It’s not really in my nature to harp on about the ‘fashion dilemmas’ going on in my life.  I prefer to dwell on the ‘Isn’t this new skirt amazing?’ as opposed to ‘Oh my god…life is so bitterly hard because I’ve lost a skirt….’.   

However, I feel that I’m entitled to indulge once in a while and since ye readers have been giver of many an intelligent comment in the past, input on this occasion would be gladly appreciated.  So true to my word, I wanted Miu Miu TEA action, not tee… as in the Miu Miu teacup heels you see above as depicted in the latest issue of Nylon (Did anyone else feel that a Victoria tea set might have been more apt in the setting?  Jonty Hearnden would know just the sort to put there…).  I have the the right amount of moolah all set and ready to spend NOW, but on Saturday when I set out in the rain to Miu Miu on Bond Street, I was merely one of those feeble browsers.  Fortunately, it was all lush carpet and nicities in there but suffice to say, I fear I’m really much too late.

There is a one pair of size 38 (which is my normal Miu Miu size) left in the creamy white (above) but alas as I was walking around in the shoes, I did feel a bit of a pinch in the toe.  Back of the shoe is all fine and dandy but it was a wee bit pinchy in the front.  Dusky pink which would have been my first choice but again, I’m late and they’re all out.  Saks Fifth Avenue offers all sorts of size options but in black and red which really translates to the slightly bland realms of patent-dom.  Afterall, there are tea cups involved in these shoes.  Why try to dull them down with black or red? 

Nice ladies in Miu Miu did say that patent stretches a little and having called up ‘Miu Miu Europe’ (whatever that means…), there are also none left leaving me with the cream 38’s.  So I guess the question is a) do I buy the toe pinchers and hope that patent does indeed stretch out a bit, b) go for dullard black or red (crossed out by default because I reaaaalllly am not keen on either of those colours…) or c) spend the moolah on something else… 

I have realised, that I’ve probably shot myself in the foot by posting this and a ‘fat Susie hater’ might just pop into Miu Miu and snap up said shoes… but I’m hoping it works both ways and whoever I’ve helpfully informed in the past will step up and offer their ‘two pennies’ on this teacup situation… 

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  1. maria says:

    oohhh!!!! welll done!!!
    Dazed & Confused magazine has announced the appointment of Susanna Lau as Commissioning Editor of its online site DazedDigital with effect May 23. Also known as Susie Bubble, Susanna has extensive experience in online fashion including the launch of fashion blog Stylebubble. DazedDigital unveils its new look at the end of June and will feature more content and more user interaction. Separately, Nicki Bidder, former editor-in-chief of Dazed and Confused, has left the magazine after 9 years – details of a replacement are tba.

  2. susie_bubble says:

    Ah… I didn’t realise a press release had gone out… is that on the Dazed site?
    Thanks for the note of congratulations… it’s something that I’m unsure of talking about on the blog yet until I actually start but yes… it is one of the big changes that is going on in my life at the mo…

  3. I think that maybe the fact that you’re so unsure on whether to buy them in the slightly pinchy size means you may be best spending the money on something else? But if you’re absolutely sure that they will become comfortable after a few wears then I don’t see why you shouldn’t grab them!

  4. headmistress says:

    unless you have a high pain threshold don’t do it! A teeny pinch turns into a vice-like clamp on your feet after a few moments of proper walking…
    but wow huge congrats on the DazedDigital front!

  5. rosa says:

    congrats on the dazed digital, i heard about it a while ago (i feel such an insider 😛 ) but the source also told me you were leaving your personal blog? although said source is not the brightest person in my address book, i want to make sure.

  6. susie_bubble says:

    Rosa: No, that isn’t the case at all… Style Bubble will still continue…

  7. Becca says:

    Get them! You can get shoes stretched a little at a shoe place or do it yourself by putting a bag of water in the toe and sticking them in the freezer!

