The sweat was worth it

Marnisale What sort of mindset was I experiencing to battle the first weekend of London summer sales yesterday?  In all honesty, shopping on a Saturday in the West End is hell on earth and I try to avoid it all costs.  Still, I felt like a Saturday challenge and I knew that this was the one weekend that I’d have free to swan around the shops before the sales end so off I went, along with about a gazillion people who seemed to be shopping like it would be their last time in their life.  Heaving numerous bags, sweaty disgruntled men, bruised legs (that would be the sharp corners of cardboard bags jabbing into calves…) and general kerching-kerching going on everywhere. 

As usual, for me, there was a lot of umm-ing and ahh-ing…as opposed to going mental at a 50% off sign.  Would I get it cheaper in a sample sale?  What might eBay throw up?  Would they be further discounted later on?  All questions that I had to bear in mind.  In the end, I ended up with quite a conservative ‘textbook’ fashion combo that together makes me feel like one of those ‘talking heads’ on TV programmes about fashion where they have this forced-chic outfit on… actually that’s too negative because it does all grudgingly work… COS black dress ¬£40 (down from ¬£80) and Marni sandals ¬£147 (down from ¬£300)…


Of course it is in my nature to ruin it a little with some holey tights that I’m painfully and slowly ripping up by hand over some white ones and by taking the dress up a bit, it becomes a little Christopher Kane AW07-6 esque…


No more sales sweating for a while me thinks… only until those 90% off discounts start rolling in….

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  1. You look great in the COS dress, I haven’t seen it in my store but I have to say COS sale is one of the best 🙂 And your Marni sandals are awesome! Great deals

  2. somehow you the rips gave the tights, or your legs even more dimension cos of the varying sizes… was it a very conscious and genius decision? haha

  3. you dirty bitch I’ve been longing for those Marni sandals since they debuted! They look great – great find!

  4. What a fun Idea to rip holes in the tights and wear over white ones. I hope this style stays in fashion a while, that way I can use tights with holes a lot longer! The shoes are also very cool! I’m envious that you found them on sale!

  5. Those Marni platforms make quite an impression! And they’re a good buy!
    I used to go mental seeing sale signs but most of them are hoaxes here in my side of the world. So, I have a satiated appetite for shopping here. I wish retailers here could easily slash off the prices. haha haha

  6. Love the heels and the dress too look great on you! I seem to always and with almost no exception be completely broke everytime the sales start..bad planning

  7. Great outfit! I am so jealous of those shoes! Really like the way you look like you’re having fun in the 2nd photo.

  8. I envy your stamina for sale shopping. I usually end up droopy after an hour or two, leave for a chai latte and then later jealously eye other people’s purchases. One of these days I’m going to follow through with my vow to go sale shopping. Your Marni shoes are beaut.

  9. You’re such a trend setter Susie! I want holey tights now… Although when I was little I thought that people who had holes in their clothes were homeless. 🙂

  10. Those shoes are wonderful!
    I love the mix of colours and the fact there so plasticy (in a good way)
    Wish i owned them 😛

  11. There’s an article on the band io echo in Gasoline Magazine that’s on stands right now and she is wearing those shoes. She talks about em on her page….
    So weird, I was just talking to you about io echo… I guess the cat’s out of the bag, yes that is the band I adore….
    XO io echo stalker, Bea.

  12. Bea– the Marni shoes in the Io Echo post are not exactly the same, but thank you for posting the link, Io Echo is a major new favorite. Susie– you look absolutely adorable when you smile. You should do it more often.

  13. i adore the dress and shoes (:
    only really decided to comment as you look so pretty in the bottom picture !
    i’m all for a bit of pouting in photos (my faces looks funny if i don’t), but your smile is stunnnnnn-ing !

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