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A few people managed to pick up a Lolita vibe from my Little Red Riding Hood outfit.  It is rather unfortunate though that I‚Äôm not a personal fan of Lolita fashion in most of its strands and variations (I‚Äôd refer people to La Carmina for more information on gothic Lolita, a site I‚Äôve stumbled upon that seems expert in its field… seeing as I‚Äôm ill equipped to educate people…).  Mainly because a) the aesthetic somehow looks a little wrong on my 5‚Äù7-8 body and b) I‚Äôm not really into playing into stereotypes ‚Äì a girl from Hong Kong dressed in full-on Lolita costume traipsing around London giggling innocently and batting my eyelashes would just spell disaster in all aspects of daily life for me, probably more so than if my daily uniform consisted of a 1 foot high feather hat with a vintage Thierry Mugler suit and Alexander McQueen heels. 

However, if the aesthetics of Lolita are running through a collection, that certainly isn‚Äôt going to be a deterrent especially when you see the beautiful handiwork by Lamilla, a collaboration between Lamija Suljevic and Gabomilla Nielsen.  Braids, needlework, folds and lace and a heap of romance (dare I say DARK romance….?) make up the SS08 collection called ‚ÄòPorcelain Nightmares‚Äô.  Well, there‚Äôs no quibbles about the name of the collection relating to the clothes.  Black and white, representing the clash between beauty and brutality which the look book images convey perfectly.  Despite its immediate reminder of Lolita fashion, somehow, the craftsmanship of the dresses surpass that association.  Plus, I‚Äôm guessing Lamilla will come up with  something different from their Porcelain Nightmares of SS08 and their detailed skills will still remain. 


Over the weekend, they have made some of their collection available to buy online and if you look closely, the back cut out details are quite incredible.


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  1. I love the cutouts & dresscoats. BTW, I totally did NOT get any Lolita/stereotype/ick-factor=bOring bibe from the Little Red Riding Hood episode. Think people just bring what they want or whatever’s in them to begin with. What I got was hard week=fashion escape, and that’s why I loved it.

  2. Thanks so much for the shout-out to my Gothic Lolita blog! ( I’m very happy that you found it resourceful.
    I totally know what you mean – I’m not a giggly girl myself, and I don’t want to look like a birthday cake. But I’m enthralled by the Victorian silhouettes, attention to detail, fine materials, and elegance of the style.
    Interesting to see how designers (such as Spring Moschino collection that I blogged about) take inspiration from Lolita fashion and adapt them for Western tastes. Lamilla’s pieces seem beautifully made, and I would incorporate them into my outfits.
    Those who are curious to see the more extreme Tokyo Lolita fashion – come visit my site!

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