  8. devina says:

    i’ll say get the shoes but put on some of those gel protection on your toes to prevent blisters !
    it’s funny to see this post cause I had just went to Miu Miu and came home empty handed from contemplating too much whether to get the dusky pink or the red one.
    I still like the red one after reading the post though.. albeit it being a common color and all haha

  9. j says:

    susie – i brought a pair of Miu Miu patent flats half a size smaller than my normal size. I can’t say they stretched out all that much. I was hoping that I could wear them more often but they are a bit pinchy at the front as well. Nothing unbearable just not the most comfortable. The Tea Cup heels look amazing…if its just slightly pinchy I bet it’d be okay..but you probably won’t be able to dance in them all night long…

  10. Chic Looks says:

    I reckon you should probably get something else cos I recently got this yellow ankle boots which were a 5 and half and I’m a size 6 in the hope they would stretch, they almost broke me tiny toes, now all I can do is look at them…a right waste of money, besides I dont really like the red and black ones either.
    And congrats on the Dazed& Digital, cant wait till you add some bubble action to the site also I’m glad Stylebubble is staying (sigh!!!) was a wee bit worried there.

  11. poppy lee says:

    jonty hearnden! you must’ve spend as much of your student days watching daytime tv as i did.
    as for the shoes, if you really want them then i would go for it. you only know yourself if the pinch is bearable. i’ve bought too small patent shoes before which ended up stretching and turning out fine. flats though, so i’m not sure if how relevant that info is.
    congraulations on the new job. sounds fantastic!

  12. DJM says:

    I say don’t buy them. I think you will just be ‘settling’ rather than getting what you really want – they are neither a good fit nor the colour your heart desires. Also, in my experience, shoes never stretch as much as required to be comfortable. I think the shopping fairy wants you to have something else.

  13. Kori says:

    Oh, congratulations on the Dazed Digital job, Susie! I’m glad they were smart enough to snap you up!
    As for the heels, well normally I’d say that they would cause more pain than they’re worth…but they are SO fantastic! I’ve been drooling over them for a while, and I think I would kick myself later if I was in your position and didn’t buy them.

  14. I can only say…blisters! I hate them, so I would think twice before buying the shoes…
    By the way I didn’t know Moolah means “a cow’s private parts”!!!

  15. Sarah says:

    Congrats on DazedDigital thats amazing news, I’m so glad you’ll be continuing with you’re blog. As for the shoes they really are beautiful it’s a very tough decision I know pinching shoes are a nightmare. I would go back to try them again and if you do buy them I know that Timpsons have a shoe stretching service.

  16. selina says:

    i’m sure your readers will provail! after all, your pink pair are fabulous.
    and omg, just read the first comment, pity it leaked like that and not through yourself, but congratulations!! you are a true inspiration

  17. ams says:

    I would probably say to leave them. When you are spending that much money on something so beautiful that deserve to be worn it would be wrong if you couldn’t wear them due to the pain factor. What a pity though.

  18. kater says:

    If they’re not too too terribly pinchy you might be okay, but I wouldn’t bet they’re going to stretch. I suppose it depends on the patent, the leather, and the style, but in general patent doesn’t stretch enough to make something comfortable. Maybe it’s different with higher-quality designer-type stuff. I generally dissuade my customers from buying patent and hoping some stretching will happen (much to the dismay of my manager, but I don’t want to deal with the ‘I wore them but they killed me feet so you have to let me return them’ argument).
    On the other hand, they’re not exactly the kind of shoe one runs marathons in, or traipses around in for serious walking-excursions, so if they’re not too bad, why not?

  19. Laia says:

    Did you call other stores to see if they had them in your size? I’m sure they can do that for you and ship it as well. I can scope out the store here in Soho if you need it 🙂

  20. Laia says:

    Oh, and congrats on the new jobby job! That’s FANTASTIC!

  21. diza says:

    They will definatly stretch I have size 9 feet and often have to buy one size smaller, it hurts at first but the shoes always stretch out once i’ve worn them a couple days in a row

  22. a. says:

    Spend your money on something else. Frankly, I don’t think the shoes are that great anyway. Wait for a knock-off, I’m sure they’ll pop up, or for something on eBay….the slightest discomfort in a shoe is not worth it, as far and I’m concerned!

  23. Stephie says:

    Hey Susie! I wanted to comment about the teacup shoes, so let me just do that first. I was in Paris Miu Miu on St Honore, and I DID see the cream and pink ones on display. Could be a far shot but try calling them direct to see if they still have it! I remember ogling at them just five days ago and wanting to splurge a bit but chickened out.
    Okay, now onto the Dazed Digital bit – a big fat CONGRATS from me (: I’m so happy for you, and I’m really looking forward to reading the content which you’ll be overseeing! I recall you writing about how you’ve always wanted to be spearheading a magazine and this is simply perfect.

