Mlb Today I think I proved to myself that it pays off to keep up with the fashion grads for the benefit of personal style.  Last weekend, one of the deets that I picked up at the La Cambre class of 2008 in Brussels were the skinny floral pants that I saw in the menswear collection of Mansour Badjoko Wa Lileko.  It was one of my favourite collections for the reason that he was doing something quite fresh for menswear.  For selfish reasons though, I did end up craving a pair of skinny floral pants.

So today, I lucked out at the Concrete relocation sale with these Sophia Malig mixed floral print velour leggings.  I think velour and mixed print should be pretty horrific and off-putting for most people but I just conjured visions of pairing it up with a hefty bit of grey and sharp shirts a la Mansour’s collection ‘Neat and Tight’.  Malig is a designer that was a LFW regular a few years back so it was also nice to find an old bit of her stuff in the sale. 


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  1. Danny Daily says:

    hmmm…i’ll admit that i did buy dries van noten’s loungy floral pj’s but i think i did it because i’m obsess with his prints. but these pants are something else. i really do love the skinny pants on the guys but i’m just wondering, where exactly would a guy be able to wear skinny floral prints pants too…aside from fashion week.
    are you coming to nyc’s s/s 09?
    lots of love,

  2. WendyB says:

    Those look great.

  3. MHBass says:

    so jealous! the outfit you’ve put together is just perfect as well.

  4. emily says:

    wowzas! they are amazing!! i’ve been searching ebay for floral jeans for ages- but velour too!

  5. enc says:

    Wow, nearly an exact replica of the look! Well done!

  6. rosa says:

    london’s graduate fashion week winner too had a whole collection of tailored menswear in bold flower prints

  7. stevie says:

    oh, i have to say i’m jealous!
    i love them.
    and can see these being a hit.
    saw a similar idea in the form of jeans when i was in NYC. regretting not grabbing them!

  8. ambika says:

    You look so sharp! And if anyone can pull of floral print velour leggings (and admittedly, that description makes me cringe) it is absolutely, positively you.

  9. itsoktosweat says:

    your originality is a gift from the gods.

  10. LOVE them with those shoes, fab find!

  11. I have been thinking about floral pants too, but more in the leggings or jodhpurs form. I love how you styled it with the grey-ish shirt .

  12. kirstie says:

    i looooooove that outfit!

  13. Michelle says:

    Amazing outfit! I think you’re one of the few who could pull it off 😛

  14. Dustcakeboy says:

    PS. I’m back blogging just to let you know!

  15. indie says:

    Gorgeus outfit!

  16. selina says:

    every day i drift a little further away from my skirts, this autumn and winter will be all about the trousers it seems, and i looove the idea of a floral pair!

  17. riz says:

    I am dreaming of those leggings…swoon.

  18. Those leggings you got will certainly liven up a simple outfit or an all too plain top!

  19. sonam says:

    last week, i was rewatching Pretty in Pink as it came on HBO, and i suddenly noticed the floral pants on Andy..and i thought of your post. it looked awesome on her tho, and it does on u too!
    i didn’t take note of the floral pants, as the last time i watched it a couple of year ago, i didn’t give hoots about fashion.

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