The ‘Get Cool’ Formula

Asoslogo ASOS lovers/browsers/lurkers might have noticed that there’s been change ahoy at ASOS and since I seem to have some sort of odd obession with their rebranding process because I did a quite lengthly post on one of their previous stages of reincarnation/reinvigoration a while back I feel dutybound to continue my fascination. 

Clearly, they have rid themselves of the box of ‘cheap, celeb-inspired, knock-off’ fashion judging by the range of labels they now stock but to take it that step further, it seems they have some cleverclogs working behind the scenes on the ‘Get ASOS some cool’ strategy. 

So we have a new logo.  We have some campaign imagery that has…
A lo-fi-ish Juergen Teller-style lighting.
A purposely ramshacke backdrop of rails and studio suggesting the cool vibes of models backstage at shows.
Some randomly placed polaroids, again suggestive of a model casting and polaroids being what they are, lend a certain air of nonchalence.
Casual poses and nothing too staged from the models.

All in all, a ‘Get cool’ formula that works by impressing the gals who previously might have looked at ASOS with disdain and doth protested at the ‘cheap’ feeling of everything.  Just add an Au Revoir Simone track in the background of the womenswear site and a style profile Q&A from Clemence Poesy and the makeover shall be complete…



Asosnew3 Asosnew4

On a less cynical and skeptical note, ASOS are selling the Jonathan Saunders for Gola shoe collaboration which gives both myself and the boyf some subtle high-top options… 


9 Replies to “The ‘Get Cool’ Formula”

  1. I really don’t like the new logo, it looks cheap and the main font and the font below don’t really fit together that well…bad design!

  2. i’m not too keen on the new logo either.
    i’m not keen on the shot of the model on a slant either! slants doesn’t always = cool.
    but i do like the shot of the shoes with the polaroids, that’s cool.
    oh and i’m absoutely loving the johnathan saunders/gola tie up available on ASOS. go buying team!

  3. Wow. It’s as if they are trying to become the poor (wo)man’s net-a-porter.
    That’s not a put down, I actually think it’s really cool. Go ASOS.

  4. ASOS have been slowly peeling themselves away from their down at heel, copystar image for some time now. I’m actually wondering when and where (and if) the rebrand will end…

  5. The rebrand isn’t too bad, but ASOS are still consistently ripping off all the other decent retaillers out there…..they seem to lack their own ideas.
    Well and the fact that they are selling luxe brands that they arent actually allowed to.
    If ASOS got some original ideas, they would be a good brand. But i suppose that is what the brand was built on (copycat items)
    Im still not sold; rebrand or not.

  6. Wow, I’d written this site off ages ago, especially after seeing a ton of negative feedback on daddy likey. But this overhaul is definitely aimed at my demographic and I can’t say I’m not persuaded to have a look.

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