ‘aunties’ saying how ‘guai’ I look…. translation being obedient/sensible and c) the price points are as such that they’re Primark-cheap raising suspicions of poor quality and they’re not extravagant either which means the mothership won’t rag on about mortgages and the like…. (she has come round to my ‘rent 4 life’ way of thinking though…)

That I’m posting this is a dire indication of my missing the mothership…

Of course my usual habit of buying COS gets wrecked by the fact that I would never style it in this lookbook way…

And yes, that was another COS related post… and yes, I have eaten my initial words with relish…lots of salt and pepper…









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  1. I heard great things about COS and had tremendous expectations built up for when I visited their store a couple of months ago but naturally ended up disappointed. Those are really great looks though, I could see how I could put a couple of pieces into my winter wardrobe.

  2. Oh COS come to Manchester/Birmingham!! or better yet, get an online shop with H&M! i really like that quite high necked white shirt with the small, point collar, very prada!

  3. Thanks for the pics! I’m looking forward for their new F/W stuff, especially the turquoise layered dress, as well the silk/satin dress in purple and blue. Looks delicious.

  4. COS – I want you, I need you in my life, but I’m stranded in the barren wasteland that is Manchester. Life’s so unfair!

  5. I saw the dress in picture 5 in the Guardian weekend magazine in bright red and have been lusting after it. Unfortunately there is no way of getting my hands on it without a traveling mission.

  6. I am in love with COS right now. it’s my favourite shop atm for the reason that the designs are gorgeous, the sale is super good and the main reason that not EVERYONE is wearing it. This lookbook has made me soooo excited. Some of the stufflike the 1st skirt is amazing!

  7. I adore this style. It always makes me run rhetorical circles around where the irony lies in such demureness when worn by young, chic ladies.

  8. I’d hate to try to add anything or take anything away from these looks‚Äîif it was me wearing them.
    You could do it with aplomb.

  9. Yes, I must say it is— quite quite asian and asian mom-pleasing. This is probably how asian moms want to dress all their daughters and then find good husbands for them. I’m slightly joking…but only a little! Maybe if my mom was less intense and more like a meek little asian lady.

  10. Hey susie I’m not sure if this is weird or not but I got linked to from this site
    and I’m pretty sure it’s the article that you wrote. I can’t work anything on the site so I wasn’t sure if it was cool or not.
    Anyway! The necklace is coming along… I keep changing my mind but I promise you will get it soon!

  11. Yep, totally agreed about the Mothership-pleasing factor of this collection- my own Mothership would be thrilled to bits if I got out and around in stuff like this (maybe not so much the last two looks, though I’m in love with the last and that’s probably the first one I’d pick). If I ever do make it to London, I’m definitely checking COS out- I suspect I’ll find a few things in there to make both me and the Mothership v. happy indeed..

  12. oh i love COS so much!! they are quite pricey, but i think they have pretty good quality and most of the styles are timeless 🙂 thanks for posting this X

  13. These are some of the most beautiful clothes I have seen in a long time. I dont’ generally buy ‘new’ clothes, I live in vintage but this would be enough to tempt me into the modern age.
    That black dress is timeless.

  14. I love them all but especially the asymmetric little black dress. Unfortunately I don’t have a Cos near me but will definityely be payinf a visit when I am next out of town

  15. I used to spend three afternoons a week at the Brent Cross Topshop, and it as knock-down, drag-out as the Primark across the street from me. My ex-boyfriend was always like, see you Starbucks and would then get even grumpier when he couldn’t get a seat.
    In any case: I haven’t liked COS before but these looks are beautiful!

  16. Very prim (and the model is lovely), but these could really work well as basics…the materials and structure also really what caught my eye.

  17. the last look is tremendous, could almost convince me into matchy matchy jacket and skirt territory
    like dior f/w ’08 meets primary school wet playtimes
    i like it- love, claire @ young-shields

  18. the first outfit is so simple and ‘good girl’ that it’s looking nunnish. However, i really do love the rest of the outfits. The wellies are cool!

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