I’ve always had high hopes for Johnny Loves Rosie accessories.  Flowers in the hair, adorn, decorate etc.  It should be working for me right?  However for some reason, they have never really truly ‘delivered’ for me, often coming off as a little ‘mumsy’ dare I say….

However, this new high-end range of super limited accessories that is oversized, bold and less…. ‘middle of the road’, is completely on track for  the Susie headgear accumulation goal.  In fact, if i had all of these and treated to myself to a JLR treat every week as Johnny Loves Rosie plans to sell this range at Topshop Oxford Circus and also to drop six new styles every WEEK, I’d say that my goal could easily be achieved. 

It really does feel like these images are catering to some bow fetishists out there (and I know there are many as I have witnessed many an oversized bow are out and about in London….).


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  1. tanya says:

    aww these are sweeeeet! love the flower one. but theyd probs be outta my budget 🙁
    susie what does JLR mean?

  2. cassiopeia37 says:

    Ooooh, Loving the first two… is this just the first week’s lot or are they going to be coming up randomly? Lovely lovely lovely! Xxxc

  3. Danny Daily says:

    this is startling. i do love stuff that makes people stop in their tracks for a second but my neck hurts from imaging the size of these things and don’t they remind you of:
    a) a dr. seuss character (the who’s!)
    b) looks as if a butterfly from dimension x took a dive at your head
    c) will make you look like a deranged character from the ‘sailor moon’ tv series. that show was all bow-crazy too
    however, i do love the third one (three colour) very very much. i think i can do some wonders with it and turn it into a bow-tie for fall fashion week nyc this year. i just got hold of an amazing ysl velvet jacket that i need to find some buttons for but wow–great find. i must have it!
    thank god topshop ships abroad. i can’t wait till they hit stateside.

  4. susie_bubble says:

    They go into Topshop on Friday 13th next week! JLR is Johnny loves Rosie

  5. Rhiannon says:

    Oh wow, you have to get one. I love them but I’d look like a fool in one with my little dresses and t-bars. With your style one of these would be amazing, though!

  6. WendyB says:

    Those are some big-ass hair accessories.

  7. pretty face says:

    How stunning is the one with multiple gold bows??? I wonder how over-priced they will be…
    I recently bought a hairband from J&S – the overly prettiness of it fascinated me!

  8. Hailey says:

    I love a big bow – in Vancouver I rarely see them!

  9. Oh wow!!!!!!! I really like the oversize flower piece….would be fantastic to wear at London Fashion Week.

  10. Sarah says:

    The first thing I thought was WOW when I saw these. Don’t know if I’d be brave enough to wear them though.
    I think you’ll look amazing in them, they really suit your style.

  11. selina says:

    definite bow fetishist right here, there’s loads of the jlr collection in the manchester arndale store, the huuuge corsages have been very tempting but these bows will make me hold out!

  12. Cammila says:

    I seem to remember Dior having a really lovely navy colored oversized bow-hat in their fall collection a few years ago? Maybe I’m imagining it. These are truly excellent, and certainly more affordable.

  13. Anonymous says:

    i am so in love with the yellow flower, and the corsage, though it looks like it’s bothering the poor girls face ha!
    god how cool would the big gold bow look on a blouse as a sort of makeshift bow tie.

  14. LOVE the flower one (second one, i think that out of all of them, its probably the most wearble because it just looks like a hat…i’m gonna make one!! :oD

  15. miss woo says:

    wow, I normally just tend to associate their stuff with tasteful wedding adornments. I really, really want the last bow!

  16. Hail Mary says:

    Oh my! I need that last one… I tried so make something similar but it was far too floppy.
    Ugh… I wish i lived in Brittan.

  17. S says:

    are you all serious? someone tell crazy the only good thing the christmas themed one is doing is covering her bad dye job…

  18. Lovin the top right one: the yellow flower thing. Although it might be a bit too daring to wear to school..

  19. style.street says:

    ohh i love the yellow one too. i might try to make something similar. if that fails hopefully i can pick one up when i move to the uk in july.