  24. Jeanne says:

    I’m a 38 too. Here in the US, I can’t just say “38, please, thank you”, I have to ask for the 7.5 and the 8. (Bah.) And I’ve dealt with pinchy before, but especially with heels, since you’ll be putting most of the weight and pressure on the ball of your foot, it’ll pinch even worse.
    But the white ones are awfully pretty… I’d be in the same situation!

  25. sammi says:

    OMG!!!!! Dazed andConfused!!! Thats so BIG!!!
    Lol big as in even us in boring Northern Ireland stock that magazine. Congratulations!
    I really want to say buy the shoes you deserve it but 1)they’re not the colour you’re after and 2)paying that much money for a pair of shoes that might be too uncomfortable to be worn..if they pinch when walking in the lovely smooth miu miu floor they’ll hurt like hell on cobblestones/irregular pavement.
    Anyways congrats again!!

  26. Natmonster says:

    Don’t do it!! To spend that amount of money on shoes they should be click your heels perfect not “make do”. Phone around, research online – maybe you can find the right size and your first choice colour. Otherwise I’d say give it a miss – these shoes should bring you nothing but pleasure!!

  27. floraposte says:

    Firstly congrats on the new job! Secondly the shoes oh the shoes, I saw them in the flesh, so to speak (even though in the red you despise) over the weekend and they are so perfectly sculpted I longed for a pair. But and it is a big but for that amount of money they need to be perfect; the perfect colour and a perfect fit.
    While the cream ones are lovely you know the pink ones were your real choice. As for the size they are never going to stretch that much, and wearing uncomfortable shoes leads not only to blisters and squished aching toes but the wearing of what I like to call “the bad shoe face”.

  28. Fishface says:

    Nice one! I love love love the python cut-out ones. Congrats on job too.
    By the way: what is a big ‘fat Susie hater’ doesn’t sound too nice 🙂

  29. meg. says:

    I’m sure you’ve already made your decision, but don’t be put off by a tiny bit of pinching in the toes. Leather just about always stretches, as i’m sure you know, usually patent more so. I find the toe of shoes usually stretches a lot more than the heel because of the pressure of your toes. So anyway, I wouldn’t be put off by the pinching, perhaps just the color issue. For me, I think the cream are absolutely lovely and show the details of the shoes. Don’t know how the lack of color would stand up to the London streets though. I mean you don’t want to walk out of your home to your point of destination and find that your shoes are now brown teacups so….
    and finally, again, CONGRATS! on the new appointment. So nice to see you moving towards what you genuinely want to do (I’m not sure any of us regular readers truly believed that you wouldn’t venture into fashion eventually). All the best though I know you’ll be fab

  30. rz says:

    i’ve purchased a shoe with a pinch and i’ve worn them once and never again. it’s hard to fix a pinch. i’ve even had my shoes stretched and still no good. although you love the look, it’s best to pass and purchase something else you love.
    congrats susie!

  31. missmilki says:

    I’ve no experience with Miu Miu shoes or pinchy toes (I have tiny feet and always have the opposite problem!) But I reckon If they’re not the colour you really want you should probably save the money for something else… its horrible when you’ve saved up the money and everything. Only do keep the money seperate and spend it on something else you want instead…hide it under the mattress or something!
    Congratulations on the job! You’ll be great at it! 🙂 …And of course you’ll get loads of experience for when you start your own magazine 😉

  32. GIRRRL! These are my DREAM shoes. If I could afford them, they would be on my feet right now. Get them, get them so I can see them on and live vicariously through you!

  33. miss woo says:

    Personally I won’t get the shoes if they pinch, as you probably won’t get much wear out of them in the end.
    and congrats on the Dazed thing! that’s amazing 🙂

  34. Rowena says:

    I did think exactly that this should have been a bone china Victorian tea set. You read my mind…

  35. winnie says:

    Wow that is awesome about the dazed job! So pleased for you! I’m not so sure about the shoes myself, bit risky isn’t it? Maybe just wait for something that fits absolutely perfectly!

