Well… it says it all on the flyer don’t it?  I haven’t ventured down yet but you bet your bottom dollar I’ll be there with my tenner.   


Oh, and the Jumblist Massive, from which I fared-ish well despite the hoards of people is back on on April 20th.  I might be able to cough up with some change for this so hopefully it’s a warmish day and we can all queue happily to get in…   

Note about Style Bubble Shops: Yes, the bloody project is still on the move but hampered by the fact that I did lose all my files/images when my laptop died so it’s back to square one I’m afraid…  but I’m not letting this one go and with more time to think about the project, I’ve thought of even more weird and wonderful ways to make this London shopping guide site even more fantastico, hopefully so yes, please don’t give up on me! 

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  1. poppy lee says:

    I’ve been meaning to go here too since I spotted it in that Time Out guide. Can’t go wrong with less than ¬£10 can you?
    Looking forward to Style Bubble Shops so much! Such a shame that you’ve had to start over.

  2. kim says:

    I’d love a London shopping guide! Going on a shopping trip to London is a bit pricey for us continental chicks (eurostar and all), but I’d certainly go if I knew where to look for the good stuff. Looking forward to it!

  3. Sel says:

    I have been to this store. It is in a really rough area, so be careful. However, not everything is £10 Рsome items are. But the good stuff is about £15-£25. But most of the items for £10 are not very nice vintage or are torn.

  4. miss cake says:

    hi susie,
    pleease pllleeaase dont let go the project, the anticipation of me is still up and boiling!
    keep it up girl!
    xx Win-Ni

  5. lady coveted says:

    daaang… i really wish i was in london!

  6. Miranda says:

    This would have made my trip to London SO much better!! Start working on it please, Susie!

  7. Penny says:

    went to that shop today, and got loads of stuff!!!
    excellent tip, thanks susie b 🙂

  8. Katie x says:

    This shop is great, went there last night and had to control how much I bought, I had armfuls of goodies! Most of the skirts and dresses are £10, bags are about £15, coats are a bit more. Defo recommend you head down there! K x

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