Get Paint Happy

I know I have many a DIY project idea on the go (I like to think I have made SOME progress by jotting the idea down in a moleskin and drawing rubbish diagrams alongside….) but grabbing some fabric paint/markers and getting scribble, dry-brushing happy on some old bridesmaid dresses and shortening them isn’t exactly a hardship.  Just 72 more hours in a week would serve me well…. 

This Vogue Girl editorial is a) a reminder NOT to look this cute or co-ordinated when embarking on a paint project, b) gives me the no-brainer idea do lengthly black paint dribbles on the lower half of a white strapless dress and c) is a real kick in the arse to get a move on and stop fannying around…

Now, to find the cream/ivory/white dresses to wreck the damage on…





(Scans from The Fashion Spot)

8 Replies to “Get Paint Happy”

  1. These shots make me want to wear pastel coloured tights and some old, washed out converse…
    This post also reminds me of an old art teacher that lived in a blue shirt with splattered paint all over it. Nothing can compare to genuine paint splattered artist’s overalls! 🙂

  2. I know this is a bit unlikely – but does anyone know if the paintings in this shoot are by a specific artist, and if so, who it is? I really like them.
    Sorry, painter here … the clothes are gorgeous too. The colours! yum.

  3. no normal, real artist paints dressed like that!! trust me, I’m a painting student, I’ve seen my fair share of artists ‘at work’ and the reality is far far away 🙂 it’s just one of the illusions of fashion.

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