I wanna be a superhero!

I’m sort of wanting to sing ‘I wanna be a supermodel’ by Jill Soboule (from the Clueless soundtrack…if you must know…) but replacing the word with superhero because I’m incredibly intrigued by the theme The Met have chosen for their annual fashion extravaganza exhibition.  ‘Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy’ opens on May 7th and of course preceeding the opening of the exhibition, is the Met’s Costume Institute Gala.  I’m truly praying for brain-numbingly fantastical ensembles and less of the safe fall back pretty pretty dresses seeing as I only tend to celeb-outfit-watch this one event of the year.

I’m even more intrigued by the dresses that certain designers have specially designed and created for the exhibition so in the latest issue of US Vogue, ‘Daring Do’, photographed by Craig McDean unveils what we can expect with dresses commissioned by Grace Coddington.  Here is a selection of my favourite ones…

I had a thing for Poison Ivy as portrayed by Uma Thurman (though the film itself was shite…) and I love how Olivier Theyskens of Nina Ricci has created something less bodycon and something with more flowing oomph complete with ‘deadly’ green feathers and ‘poisoned’ drops of Swarovski crystal.

Martin Margiela’s vision of Aurora, who is empowered with speed takes shape with this woven paper-like suit that would look superb in movement. 

A vision of perfect flares (never thought I would see the day…) came to me when Rick Owens presented his zipped up heavy leather trews for AW08-9 and he’s applied the same model to his interpretation of the Batman suit.  Yup…. no knickers over tights ensembles or bodysuits with prominent pec moulding….

Armani Prive’s Silver Surfer suit is probably less practical for the real Silver Surfer but at least it’s jolly pretty and has an amazingly rigid structure to it. 

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  1. whatever Wintour has been drinking, please give her more of it…this the best to come out of American Vogue for a while.

  2. I love this editorial — being somewhat of a comics nerd, I think it’s pretty clever. My favorites are Poison Ivy and Catwoman (with those ferociously-spiked Louboutins!), but I also thought the Little Mermaid was beautiful, too (even if she looks out of place among the rest!).
    I may have to get the book if I can’t get to the museum itself by September…

  3. The Maison Martin Margiela top is made of elastic banding…..from the artisnal collection. It’s fantastico!

  4. i. love. martin margiela
    i read suzy menkes’s review on the jacket thing–something about him using soccerball-ish rubber material…?

  5. hiya
    you know that you can buy a whole range of Zentai suits made to be various superheros. just have a search on ebay. and they’re relatively cheap.
    the entire Zentai fetish thing was hijack by that london designer..

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