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People must really regret sending me freebies now (by the by, the policy is I accept them only if there is some relevance….) as I’m so transparent and don’t really know how to do properly subtle advertorials.  The fact that I work in marketing makes it even all the more dumb.  So I’m not going to shade/camoflage this in any way other.  Yes, a few bloggers probably all accepted to receive the Nokia Prism 7900 Crystal phone that is designed by graphic artist Fr√©d√©rique Daubal that hasn’t yet been released.  Yes, I’m one of them.  Yes, i could have done a nicey-nicey post about how I’m a fan of Daubal’s work and the phone is so rad et all….

Fashfone1 Fashfone2

Fashfone3 Nah…. I just took one look at the phone and it’s metallic pink leather cover, the shimmery back of phone and the Fr√©d√©rique Daubal designed scarf that came with the phone and grabbed my randomly similarly shaded metallic pink embossed dress and biker Jacket (both bloody Topshop again….) and had some MAY-JAR fun with this fashion phone that surely had this purpose in mind when the design was incepted…


Fashfone5 Fashfone6



Except… after all the fun and the frollicking, in reality I’m really not cut out to be the fash girl with her fash fone and the fash friends with whom she shares her ‘MAJOR!’ news with.  The phone itself with all its capabilities and sleek looks just isn’t the banged up oldie that I refuse to upgrade from…. so I’m hoping it will go to a fash girl more worthy of it than I am.  Yes, it’s up on eBay and whilst I am making a buck out of it right now I do need more cash than fash to move out.  When fash girl isn’t homeless, then she’ll think about upping the fash.

** EBAY EDIT ** In ‘new flat deposit’ fund desperation, I’m also parting with the Gucci Loves New York bag which is now up on eBay.  I can sell internationally but it’s currently only listed on eBay UK.  This isn’t a mass wardrobe clearance but selling assets which somehow found their way to me…      

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  1. Wow that’s a nice way to handle freebies. I still am a bit reluctant to selling freebies on ebay… Haven’t received mine yet, well let’s see what I am goin to do with it…

  2. oh my! they actually sent it out! wow.. it looks so cool. they said they send one to me, and i hope they do, because i’ve been without cell phone since i moved over to europe..

  3. hey susie
    think i saw you at camden station on tues and just wanted to say i think this blog is incredible- the mix of differnt types of articles keeps it fresh and interesting. so thanks!!

  4. Ha ha! You look great, very like a character from legbally blonde or soemthing. Give me substance over style with mobiles any day of the week. I had the Prada one for, like, 2 seconds and had to sell it as it was tooooo “fashion”.

  5. what?!?! they sent you an actual PHONE? an ACTUAL phone?! OMG… i love the speech bubble shots, so funny.. and your miu miu heels are divine!

  6. Hehe speaking of Lanvin – I found a pair of court type shoes with crystals on em for 11 quid! wheee 🙂
    The phone is really pretty, but that pink is just not me

  7. The shoes are so gorgeous … the shape and the color! I like the outfit too. Beautifully metallic! Love it.

  8. very cute little montage! Wish I blogged and got free gifts but oh well! Glad it will go to some real world use for a flat deposit!

  9. ooo the lipstick with the whole outfit is styling genius! i love how the metallics almost shine the similar colours rather than just display them. and loving the comic style story too, you should do an agathe from style bytes and rope you bf into taking photos of you on your real day journey! (hmmm that sounds bordering on stalkerish?!)

  10. really sad.
    you don’t know how to do an Ad for the product so basically you lie about the fact you don’t like it so that they will continue to send you things…… I mean buzz is a buzz and that is what you are VERY well aware of working in marketing. I so Do Not trust in some posts that you do.
    sorry, coming from you now, it is low and not what i thought you would do.

