Lanvinres09 I have a very small guilty wants list for reasons that are particular to me and probably no one else will understand.  Lanvin t-shirts illustrated by Alber Elbaz and adorned with cute dresses, pearls, faces and cute little French phrases are on that list.  I say the reasons are only known to me and people will ask ‘Why are you ASHAMED to want the t-shirt?’.  This will sound strange and slightly self-conscious but it is for the simple fact that they are just a tad predictable.  Oh, Chloe Sevigny’s worn one, the very amazingly dressed girl on Garancedore has donned it, oh god, shame on me for following like a Lanvin-lusting lamb (I decided ‘sheep’ was too rustic an animal to follow in the direction of Lanvin…).  The other reason would be because technically an illustrated t-shirst can so easily be a part of that ‘easy’ high-end money making merchandise that makes people buy basic t-shirts for the sake of a label tacked onto them.  Tsforbes Of course, I’d counter that and say that the illustrations are cute, the added touches of real pearls, miniature dresses and overall individual flair make these t-shirts not fall into the category just described.  Some saving grace indeed.

So I’ll look forward to seeing the next round of these tees come out and yes, sue me, I will get myself one… guilty want ticked off.  Oh, the other guilty want that I bought today were these Balenciaga-lookey-likey sandals from Topshop… terrible me… that’s a whole other set of guilt that I’ll try and purge later on…


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  1. biba says:

    Sorry Susie but this shirts are everything you said and in my opinion they are not even that interesting, but if you like them why not?
    You seem to really like the shirt in itself not what it represents, there is really no need to feel guilty.

  2. WendyB says:

    That shirt to the right of the Chloe picture is soooo cute. Though the two-lady thing reminds me of my Moschino jacket. Imagine all four of the ladies slapping it out in a big catfight in my closet!

  3. Sarah says:

    The t-shirts are adorable, there’s definitely been more thought put into these than your usual money spinner.
    Love the sandals as well, didn’t see them when I was in Topshop today.

  4. Kasia says:

    i adore those t shirts and though i’m scared of looking too much like a “fashion person”, i would love to get one. do you have any ideas where to find them? x

  5. ivoreece says:

    I like all these illustrations on the t-shirts. Now I’m inspired to make something similar by myself.

  6. Sandra says:

    Nothing to be ashamed of! I love all illustrated clothing, but especially tees and tanks. It is the quickest way to look dressed when you feel like being lazy.
    When I was in Italy, I bought two adorable t shirts from the roberta di camerino boutique. One had silk screened classic di camerino bag on the side with an adorable real strap hanging off of the tee. It almost looks like I am wearing one suspender. Adorable!

  7. Imelda Matt says:

    The Balenciaga sandals aren’t as offensive as they could have been, nice spotting!

  8. Those shirts are terrific, I can see why it would be a guilty desire though. I suppose my guilty desire would be the Prada fairy bag–I mean what whimsical young girl doesn’t covet that bag???

  9. Cammila says:

    I could definitely see how the form could feel conventional, but it also feels like any “safe” concept can also be worn in a way that doubles back on itself and reads more as self aware. Is that way too abstract? I guess either way, the shirts are cute, period.

  10. jo says:

    i’m not sure if you’re familiar with what i’m about to describe, but in places like hk, taiwan, china, they have been producing those frilly hemmed or frilly sleeved dresses with some random drawings on those. i’m quite exposed to those here in singapore, so i guess that’s why i don’t appreciate these alber illustrated one, despite them being well, illustrated by him. i don’t know!

  11. Sister Wolf says:

    I’ve been planning to launch the Holy Church of Perpetual Shopping, where I would be able to grant you absolution for the sandals.
    In fact, I absolve you right now! Voila!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I love a t-shirt print regardless of whom and where. My current fav is an H&M one I’m wearing to death.
    I understand the ‘try hard’ nature of lovin’ an obvious designer number and the burden of being in one – but if you love forget rationale and go with the emotion!

  13. kirstie says:

    i don’t think there’s any need to be ashamed! the one on the top right is laaahvely.

  14. selina says:

    if i even remotely lust after a tshirt i grab it because i know tops make up practically nothing of my wardrobe and i’m alwasy needing them! if you like these tees purely for the look, you might be able to replicate one with some tutu and a marker pen!

  15. wafa says:

    heyyy ! i bought those and blogged about them! what a small small world! they are amazing! i get a million compliments whilst walking in them on the streets! they are attention stealers! hahah worth the 35 pounds for sure! you can also order them online! check out my post about them !

  16. catherine says:

    Every time I see these Lanvin shirts I fall in love with them a little more. Luckily, I’m not in any danger of want guilt because I can’t afford them. Maybe I’ll get some fabric paint and make one myself.
    If you can afford a lanvin shirt and those lovely balenciaga-inspired topshop sandals I say go for it! Want guilt be damned!

  17. evie says:

    i can understand the guilt although we like what we like and since that can’t be helped, then there’s not sense in feeling guilty 🙂 and it IS a cute tee 🙂

  18. caroline nie says:

    Hi Hi,
    I bought 2 of the LANVIN t-shirts(the one with all the people and the tank top) this year when it first came out in January. It’s not every season that LANVIN do t-shirts and I really love the illustrations and the ribbon detailing.
    I do feel guilty but I love them……they are so sweet…but what really kills me is…today I saw a exact copy knocked off by Korean Brand called SJSJ. The print is the one on the top left women in the red dress. It stil cost about 100 pounds!!!!
    I also saw girls on the streets of HK wearing some really great copies but not sure where they bought them.Next time maybe I will go right up to them and ask.
    Very annoying…….to see these fakes copies!

  19. Anonymous says:

    nearly bought the topshop sandals in mboro today (last pair in the shop) but they were too big and made my legs look stumpy. sooo so beautiful though 🙁

  20. Dustcakeboy says:

    That resort collection verged on the naff for me…but some of those tees are supercute.

  21. Laia says:

    I was up all night doing nothing on the internet and saw those on the website. They are super cool.

  22. Allure says:

    I understand your need. I’d get one of those Lanvin t-shirts if I could.

  23. elana says: have a Lanvin life would almost be complete… I want them all!

  24. a dreamer says:

    far out! these are the cutest tees i’ve seen in ages!

  25. nuvonova says:

    I love the one Chloe Sevigny is wearing.. love her whole outfit actually!

  26. daniele says:

    That graphic tee would look adorable with the tahitian pearl necklace from premiumpearl. Colorful pearls are so in right now just like the necklace SJP wears for like the WHOLE Sex and the City movie. Check it out at!

  27. Fajr says:

    I totally understand the apprehension. I felt the same way about the tall gladiators, and got them anyway. And now everyone has them…so I’m kicking myself in the arse. Buy the shirt and you’re love of it will banish any ill feelings!

  28. Selena Danson says:

    I have never come across the Lanvin shirts in stores. Where can I buy one online? Thanks! 🙂

  29. jeannie says:

    i also guiltily lusted after those. i also reaallllly wanted the papillote tote with similar illustrations. my mom was so cute and made me one with my dad’s drawing ;P
    check it out here:

  30. shopaholic4lyfe says:

    I love those sandals! i love the gladiator look its so sexy!
    i just bought a pair at they had a great selection so if u are a shopping junkie and cant wait till you reach an actual store check it out! <3

  31. oh lady e says:

    ooooh… those shirts are also a guilty want of mine… must get my hands on one…

  32. Clara says:

    Uh oh. It looks like this comment thread was spammed!
    Go away Premium Pearl. Your pearls probably suck, Premium Pearl!

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