  36. Don’t buy them. It’s really much more heartbreaking to own an amazing pair of shoes that you cannot wear than it is to never have owned them in the first place.

  37. Sister Wolf says:

    Barneys online has the dusty pink in size 39. Better too big than too small!!!!
    good luck, let me know if you need help from L.A.

  38. Emily says:

    stead and simpson(?) do shoe stretching Р£5 or something overnight. I saw it on a sign somewhere recently.

  39. Anonymous says:

    it would be better to save the money for something else cuz, at least in my experience, patent leather does not stretch very much at all. i have two pairs of patent leather shoes that were a teeny tiny bit too small but i bought them anyways (i loved them and the sales assistant said they would stretch) but now i can hardly wear them cuz they hurt my toes so much. better to get something u really want that fits nicely as well than something thats a bit off in any respect.

  40. If the shoes are not the exact color you want, and pinch your toes,
    even a little bit, don’t get them.
    It is terrible for your feet to have them pinched. Yes, the shoes may stretch, but not just after two wears, not really.

  41. a dreamer says:

    i think you should get them anyway! they are beautiful! i guess its better to buy that size as you could stretch them out.

  42. Imelda Matt says:

    OK! This is where Imelda can help…unfortunately if they pinch they will go on pinching…case closed!

  43. susie_bubble says:

    Thank you for all the congratulations notes…. will really expand on the subject more once I’ve actually started!
    Thanks for all the shoe suggestions…after totting the comments up…. it seems you guys are pretty evenly split between me getting the shoes and saving the money up for something else.
    However…alternative options have been thrown up…Barneys in NYC have the dusky pink in my size…. will look into that.
    Poste Mistress in London also stock them… there may be light!
    Will give an update once I’ve explored those options!
    Thanks for even bothering to offer the advice.
    I do have to say though that I’m not keen on shoe stretching as I’ve tried it before without yielding any positive results….
    Has anyone stretched shoes successfully?

  44. Well done and well deserved! I can’t wait to see the new Dazed site!!

  45. Celeste says:

    It seems you already have the answer, but I thought I’d chip in too. If it were me, I would check the returns policy, get them while you can and do a test run at home on the carpet for a day with some tights on. I wouldn’t try stretching them, I’ve tried it before and they can come out looking a little out of shape. My friend tried it with some Kurt Geiger shoes and they were worse after stretching them!

  46. christina says:

    buy them!
    if you hate them, sell them on ebay.

  47. kim says:

    Good luck on finding the perfect pink pair, you shouldn’t settle for anything else. And congratulations on the mag!

  48. Natty says:

    I love these shoes – there is a piccie of Daisy Lowe wearing these in Grazia and she looks so cute. Me, being me, I’d by them anyway regardless if pinching!

  49. meg says:

    oh no, daisy lowe has them?! Also, you might try Holt Renfrew in Toronto and Mona Moore in Montreal for the shoes, as both stock miu miu. I’ve stretched things manually (ie by wearing them so much that the leather naturally stretches) and it works

  50. susie_bubble says:

    Meg, I wept a little when I saw Daisy Lowe wearing them in the London Lite…
    tried Mona Moore…nothing there…
    Will see what Barneys NYC throws up first….

  51. bluehammer says:

    I have stretched shoes successfully, but not with water and a freezer. Instead I bought a wooden thing like a shoe tree that you put in the shoe, turn the handle, and leave for 24 – 48 hours. They usually come with some attachments you can use to increase the stretch on certain parts. I also bought some leather spray which is supposed to temporarily unglue the fibers in the leather to help the stretching.
    BUT I have only had success with regular leather and suede. I have some Prada patent heels that pinch just a bit in the toe at first, which are crippling a short while later. I have had one go at stretching them and am going to try again, more aggressively, but generally my experience is that patent stays pretty rigid, and really only softens if it has been worn a lot – in which case it normally is creased or cracked as well – perhaps not the look you want for your Miu Miu heels. This is part of the reason I have sworn “no more patent slingbacks” and have a strict rule that I will restrict myself to ankle straps or shoes that come up high around the foot when buying patent from now on. Of course that resolve will last right up until I see a pair I absolutely have to have and am prepared to suffer for… lol!
    So in short I would say don’t buy them if they hurt.

  52. Alahna says:

    We’re can you buy theese!?

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