Walking on and on and on…

As if Topshop needs YET another endorsement from insignificant, just-another-consumer me.  I also don’t pass on tips because I’m just not well-equipped to imbue any sort of knowledge and of course because fashion ain’t supposed to be maths.  However, when a shoe revelation hits you, I feel I’m sort of duty-bound to pipe up. 

In all my 3 inch heel plus, platform shoe buying days, I’ve only ever found that Miu Miu have served me the best when walking.  I can walk for miles and miles until a dull ache sets in but it is merely a very dull ache.  Let’s say for a night out from about 5pm onwards, trekking from Holborn to Covent Garden to Soho and then up home back up North with the night ending at 3am, it’s all pretty much A-ok.  Albeit with a fair bit of sitting down involved at dinner/bar/pub/whatever.

However, if ever there was a heel walkability chart, the underdog has gone in there and sniped Miu Miu’s crown.  It’s the shoe equivalent of Leona Lewis knocking out Mariah Carey in the Billboard charts (I think it was actually the other way round…. apologies for not having kept up with femme power balladists chart movements….).   Topshop’s square toed multi-strapped platform heels which from the pic don’t look too high but do have a good 3 and a half inch heel falsely warned me that they might be difficult to walk in with it’s angled platform. 

However, I just walked…and walked…and….um….kept walking…

The day has now been extended to starting at midday and includes copious amount of shopping in the East End’s uneven pavements as well as the whole Soho/Central thang.  It involves skipping, brisk pacing and better dancing than the previous Miu Miu shuffle.  A 12 hour plus day is possible with these.  Yes, you can Touch your Body all you want but I’m prancing along with these Bleeding Hearts on (ok, I’ll stop the femme ballad comparison…)

I discovered all this through the black patent ones which aren’t on sale anymore and I curse the day that I didnt’ snap up the GRURPLE patent ones too.  However, the salmon pink leather ones are tempting with safer options in black or cream.  A navy patent would be sublime and in them, I might even do that annoying Carrie Bradshaw end of episode ‘I have my silver Manolos on that I hideously made a friend pay for’ skip, wearing some hot pink socks, rolled up, belted-up man’s trousers, and a soft loose tri-blend grey jersey t-shirt tucked in.          


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  1. My *cough cough* Primark (there i said it) ones are similar to these and quite easy to walk it too – although they may fall apart after a few wears! I love the salmon pink ones myself and can already think of a plethora of outfits to wear them with..

  2. I was on ebay bidding on a pair of d&g which looked an aweful lot like the gray ones, and I was outbid by three dollars. very upsetting.
    I love these though!

  3. Dear Susie, thanks for sharing the information. When you said Miu Miu high heels/platforms were the most walkable shoes, do you mean most Miu Miu heels you own in general are like that, or you were thinking about one particular pair i.e. the pair these TopShop shoes take inspiration from? Thanks

  4. I’m so short though that my mom is always telling me to wear heels (I’m actually taller than HER!)but I can’t walk in heels that big to save my life.

  5. Gwen: I’m thinking about the ones that I own being the pink platforms which have a 4 inch heel and a pair of glitter platforms, also have a 4 inch chunky heel…. they’re both super comfy…but do produce a dull ache after wearing them for about 5 hours.
    They’re not similar to the Topshop ones at all as the Topshop ones have a tapered heel (bordering on stiletto….) and have an angled platform. If anything, the Miu Mius which have a chunky platform and chunky heels would seem to more comfy option…
    I was comparing the two in a general bracket of platform shoes with 3 inch plus heels…
    Hope that helps!

  6. I love these, especially the ones that appear to be a salmon shade but the Topshop site describes them as ‘bright pink’- has anyone seen these in person to confirm?
    Thanks for the heel comfort tips, I’ve been wearing atrocious shoes because of a predisposition to achey feet but I’m feeling desperate to look good again, yet not desperate enough for masochism. There’s hope yet!

  7. aaah you’re carrie bradshaw comparison made me laugh so hard! Thanks for sharing, I’m eyeing the cream ones, but unfortunately I’m in the same situation as you, no money which is needed for a flat..

  8. ah how silly of me, gurple is so that colour i couldn’t decribe of the topshop tights that i bought (and laddered) way to many pairs of! TS shoes are normally too tights on the tootsies for me *sob* but if the comfort is extraordinary, they’re worth trying on! i need salmon pink in my life

  9. I really will have to get a pair of these shoes. I have a very similar two strapped version from my univeristy days that are now falling apart. I have refused to chuck them out until I have found a replacement. these are perfect and even better the platform will give me some extra height- something I can always do with.

  10. I have the ‘gruple’ ones!!! I love them to little bits and pieces and have named them ‘Shevonte’ as i call them my stripper shoes, hehe!
    They are very comfortable and the straps keep them firmly planted on ur feet.
    I bought these in Jan, and although i’ve bought many a shoe since then (unfortunately!) i always drag those bad boi’s out before ne other pair :o)

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