Late is me with resort coverage but I’m normally blind to the whole idea of concept and I don’t think the Miu Miu resort 2009 collection is up online yet so these lookbook images will hopefully be handy.  Actually, the following two images are just for my selfish pleasure because it’s bejewelled heel, warped/texturised patent goodness in these shoes for resort 2009.  I’m hoping this signals a somewhat bejewelled SS09 too, a step away from the swimcap/cycling shorts oddness for AW08-9 that is growing on me but never bedazzled me like these shoes…


Just something about the texture of that patent and to almost-grotesque (again using the proper definition of that word…) qualities of that overly bling-y gold contrasted with the pink (it’s the pink and taupe combo that has especially caught my eye…).


Of course it goes without saying that giant paillette embroidered jackets are also welcome too…. especially when paired with high-cut bodies and oversized clutches…

Miumiures3 Miumiures4

12 Replies to “Bejewelled”

  1. OK, I have to agree, the dazzling shoes are amazingly beautiful, but good LORD, Imagine what Primark will come up with if they become a big trend? It makes me sick even to imagine…

  2. The model looks like the homogenous girls in the Robert Palmer vids of the ’80s.
    I really like how ornate the heels are on these shoes.

  3. I love those pink and taupe ones and must must must get them!
    Love the Resort items. LV had some great hot pink cut off gloves and now these. Have to get my hands on them!
    Let us know if you see them anywhere so I can buy, okay???

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