  20. a little too Alice in Wonderland for me, but for the bow lover, yes, a fetishist’s dream.

  21. SRR says:

    I love the huge flower–it’s supercute, and it’s just like hat in of itself.

  22. Paris says:

    Oh Wow!!!!! Yes I know what you mean about the usual medium ok-ish stuff that they do and i’m so surprised by this collection! It seems they’ve gone from one extreme to the other! I love these so so much, but I don’t know if i’d have the guts to pull it off!! Ooh and handy that i’m in London for an interview on the 13th (it must be a sign from above) xx

  23. Stephie says:

    Thanks for posting on this! I saw their stuff at the Oxford Circus Topshop, but the price was too steep for me… I really wanted one of these huge, floppy bows!

  24. Terren says:

    love your blog! i’ve been following it for a while, and your eclectic eye never ceases to surprise me.
    how FUN are those headpieces??

  25. Lady Grey says:

    these are soooo lovely I wish Australia had topshop! xxx

  26. lady coveted says:

    i love them, i really do…

  27. Skyla says:

    amazing. the top one reminds me of alice in wonderland. i’m sure they’ll be waaaaaayyy out of my price range.

  28. rachel says:

    Those are nutty!

  29. winnie says:

    Oh these are so over the top, I love them! I love the 2nd one (giant flower) and the one below it with the concertina looking bows! I’ve got to make it down to London soon!

  30. Mer says:

    I’m planning to do my own oversize bow and see how it looks on me… 🙂

  31. Hannah-zoe says:

    wow i like but although i do put the odd bow in my hair i must say that these particular ones are a little to much on the large side for me.

  32. Jay says:

    Susie Susie, when are you going to tell us what your new job is? (I haven’t missed the announcement, have I?) We’re all so curious!

  33. susie_bubble says:

    A mixed but fairly positive reaction…go big bow club! I think these will be on the pricy side precisely because of the exaggerated cartoonish effect of them…which I happen to love….
    We shall see HOW pricy on Fri 13th….
    Jay: I’m not sure a formal announcement is in order but all will be revealed naturally me thinks….
    I will be a bit slow with commenting on blogs…. in Brussels at the moment!

  34. Fajr says:

    OMG.. Going through bow overdose… clearly I’m not the only one who loves an oversized bow… something so girly yet preposterous about it… love them!

  35. floraposte says:

    I know exactly what you mean with JLR; you look at the stuff with high hopes but they never have as much whimsy as you feel it needs.
    I like the big yellow flower, definitely my favourite. The way the streamers from the rosette seem to poke the model in the face would drive me Mental!

  36. Jay says:

    Susie: I have a feeling we ought to buy next month’s Dazed and look for your name in the list of contributors? 😉

  37. MY favourite is the rosette, I think the floppiness of the bows would annoy me!

  38. These are BOLD and beautiful!

  39. gilda says:

    oh my god oh my god oh my god!!! i love these~!!! do you think they’ll carry it in new york? when is topshop opening here anyway!!! i really want them!

  40. Drusilla says:

    I love bows- bring on the big ones!

  41. danz says:

    I like the first gold one and the striped one. Too cute!

  42. Zad says:

    I love those

  43. I would def wear that big flower on my head!

  44. La Carmina says:

    Heart giant hair bows! They’re a staple of Gothic Lolita fashion in Japan – I did a photo post of Angelic Pretty’s collection at http://www.carmenyuen.com/blog/post/index/175/ANGELIC-PRETTY-ENGLISH-ONLINE-SHOP-GIANT-HAIR-BOW-ACCESSORIES

  45. loulou says:

    Oohh my bow rivals! I love the big flower one actually, it looks very pixie-esque, sexy peter panette! xo

  46. jordan shoes says:

    very cute accessories,but would be better if they are smaller.

  47. I don’t see how big hair bows make a good fashion statement…

  48. wow those bows are huge!

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