  11. Alice Saga: Where have I lied about the product? In fact, I don’t believe I have proposed anything about the product that is a lie….. it IS a well designed phone and I have been fully transparent and honest about how it has landed in my hands.
    Quite honestly, the first thought that popped into my head when I saw the phone was the fact that I thought it would be quite funny to wear all of my metallic pink items because of all the accessories the phone came with along with the phone’s back and play up the ‘fash girl on the fone’ thing.
    I’m not asking them to send me things and they’re not going to continue to do so. I did this post because the ‘fashion phone’ element made me think I could have a bit of fun with it and that I did. I could very well have not posted about it and kept the phone but what purpose would that have served? Have I lied to readers and presented a false picture with this post. I know very well people aren’t going to be out buying the phone just from seeing a couple of silly pics online. I trust that my readers are smarter than that.
    Yes, I am in a way promoting, my eBay auctions but again, they are OPTIONAL and I’m not ramming it down their throats.
    As I said, I accept freebies very carefully and sparingly on the basis that they would serve some purpose for the blog. I don’t accept them for the sole purpose of personal enjoyment. If you have misunderstood my intentions with this post, then I’d advise you to send me an email and we can talk about it further because I really don’t think I have stepped out of line with the post. I’ve been in the past VERY against paid-for-posts, advertorials and banner advertising and it’s only recently that I have ventured into banner advertising.
    I accepted the phone on the basis that it would be a blog post that might be insightful to readers – it is a phone designed by a good graphic artist with a ‘fashion’ slant.
    The way I have chosen to present the phone is as something a little sillier, odder. That’s not to say I don’t like the phone because I do genuinely think it is a well-designed phone.
    As I said in my auction, I am selling stuff for the financial means to move out not because have some wicked agenda to make a buck out of my blog freebies (there haven’t been that many…trust me!).
    I’m sorry to have ranted for so long but it just feels like at the moment that I can’t get anything right and I feel like I should just shut it down to save me this bloody grief….

  12. I’ve just been to Alice’s site and I have to say she’s fine one to talk. Really Alice, green is so not your colour. Shut up and go write another “blog review” and stop wasting everyone’s time with your superbile.

  13. Well I understood your purpose and found it funny Susie. You could of just quietly sold the phone on ebay and we would of been none the wiser but you decided to tell us about it in your own unique way. Crikey your not Which Magazine to give us a “proper” review of it!

  14. You know, I just went to Alice Saga’s site and she has an email displayed especially for reviewing products. I’m guessing that she’s just disappointed (or jealous) that she didn’t get the phone.
    I am a little surprised that you’re selling it because I would feel a little weird, but on the other hand – if you need money, you need money and the stuff that you’re selling is worth hundreds of dollars.

  15. Susie,
    You are hilarious! I really enjoyed your cartoon graphics and I like the pink listick too. I’m sure the bag and phone will find great new homes. Good luck with your move!

  16. Gorgeous phone, gorgeous shoes, gorgeous outfit! And hilarious “dialogue.” =) I’m not a “fash” girl with “fash” friends and “major news,” but I want that phone!
    A much more intersting – and memorable – way of marketing the phone than simply listing it’s features/qualities.
    Just a girl

  17. I think Susie puts a lot of dedication on this blog, I mean… there’s almost 3 thoroughly thought out posts every day! If she decides that one of those posts is to promote one of her ebay sells… so what?

  18. I love the post, very well done. Nice to see you having some fun with the phone they gave you. It’s kinda cool that it comes with a matching scarf, I can’t think of any other phones that do that!
    I enjoy your blog and your posts and I know I’m just another random in your pile of comments you get every day, but I must say that 99.99% of people love you and your blog, and the other tiny percentage are crazy. 🙂

  19. I don’t see any problem with you selling the phone, but I do hope you aren’t putting anyone off by selling the bag.

  20. Truthfully, I thought it was a great post, and you’ve never been anything less than up front about where stuff comes from (like you, I don’t do advertorials- and I liked the look of the phone from the images I saw, though I can totally understand about the not wanting to upgrade bit).
    Must say, I love the pink-ey goodness though…esp. the dress and shoes( it’s less Elle Woods and more Penelope Pitstop, if you ask me- I think it’s the lipstick that does it).

  21. Susie, that shade of baby pink lipstick where did you find it? i have been dying to get one but cant seem to describe that colour to store assistants.

  22. I think people forget that this is YOUR blog and you can do whatever YOU feel like.
    Sell what you, promote what you want.
    No explanation needed!

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